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Wondering how others hosts would handle - discrimination issue


I admit that a couple of weeks ago I had English guests in our downstairs rental and German guests in the upstairs rental (just a few yards away). I felt a bit like Basil Fawlty - don’t mention the war.

Luckily nothing kicked off… :slight_smile:


Sadly Social change is slow. This thread will not change the world and I seriously doubt it will change any one on this thread.

A positive use of energy is where it can be effective.

Lyrics 1967(?) Everyday people-Sly & the family Stone
“I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do
You love me, you hate me, you know me and then
You can’t figure out the bag I’m in
I am everyday people, yeah, yeah

There is a long hair that doesn’t like the short hair
For being such a rich one, that will not help the poor one
Different strokes for different folks
And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo-bee
Ooh, sha sha
We got to live together…”

Can we try to get along?


Nope, the AirBnB no-discrimination policy is a big phony.
It has been set up to sooth the leftist snowflakes, but actually achieves nothing.

Any no-disrimination policy that allows discrimination based on political views is useless.
Since I it still allows to discriminate.

I know that Americans are clueless about this part of discrimination,cause they love to discriminate people that vote differently, and think it is normal. But in most other parts of the western world discrimination based on political views is not allowed.


Oh dear we’ve moved from racism to belittling people in the USA. So much for trying to get along…


Not everyone on this forum agrees with it but they all agreed to it.

I’ve seen listings that said no fat people, straight couples only, no gays, no pregnant women…but I’ve seen far more listings that explictly say we welcome everyone. I posted on another thread an article about Airbnb as the new NATO. It’s good to be reminded that there are far more good experiences than bad ones on Airbnb and far more welcoming hosts than bigots. It’s two steps forward, one back. Sometimes two back but ultimately progress wins, or at least it always has for the last 6000 years of written history.


EDIT: Oops, dead horse

I lack (a lot) of experience to comment on the OP rating/3rd party booking dilemma. I will comment however on the racism issue.

I come from 32 solid years in the service industry so I feel inclined to comment on the racism bit, or anything offensive a guest may say or do. I’m also a member of the human race, more importantly. Are we not in the hospitality business for ALL paying guests? Some here think we should engage this guest and let them know what we think of their outrageous, disgusting racist views. I think not. I certainly would never do that in my past jobs nor this one as STR host. Would you engage a customer (guest) in politics, religion, and anything stemming from these views that you didn’t agree with in ANY capacity?

Everyone here has experienced racism and any other sort of revolting opinions expressed by others. Do you immediately go on a tirade against these people making it your personal agenda to dispel their views and change their ways? Their are better more effective outlets to address such issues on a larger, more global medium than attack an individual. You’re not going to change much on this level other than creating an uncomfortable conversation and environment for everyone concerned. And you can’t change one person’s personal experiences, background, history and opinions formed as a result, as @cabinhost pointed out (I think that is what he/she was getting at?). If you think you can, I wish you luck!

@Chris Racism is rampant here in the states, I can attest to that. It’s offensive. People hate Blacks, Mexicans, potential Muslims, just based on the color of their skin alone. Sad but true. I don’t think as people in the hospitality business can we discern from renting our STR to these folks, any more than I can choose not to rent to Indians because I don’t agree with the Caste system. (Which is a part of their cultural history, please take this as the tongue in cheek example it was meant to be, not as an attack on anyone’s ethnicity or culture.)

Of course if the guests are rude to you, abuse your property or house rules, you don’t have to rent to them again or give a good review. But those problems are of a different nature, IMO. The only thing you can really be upset about from a hosting aspect is the LOUD talking in the wee hours of the morning.

If I were the OP, I would apologize to the “black” guests for the loud voices of the other “senior guests”. Feel out the situation. “So sorry my other guests were speaking so loudly this morning, I hope they did not disturb your sleep!” “Did you hear the voices?”. “No?, oh good! They had some pretty crazy opinions that they were getting all fired up about!”
They did hear what was said? “It is so unfortunate that you had to hear this in our home…we were appalled and couldn’t believe some of what we were hearing…”


I wouldn’t go a tirade against a guest. I would say I didn’t agree and get that convo shut down immediately. I engaged a NJ cab driver last week. He’s a Trump supporter and made a comment about immigrants while a family of spanish speakers was in the cab with us. Shameless. I let him know I didn’t agree but I didn’t go a tirade.

I will continue to call it out when I see forum members excusing racism.


Yes. Agreed. Nod, nervous brief smile and change topic immediately, or leave the room to do…well…anything else but talk to said guest!


I disagree with you. There are no circumstances that I can think of where racist views should remain unchallenged. It does not need to be aggressive or unpleasant but “nodding, smiling and changing the subject” is a complete cop-out and tantamount to endorsement, in my opinion.


I have a different view. Making $3.50 USD per hour as a bartender, if you challenge your guests on just about anything, it’s bye bye tip. No thanks, and in this STR scenario, I don’t need to be bashed on a review for being combative! Not worth my time or energy to get all fired up on some guests lame opinions, racism or otherwise.


In law, silence in the face of injustice is acquiescence.

We should all be able to stand up for what is right in 2018. The brave people before my generation, who marched for civil rights, didn’t make excuses for bigotry or gently move away, thank goodness. Neither would/do I.

This thread makes me sad.


And all due praise and respect for these folks! I think making a small stance in my home with ONE or two guests is really something that falls way out of the job description, frankly. I’ll attend a march or write a letter to my editor. I think taking the high road and not validating their stupid opinions is enough. It is too much to say, in legal terms, that I’m “tacitly” agreeing with their world views just by saying nothing and not engaging or entertaining their petty little thoughts and ideas.


OK… lucky that some people in previous generations living in fear and poverty stood up and said no, this is not right. Not everyone is in a position to do it.
I don’t consider racism a “lame opinion”.


You are taking @yecatsr comment so out of context. She’s just saying it is not her place to try and educate and scold every customer who she comes into contact with. It’s also not her place to form an opinion of why they said such and such. If she thinks they made a dumb comment…then so be it. And I can relate too. For every guy who hit on me as a bartender, etc…I sometimes needed to let it go, and just not engage. Trust me - they got the message. I didn’t need to go on a tirade about how women/men, etc. That’s all I read into her post.


When I taught Holocaust Studies it was always an interesting discussion with the students about where it all starts and how we would react. Most say they would have resisted but that’s easy to say from the comfort of a 21st century classroom and not in depression era Germany. Now it is safe (or is for now) and it’s important to speak up. It doesn’t have to be confrontational. After I tipped my NJ Trump loving cab driver 20% and he effusively thanked me and offered me God’s blessings I reminded him that I was a Clinton supporter and shut the door. :wink:


Out of the job description, maybe.

Out of human description/decency, never. Never!

Bigotry needs to be shut down anytime it rears its vile head, regardless of circumstance.

I will never think differently.

Acquiescence is how bigotry can perpetuate and flourish.

So we allow someone to be a bigot because it makes us uncomfortable to say something??

Aww, hell nah.

I’ll call out any MF making racist comments. Don’t care who/where/why/how. Cuz that is just not right. It’s 2018!!!

I’m out. I can’t today. Can’t listen to this crap. Not having a good hosting day/month. This thread is just slaying me to the core. wtf


Indeed. And a movement was started!

Nor do I, that’s one of humanity’s short comings. I consider views that stem from racism “lame opinions”.


Naturally we all would. But it was mob mentality in full effect. Hard to put yourself in anyone’s shoes. Ever.

Love it, nice touch! I was not above flipping someone the bird back in the day after a finished transaction. But this is a better approach, but for the review system!!!


Yes, maybe. Funnily I was just thinking that this is a generational issue! I’m guessing @yecatsr, you are in your '20s? So calling racism a ‘lame opinion’ could actually be seen as proof of progress - it implies that it’s so stupid as to not warrant attention. But for oldies, like me, who remember the times of overt racism and see the signs of it re-emerging today, it’s scary. It’s not about “going on a tirade”. it’s about not letting it just slide by. I host in my own home - no fucker is going to spout racist crap here and get away with it. I don’t care that they paid, I don’t care about any hospitality shit - they will be told to leave.


I took too long to reply… another generational thing! Glad to read your reply.

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