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Wondering how others hosts would handle - discrimination issue


I never understand the “generation issues” as a defence of racism.
I’ve calculated that you’d need to be 83 years of age in order to qualify for this excuse.
My rationale:
The US Civil Rights Movement began in the mid 1950’s. According to recent scientific research, people reach maturity at 24 years of age.
Do the math, as they say.

However, this assumes that racist views are somehow “entrenched” at a certain age which is complete nonsense of course. I think racism needs to be challenged wherever and whenever it occurs. Sometimes that needs to be done loudly and forcefully, sometimes it needs to be calmly questioned and noted.


If you are truly a person to care about racism, then you find the best way to change things. If you just want to hear yourself talk loudly on a forum to call people out…then that’s what you do. That was my point. If someone actually cares about racism then they will try every avenue to fight it…not just call out every post because skin color was mentioned and claim that person is racist.

When in actuality it results in fighting against the thing they think they are fighting for. The more people who get scolded for some little comment, the more who will not take others seriously…that’s all I am saying.


In my case, yes, my father died some 8 years ago at age 87.


I agree completely. That’s what I meant by the bit you quoted. The shrill voices of racism!! sexism!! at every little thing are not only supremely irritating but actually dangerous. They blur the picture so we no longer see what is really important to challenge.

I was challenging the generational excuse thing, that’s all!


Ahh, I’ve lost many relatives who were born in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of them were racist, sexist and homophobic, others were the complete opposite and fought hard for equal rights. I’d say homophobia wins the day for diehard prejudice, though.


You review the person that booked, that is the only option you have.


You must be the oldest host on this forum then? :joy:


After reading your full throated, all caps defense of the phrase “Jew them down” on this forum I can’t think of you as being helpful on this issue. You’ve followed that up with what I’m sure you thought were funny comments about Ramen eating Chinese guests (which I saw before you deleted and was going to comment on but didn’t) and now saying we should be understanding of racists if they are older or from a different background.

I will never quit speaking out when I read racist comments on this forum.

I guess this forum has a reputation for racism. I read this on an old Reddit thread.


He is correct; be truthful and not hurtful. The daughter didn’t know her father would behave unacceptably. I would be inclined to say something like, “I did not meet Jane Doe. She assisted her parents with a third party booking. Unfortunately her father’s loud and disrespectful behavior will not allow us to book a stay by him again”. If you can skip the recommend guest/not recommend, I would. You don’t know what she is like.


Well others have thought I was helpful, so what you think is not relevant to me. Oh…and the reason that I deleted the ramen noodle post which actually was harmlessly funny, was because someone like you would stroll along to comment. The same way that you felt the need to call someone out for mentioning their guest was Patkistani. And that forum member is not a racist at all. And maybe you should read threads where I think American stereotypes are funny and often true.

I know you believe that trying to call out things that you perceive as racism…but I truly believe that you often times are looking to be triggered by anything. And I could pull up every past post where you have bullied other members of this forum, called them trolls when they actually were’t…all because they mentioned skin color or discussed a different race/culture, etc… but I won’t.

I know you don’t like me, and I also don’t care for you. So we can choose to not engage with each other on this forum. I won’t reply to your comments, if you agree to not reply to mine.


Thats wrong. You can’t admit to a third party booking publicly. Also the daughter needs a thumbs down for sure, that will stop her instant booking or 3rd party booking. A thumbs down is not exactly a huge public naming and shaming, the punishment definitely fits the crime. I do not believe in a million years she did not know her own parents were racists!


I repeat: I will never quit speaking out when I read racist comments on this forum.

We’ve kicked this dead horse on this thread enough but I’m not agreeing to you dictating to me what I comment on and what I don’t.


This sweeps the fact that her parents are racists under the carpet. Why protect them and not the innocent black guests just trying to live their lives in peace in the listing?


I had a read of the Reddit discussion. It’s quite shameful to think the forum has a reputation of being a haven for bigots. We really must remember this is a public forum.


Actually, a lot of it is what you perceive to be racism, and often times it just doesn’t exist. Not everyone sees everything through your lens. And a lot of people are relaxed and not threatened when discussing different races/cultures etc.

By attacking people who don’t agree with your viewpoints, is not making them see things your way.

And I wasn’t making any attempt to dictate what you can or should not comment on. I was actually trying to make a peaceful arrangement since we both don’t like each other anyway. Ah well…


I believe most of us from colonial nations are racist, purely by accident of birth and being immersed in that culture. My house was built in 1893, only 3 generations past, at that time Britain used to dominate a third of the globe. The queen who supervised the dismantling of the empire still sits on the throne! All I can say of myself is that I try to challenge racism.


And that’s a good thing when challenging real racism. Like what I posted earlier in this thread about my own Grandma and Grandpa. I was not raised the way that they were. So it was quite shocking to me when visiting to see how racist they were about black people. We all should challenge real racism.


Hear, hear. In fact, hear, hear x 100!

Now, getting back to the original question here. We’ve clearly established that a) it’s not wise to accept third party bookings and b) we all agree with Airbnb’s no-discrimination policy.


But it seems that the next thing we need to discuss is how responsible are hosts for the opinions of their guests? The OP said:

Apologising for the noise I can understand. Actually I can understand the other part of her sentence too but as hosts, are we really responsible for our guests’ opinions? Of course, we want all our guests to be comfortable and hearing remarks such as those made by the older couple were probably not condusive to making the guests feel at home but where does our responsibility as hosts begin and end?

Just throwing it out there…


I guess as hosts we’re responsible for creating a safe space both physically and emotionally. We’re also responsible for upholding our own rules and that of the platform. The biggest compliments for me are when vulnerable people such as lone women or the young feel secure in my listing. In short it’s not our fault if another guest is out of order, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it.


Let’s just hope the guests upstairs sleep like the dead and didn’t hear a word :joy:

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