Why is it always the forks that go missing?

Is it just me? Or do you find the same thing?

I host a room in my home and also manage an entire apartment for someone. It’s always the forks. Today I noticed that there are only 5 forks left in the entire property when there should be 10+.
It’s the same in my home. I used to blame my son for hoarding them but we did a complete clean-up and…yep, loads of dessert spoons, teaspoon and knives but only a few forks.

I’m trying to think why and what for? I get that people might take some cutlery for a picnic or whatever but why is it always the forks that never come back??

I think they end up in the trash by mistake, for me it’s the butter knifes.



Teaspoons for me… perhaps they are hiding with the odd socks


I don’t lose any of them but it’s interesting to learn about the hitherto unknown secret life of cutlery :slight_smile:


Yes, I considered that but my forks are pretty sturdy and I’m sure I’d notice if they were going in the trash. But yes, you might be right. I’m trying to be green as possible so contemplating plastic forks as an option is going to be a tussle.

Excuse me Jeeves, but what exactly distinguishes a butter knife from…y’know… a regular ordinary knife?

Smaller knife and not serrated


OK. We’re not all Downton Abbey in the UK you know. It is possible to spread butter with a regular knife, I promise!

I love this forum! It always reassures me that I will be just fine come the zombie apocalypse :rofl:

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I keep them with the hard carved mother of pearl caviar spoons, a metal utensil taints the taste…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Ah well, now you’re talking caviar so I bow down.

A wooden spoon is the best, though, out of a jar in front of a fire with a bit of bread and lots of vodka.

But you’re right, no rental is complete without a left-handed tea strainer, for example. :smile:


I find that top sheets also go missing along with wash cloths.

Where do you keep your asparagus steamer?
What is your wooden caviar spoon sealed with?

Plastic forks would be just as horrendous as disposable coffee cups!


I don’t know. It’s the knife that is in the silverware set. I’ve always called them that🤷‍♂️

I think it’s common, at least in my family


Delivered by carrier pigeon


As for the asparagus steamer and the like… I have learned that less is better. When I opened up I bought everything, 12 piece pots and pans set, roasting pan for the turkey dinner, I spent a good amount of time finding the perfect gravy boat. Now I realize I do not want guests to cook! I am opening up a second unit in a month or so and it will have a small frying pan, small sauce pan and place setting for 4. The unit will only be rented to 2 persons max so if they run out of cereal bowls they will need to do the dishes.

More is not better, guests who go out to eat are better:)



Yes, I think the silverware gets thrown away along with a pizza box or takeout container. In 7 months, I have lost one large fork one small spoon and one large spoon. I bought an extra set of the exact same silverware so I can replace a missing piece with the exact same piece.


Sadly, you may never find out what the fork has happened to them …
(with thanks to The Good Place)


I have, on very rare occasions, found pieces of my cutlery in the trash. Though I would attribute it to carelessness rather than accident. Who “accidentally” throws out a nice, heavy, stainless fork?

I found out guests take it out for their snacks/lunch and end up In their bags, since then I bought and place plastic cutlery in a pack of 100 in each apartment so they can use them if they are going out.

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For a second I too was thinking your cabin was Downton Abbey’esq akin to the “cottages” in Newport RI :wink: