White stains on glass cooktop

White stains (discoloration) due to pan on 1/3 parts of the cooktop left by guest - Should I request money for it?

I imagine Airbnb will consider it wear-and-tear. Are you sure it’s stains? I have these after nearly every guest. I use a razor scraper and cooktop polish and they come off.


It looks like discoloration post-pan use… tried baking soda, vinegar, cooktop polish and it won’t work… cooktop works normally, this is a esthetical thing so unsure how Airbnb sees it

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What does that mean? It pretty much has to be either scratches (etching) or something stuck to the surface. Have you tried a scraping it off with a single edge razor blade?

Tried to post a picture but it didn’t work… it’s like that part of the cooktop isn’t black anymore… as if the pan took away the color… so a razor blade wouldn’t work

Your account is too new to post photos or links.

Try the razor blade anyway.

If the pan really did it, then I’m not sure why you would even consider trying to charge the guest for it. The guests didn’t bring their own pans, did they? I know some pans are not compatible (e.g., copper bottom pans).

Since you didn’t ask about removing the discoloration I will refrain from answering that. You asked about requesting money so here are are the pros and cons.

Pros: you get money.

Cons: You don’t get money, you don’t get help from Airbnb, you piss off the guest and you become more irritated than you are. Guest leaves a retaliatory review.

I’d suggest asking the guest in a non-confrontational way what happened. Frame it as you need their help to figure out what step to take next. If they give you helpful information or volunteer to pay, it’s your lucky day. If it was due to something wrong they did Airbnb might help you.


Do you have any other ideas to remove the discoloration? I’ll try the razor blade, but that’s all that’s left.

And how much money should I request for something like this? I don’t know what I’d use the money for though because it doesn’t make sense to replace the cooktop either.

No, it was my pan. But what if it was at a high temperature for too long?

Unless the guest admits to something, then it’s the cost of doing business I reckon.


What if they do admit it but blame it on my pan?

Ditto. Your pan, your stove top.


Generally it is better not to involve Airbnb the stuff like this. A lot of people complain that it just isn’t worth all the effort and then of course you are on the Airbnb list of people who grind or cost money.

Cost of doing business

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This pretty much tells you it would be considered “wear-and-tear”

Should I say anything to the guest though? Afraid they might leave a bad review

NOTHING, 0, nada. How is this the fault of the guest?


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HI Blatsy,

If it is your pan, and the guest was otherwise fairly decent, my suggestion is to try cleaning it with some of the suggestions made here.

FYI, here’s the first thread I found when searching. It seems this is an incredibly common problem/complaint across all manufacturers.

Ironically I was just looking today at getting a new induction range with smooth glass top and now I see this thread. It’s making me think I’ll just stick with my old electric coil cooktop.

Everything else on the house is perfect and I can see that they tried cleaning the cooktop as well. It looks like it was a misuse of the pan though, so that’s why I was asking about this.