When you can get free publicity like this on Twitter

Why pay for ads?

I just stumbled across this random post on Twitter. It has thousands of likes and retweets within an hour


Just a little hyperbole, perhaps. Funny though.


Imagine those old Madison Avenue types. Those advertising execs like whatshisname in Bewitched. If someone had told them that one day they’d be able to advertise completely free…

There are people today who don’t use it too!

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He had a job outside the home? I thought he was just married to a witch. :wink:

Just like my old man. :rofl:


One of the biggest advertising thrills must have been when they realized they could not only get consumers to advertise their products for free, but pay for the privilege at the same time. Walking around with a sweatshirt they paid $100 for with “Tommy Hilfiger” emblazoned across it.


We have Mama Bears here in Alaska, and we’re proud of them!


I think the husband was Darwin but I don’t remember his boss’s name.

Darrin Stephens (but the mother-in-law) would rename him Derwood , Darwin, etc.

Larry Tate was the boss at the advertising agency “McMann & Tate”


That’s it!

:roll_eyes: He also worked at home. (that room at the front of the house next to the front door with the drafting table) but I think they didn’t show his workplace much because it would have been frowned on to have Samantha visiting there.

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:laughing:OMG! No that is one of the names his mother-in-law called him. He was Darrin (sp?)
Boss was Larry Tate
Big Fan

I think that I must have been too because I remember that during the series, they had two different actors playing the husband. And the witch-mother was, I think, Endora.


Oh, and my neighbour used to call me Mrs Kravitz because I’m nosy and always want to know what’s going on.


I didn’t like the second one

I preferred the first one too. He was sort of goofier.

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I liked the first one, also. But he had terrible back problems and was always in severe pain. The actor who played him ended up broke. It was very sad.

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In an attempt to get this thread back on-topic… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What I’d like to know is, how successful were these thousands of RTs for the host?

How did the exposure translate to new bookings for her?

I might go track down the original tweet and see if she even mentioned the property name — (I can’t see it on the preview — poor eyesight!)


Wow so many RTs ! She shows the host’s name, but not the property.

If the host were intending to use this as a free advertising strategy she’d do well to mention her property name (organically) as part of the review.

IMHO ~Anita