What's your take on the ban for "Party Hosts" on AirBnB?

For me?
I was truly never a fan of hosting parties via AirBnB. Most of our properties are residential. Wild parties would definitely be a nuisance.
Sad about what happened that resulted in the ban though.

Don’t see how Airbnb could ban hosts who accept groups who party. How would that be defined? How would airbnb police that @BlaQMarbleHost

Can only see how this might work reactively following neighbour or police complaints.

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I posted on another thread that all this does is give AirBnB cover to say that they’re doing “something“ when a problem happens. But all they’re going to be doing is throwing hosts under the bus.


CeeBee, Exactly! They’re passing the buck and making host liable.

We already have a thread or two about this. It sure is confusing when there is more than one thread on the exact same topic at the same time. I’m going to close this topic and link to the other one.

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