Party house ban

Any one else seen the statement from Chesky about banning party houses? A special team etc…
Wonder if it will work and how supportive they will be of hosts…

Where would I find it?

I’ll believe it when I see it. What will the standard be? Zero tolerance? 3 strikes?

In what regard? Isn’t the idea to get rid of hosts who allow parties?

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Interesting his statement talks about taking action against abusive hosts and guests.

It will be interesting to hear the definition of an abusive host.


Will this be world wide or USA centric?There have been 2 deaths in Australia at Airbnb’s- one at a party in Melbourne and the other was murder by the host over money

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Squeaky wheel gets the grease so probably USA. I don’t really expect them to do much.

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My guess is it’s going to give AirBnB cover by showing them as being proactive, giving “negligent“ hosts the boot. In reality, it’s going to be those poor schmucks who were caught off guard by rotten guests who know how to play the system.


This is just in the response of all the bad publicity Air has received because Orinda is just across the bay from Airs headquarters in San Francisco. I can’t imagine how they could stop house parties from occurring. On this same thought the FB hosts page warned hosts of discovered
Party locations!

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What does that mean?

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. The recently shut down Facebook Airbb blacklist page. People would find future AirBB party postings and link it to that FB page. I’m sure it helped many hosts
cancel parties before they started. It would crack me up that the party information always stated that they are in an AirBB!!!
Anyway a new FB blacklist host page is up.


I’m skeptical. But whatever, I’m against Airbnb party houses and if having a blacklist makes people feel better, great. Use at your own risk. LOL.

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Is it a new one, or is it the one started by that guy who got booted out of here? (The one who kept calling @KKC“Kendrick“.)

I highly doubt that. I never saw a single occurrence of a host saying, “hey, those people tried to book with me.“

He started a facebook group? LOL. I thought he just made youtube videos about guests he doesn’t like.

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Oh my goodness, no. He got his knickers in a twist with the admin of the Airbnb Guests blacklist group (the aforementioned Kendrick), and created the Hosts blacklist group in a fit of pique.

ETA: his delusions of grandeur caused him to believe that Kendrick had followed him here, and when he saw that you had two similar initials, he just assumed you had to be the same “guy.”

Oh! So that solves the mystery of "who is Kendrick? "


Oh I thought you knew! The blacklist person is Kendrick Khoe. I think that your “KKC” is why Jim thought you were Kendrick.

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I figured it was someone somewhere on the internet, I just didn’t know who or what.

I think the guy that was posting here (was his name Jim? I can’t remember…) took offense when he was called out by Kendrick after he publicly disagreed with some of the hosts posting in that FB group. The rules there basically said that the host was not to be criticized, regardless of how much they (sometimes very clearly) contributed to making a not great situation worse.