What is word I can use to describe a guest who used very minimal resources?

Was here for a week and barely used any towels, toilet paper, paper towels etc

Environmentally conscious?

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No one word… Good guest? Conservative with listing resources? No muss, no fuss? Hardly knew he was here?


Respected amenities and was thoughtful and considerate.


What about “low impact”? Would that be understood as 100% positive?

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Ascetic? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Light touch?

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There are some guests who are EFFORTLESS

I’ve had a returning guest with similar traits. She comes into town on business, never cooks, uses only one towel & one washcloth which she leaves folded atop the hamper so they can dry out. She folds up the duvet and places it on the closet shelf (tells me, in a note, it wasn’t used), doesn’t drink the bottled water (that I leave in the refrigerator), and always leaves a positive review.

One Friday when she was leaving, she booked a return for the following Monday and then asked if I had any guests staying over the weekend. When I responded “no”, she insisted that I leave the linens and towels as she left them. I refunded her cleaning fee and didn’t charge her for the next week’s cleaning fee.




I recently hosted a clean freak :slightly_smiling_face:

She was going on about how clean our place was in sweet messages to me. She left it vacuumed, clean, and started a load of laundry on the way out. I was shocked because there were more dogs than people in the party.

The pet fees were a pain in the neck. Three pet dogs, plus one no charge service dog. She told me they were on the fence about a 3rd night after checkin. I told her no problem if she stays, and I will waive the 3rd night pet fee. This sealed the deal and she extended.

She wants to come back soon. I want her back. I told her if she will pick up after the dogs (they did anyway), I will waive all her pet fees in the future because we use it to pay our cleaner. She said they will sure do that.

I don’t mind making deals with people who cost me less money and bring me more joy.


My guest was here for 7 nights with two little kids. I was expecting it to be fairly messy but was pristine. They only slept in 2 of the beds, used 3 towels total, what looks like no or little shampoo, none of the milk, half&half and other things in fridge, and they brought their own toilet paper!


Oh, she learned did she? :rofl:

I swear to god I have nice, 2-ply unscented TP!!


The stuff she bought is 1 ply, like the kind in public bathrooms.

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I like your word ‘effortless’.

So much so that I used it right away: 'It was an effortless stay as both were very respectful and considerate of the space. ’ :upside_down_face:


Just say that…

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Truly a great word for a great guest.

It takes so little to be aware of the world around you. The simple thoughtfulness and consideration screams high class and respect.

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EFFORTLESS - Terrific word! Terrific guest!


I’ve used the word self-sufficient for a number of guests: the ones who don’t use much and don’t need anything. I also like stellar/perfect/outstanding instead of just saying good or great all the time. Also saying something like 5 stars across the board/in every way.

I’m so glad to hear about this guest with kids who doesn’t fit the negative stereotype that is on repeat here at the forum.


Low impact that’s perfect.


Yeah, I have guests like this too, who leave everything in pristine condition and you barely know they are there. And they are repeat guests. They like my house, I like them.
But guests are kind of on a bell curve, with 5% exceptionally clean, 5% a disaster and 90% some degree of messiness