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Scented Toilet Paper, Please NO!


It probably didn’t occur to her because so many people are ethnocentric. They can get it where they live so they think they can get it anywhere. Not everybody thinks ahead and does their research. After about 45 years of working with the public, I find this tends to be the norm.


I don’t have that skin condition but I think scented toilet paper is absolutely horrible. Obviously it’s not going to be good for anyone. I would mark an Airbnb down for scented toilet paper.


Thank you for letting us know about this. This is exactly the sort of information that’s invaluable in this forum - helping us all to be better hosts. :slight_smile:

I’ve never come across scented loo paper (as far as I know) but I can imagine how some hosts might innocently think it’s a good thing.

I try to keep our rentals scent-free and luckily, I don’t seem to have a stinky bathroom problem but there’s one tip that I’d try if I did (better than scented loo paper). That is to soak a cotton wool ball in essential oil and push in into the cardboard loo paper middle after the roll has been put on the dispenser thingy. Evidently, every time a user pulls a few sheets off the roll, the scent of the essential oil is released. So they say…


Brilliant!! Had never thought to do this but I think I will.


I stay away from scents in general since so many people are sensitive to them. I wouldn’t have even thought that finding non-scented toilet paper anywhere could be a problem! Good to know for future travels.


As @jaquo mentioned, it’s not hard to imagine that a few hosts out there might innocently think that scented TP is a good thing. I think marking a host down because of this would perhaps not be appropriate, and the better place to bring it to their attention would be private feedback.

What is word I can use to describe a guest who used very minimal resources?

It is not a problem to find a non-scented toilet paper in Hungary. I understand that the person in question has a particular condition, but if I was her I wouldn’t put the blame on my host, but go to the store, buy myself some unscented toilet paper and let my host know for the future reference what kind of problems scented toilet paper can cause for some people, and why it would be wise to avoid it.


Scented toilet paper isn’t just bad for people with conditions, it’s not good for anyone. I don’t suppose the fish are impressed either, I am surprised it’s legal. If a host is meant to provide toilet paper in their listing then it’s not fair for a guest to have to go out and buy their own.

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Scented toilet paper goes really well with shag bathroom rugs and seat covers, tho lol.


Especially if you keep the spare roll under a crocheted crinoline lady holder!


An aunt of mine in the 70s had a dolly which sat on top of the spare toilet paper as well. Plus carpet in the bathroom. Scented toilet paper would fit in very well.


@AvaH This is an interesting observation and thank you for sharing it. Can you clarify exactly what you mean by ‘scented’, though? Does that include the stuff that is “enriched” with aloe vera and shea butter? I only use regular stuff myself but noticed recently that guests in a rental I manage had topped up the supply with the shea butter stuff.

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OK, she could’ve asked for the host to compensate her for that expense. I’m just not buying the story that the person was incapable of finding a non-scented toilet paper in Hungary. I lived there for quite a while and I know that’s not likely.

I agree with you on the scented toilet paper, but it is not a general knowledge and plenty of people use it. I wouldn’t blame it on the host; I would think of it as misfortune.

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Just want to add that this thread not only reminded me of my dear old grandmother who basically crocheted covers for everything in the entire house but also of the time I had an unexpected toilet paper experience…

I was at a restaurant with clients/colleagues and needed the bathroom. Post-pee, I saw that the toilet paper had run out -aaggh! I rummaged through my handbag frantically and right at the bottom found a crumpled, but unopened, pack of handy pocket tissues.
Phew, thought I, saved!
I can only describe the post-wiping experience as terrifying. I couldn’t understand what was happening. It was as if a mini-helicopter had flown into my nether regions from the Antarctic.
Yes, they were menthol-infused tissues…

Walking back in to that restaurant trying to look composed and professional and not walking like John Wayne was hard!


By scented I mean the scent is permeated in the paper itself. I have no idea about the “enriched” papers. Personally, I would avoid it. I can ask in my support group though, that is an excellent question.


I never said she was incapable of buying what she needed, just that unscented wasn’t available at that time and she didn’t think to bring any with her. Often when one is hurting, they tend to post in our support groups right away and then post later that they found relief. I am sure that, by now, she got what she needed to be more comfortable. The bigger issue is that using it that one time caused what we call a “flare up” and they can take days, even weeks to calm back down. It can put a real bummer on a vacation.

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She didn’t realize in time it was a scented kind? Damn… :anguished:

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These are what mean:

Personally I find them expensive, unpleasant and they smell horrible.

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I will ask. I have never seen those here in the US, but I haven’t been everywhere either ;o)


Andrex is a US company though, no? Anyway, your post is yet one more reason not to use this silly overpriced crap to wipe your… well, crap.

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