What is the lowest priced Airbnb in your town?

Just for fun I thought I would look up the least expensive listing in my town - it is $12!

It is a “shared room”, you get a futon couch in a living room in a home that seems to have three bedrooms that are also (separately) listed on Airbnb. Access to kitchen and laundry room is included.

The host provides sheets, pillows, and towels, but no toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, or soap.

Quite the deal!

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I haven’t looked for a while, but there was a room in a shared student house right near a college, for $20. Of course it was next-door to a 24-hour fast-food place on one side and a bar on the other. And it was an air mattress on the floor, shown with a quilt sort of thrown over it. No evidence of sheets when I saw the picture.

Just looked and there’s now a $15 “crash pad” near the college. A single-size futon that folds out onto the floor.

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In low season: $28 US per night for a single person in a small apartment. For grins - I looked up the most expensive place. $7200 US per night for up to 8 people. Ouch!

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The least expensive one I could find in my city (Chandler, Arizona) is this room. There are no dates available before June 2021, but it does allow you to book for $13/night after that (no cleaning fee, either, so still only $16 after taxes and Airbnb fees) .

There’s over a hundred at nominally less than $20 a night. Many are in Mexico so it’s hard to really know. I checked several with 5 star reviews in the US and total prices are between $30 and $40.

$38 a night for a private bedroom.

$10 for a private bed and bath! But with a $40 cleaning fee, and the $10 only seems to be available for a lone night next week. Otherwise he charges $26.

Haha it’s my place! A cozy trailer for 48 during the week and 58 on the weekends. We live in a very expensive city in Calif.


I don’t think I’ve ever looked for the cheapest (I will when I have a minute) but I have looked for the most expensive, including the local hotels. I think that the most expensive hotel in the immediate area (and it’s nice but not especially posh) is $600+ which makes me feel great. :slight_smile:

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Yes, but it would be difficult to find a free night since Duke from Tucson seems to have it permanently booked (see Reviews!)

Someone listed their private room for $8/night… with a $75 cleaning fee!

I looked again on my computer and the cheapest is $15 a night/no cleaning fee. That host has several rooms in the same home so I guess it’s worth it for her. I hadn’t looked in a long time to see who was cheapest. Seeing the high number of rooms available at $20 less per night is a little unsettling until I remind myself that I’m still getting booked as much as I can handle at much higher prices. It supports my idea that the cheap places are getting booked first but when they are gone, they are gone. I also need to hope that most people won’t find those places sustainable because at some point too much supply can overcome whatever steps I’m willing to take to maintain pricing power.


Yes, I saw that, but the calendar appears to be open very far into the future and dates after June 2021 are available. You can save if you plan ahead! LOL!

29.00 dollars, bedroom, bath, shared home.

$25 with a $10 cleaning fee for a shared space. It’s a bunkbed in a hip and cool historic building, in a crappy (“up and coming”) neighborhood.

That’s so interesting to me! I would think the hosts could substantially increase their revenue if they at least included paper products, no? Seems strange also that it’s a shared home and none of that is included. So you bring the toilet paper in and then take it with you every time you use the restroom? Different strokes for different folks I guess, LOL.

US$ 10,00
A bedroom for 1 person with shared bath. No breakfast though :roll_eyes:

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11€ for a bunk bed in a shared room and one of the listing pictures is a guys smoking a joint. :joy:

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The lowest price in my town is $75 USD for a room in a home. The highest is $350 for a whole house rental that sleeps 10.

12$ …no cleaning fee. Small room in high season in South Florida . I would be afraid

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