What Happens to Property Rating if you leave Superhost Management?

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I’m am considering buying a AirBNB and putting it under property management to start off quickly.

The manager i’m speaking with costs 20%. Their big value is Superhost status and everything that that brings. My question is, if I have my property out there for a year, racking up the reviews, and decide to get my own system in place, will my properties reviews carry on with it or will I be restarting from scratch?

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Assuming your property management uses their own airbnb account, you would be starting over from scratch if you listed it yourself.

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My advise to you is create the listing naming yourself as the host and your property management as a co-host that way the property will keep it’s superhost status, in addition it will be easier to add/edit payments, bank information w/o the issue of giving pertinent information out to others.


Thanks everyone.

@Cindy_Turner_Dodd if I am hearing you correctly, you’re saying that I should insist on creating and owning the original listing, and then having the Superhost take my property under its umbrella so that it will keep its reviews, etc?

We use a management company based in Denver (we are in Hawaii) who charges 10%, uses a professional photographer, lists us with Airbnb, provides wonderful liability and damage insurance and is worth every dime.

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That’s great @lizmillercht - the company ive been talking to wants 20%, which seems really high. Does your company get you under a Superhost status? Are they national by chance?


They are national, for sure, Kraig. Relatively new to the property management arena, everyone in their office responds with graciousness that seems rare in these days. They are always available by phone and emailed requests take about 3-4 days. They sent a local professional photographer, and the pictures are stunning. We had a guest accidentally crash into the driveway gates. I don’t know if I can mention their name here, if that is going out of bounds, so could you send me an email, and I’ll fill you in.

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I forgot to write about earning Superhost status, as I honestly don’t know how that works.

Yes, @Cindy_Turner_Dodd is correct. It is the Listing Admin who gets (or not) the Superhost designation. The SH status applies to the host rather than the property (which, I have to admit I do think is a bit illogical!)

Yes, the home owner should create the listing themselves and then have the management company be the co-host if you want to retain any reviews, status etc. if you decide to get rid of management team in the future. If you do not want to take the steps in creating your own “superhost” status and want it immediately then you could do as you initially stated however you run the risk of loosing everything if you get rid of them including having to start all over again. Also having a superhost status does not mean immediate success or a large income. Competitive rates, exposure, cleanliness, all the things that go into the home is as big a factor also.


Hi Liz, for some reason it wouldn’t let me send you a personal message for some reason. I’ve seen a few companies mentioned in the forum, so maybe that would be ok?

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I’ll see if I can work with the Personal message feature first, Kraig. I had not seen one here.


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Create the listing in your (the owner) name, and have the company as the co-host. It doesn’t take that long to gain SuperHost status and then you can retain it no matter what you decide to do with the mgmt. company in the future. Otherwise you are at the mercy of the company and the service they may or may not provide in the future.

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