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What Happens to Property Rating if you leave Superhost Management?



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I wish they would do it by the listing. I would be superhost at my shared listing and not at my separate listings (kind of stinks that because the properties are so different I have to manage to get SH qualifications at all listings. That will likely be a long time coming. Oh well. The money still keeps coming in regardless.


@KKC thanks, I get it. @lizmillercht, given this, it seems posting the company name here is our only option. I found other direct recommendations on the forum, so I think we’ll be ok. Also, given the spirit of the conversation, I’d assume everyone knows we’re on the up and up with sharing your recommendation.



Kraig, the Personal Message function apparently is an earned privilege. Earned by replying to posts and placing posts. We are too new to the form and not there yet. Evolve Vacation Rentals.


@lizmillercht did you get the PM I sent you? We’ve got two threads with this information and it’s confusing.


KraigK, so you want their superhost status. This means they will list the property under their account. When you will take over you will have to start from scratch, create an account and list the property under your account. If I were you I’d rather start from scratch right now and employ them as co-hosts/cleaning people. Actually they just do the housekeeping for you, right? Then why pay them more for being in charge of your calendar? If they list your property under their account you will have no clue about the occupancy rates, who is coming to your house and things like these. If you list the property under your name with them as co-hosts, both of you will be notified via email when somebody books it, so you will be in control. Besides, when you have a co-host, you will have to chose the percentage you pay them (honestly 20% is a bit too high) and then ABB splits the amount and transfers it to both your accounts accordingly. If you give them carte blanche to list the property to their account you won’t have a clue how much money it makes; ABB will pay them the full amount and then they will pay you. They could lie to you. How do you trust them?
The cleanliness and they way they prepare for house for the next guests is what will determine the ratings you will receive. So a good cleaning crew can make or break your status. If they do their job well, like they’ve been doing for themselves - you will reach your superhost status in no time.


Hi @lizmillercht thank you! Well the good news is all of these posts are probably inching us closer to getting access to that privilege. :slight_smile:

With Evolve, did they give any assistance on projecting your revenue or staging?



Hi again, Kraig. I started messaging you only on Personal Messaging now that I can. I’ll do my best not to post anything regarding our thread on the forum. If you messaged me back, I haven’t received it. But your latest question to me does appear on the forum. Agreed - very confusing.

We may have asked Evolve about projected earnings, I can’t recall. So much depended on Kilauea’s eruption, on airline fares and the desire to vacation in Hawaii. So, they probably didn’t offer much in that way. But we allow them to set the price, which we see has gone up a bit recently, and seems to waver up and down with holidays and off-season, etc. What I can say is we are booked about 25 nights a month. And like someone else mentioned, we have Ace cleaners. They charge $225 to clean a 3-bedoom rental with 7 beds. They spend a total of 6 man-hours cleaning (in Hawaii, cleaners make as much as some professionals). The result is an impressive spotlessness which has generated all these 5* reviews and a solidly booked calendar. By the way, we don’t keep any of the cleaning fee. The housekeeper gets it all - and she’s worth it! We feel she’s making $225, while we’re making $1,000 or $1,500.

My email is elizabethmillercht@gmail.com. That way we can continue this discussion without involving the whole forum with issues regarding Evolve.

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