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What do you guys answer to guests who asks what is your full time job (and you actually doing airbnb full time)?


I have people asking me this question like 5 times a week and i have a guesthouse of 20 rooms so i am working like 12-14 hours a day. I used to answer fair (like i do airbnb full time it gives me benefits like arranging time, but disadvantages are i cant travel, i have to wake up at night etc.) but guests ether pshaw at me or start envying me. I can see how they will count 20 rooms and multiply by daily rate and are like “ooooo you are rich man” without even knowing my occupancy rate and expenses. And is not like one particular guest but like 70% of them. How do you deal with them? I feel like i lost it today when some guest who locked herself out asked me this again and i answered that i am drag queen go-go dancer.


I’m retired and almost no one asks me about my lines of work because I disclose that in my airbnb listing. Since you are an innkeeper it’s a bit different. It’s strange they don’t realize that is your job.

Frankly I’m surprised you have such nosey guests. Simply answer that you are an innkeeper. Who cares if they think you are rich, rich is relative anyway, nothing you can do about that. Compared to 98% of the people in the world you are rich.


Only 5.5 million people are richer than me. Can that be truth?


People ask me too not as often as they ask you though. When I tell them my whole income depends on the 2 properties they look at me like I am
Dying from
Hunger . Most people have no idea how much we as hosts make and they just speculate.


I tell people I am a Free-lancer who works on special projects but my favorite is Airbnb. I then give examples of my farthest away guest, most interesting occupation, or most interesting reason for visiting. Then I steer the conversation to their Air experiences.


You’ve travelled in Africa. Doesn’t it feel true to you? I live right next to Mexico. I can see every day how much better off I am.

60% of the people on the globe don’t even have access to a flush toilet and I have 3 in my house. The OP has at least 20!. Don’t you have a pool? Billions of people in the world would look at a pool at a residence as an incredible luxury. That private reservoir isn’t for cooking, cleaning, or drinking. It’s for lounging? Gasp! How about pets? We are so rich we are growing animals on our land that aren’t for working or eating. They are because we rich humans are lonely!

Putting it in perspective with pissers, pets and pools.


So true! The average annual wage in India is about $600 and they have 1.3 billion people!


Almost half of the worlds population, (3 billion people), lives on less than $2 a day. Less than 1%, controls half of the wealth. Yes, it’s true. Sad, but true. We are very fortunate.


I once had a very lousy guest look me direct in the eye and ask with a sniff,
“Do you work?” The implication was that I didn’t have to because I somehow made enough to live on by charging her and others $99 a night for my suite. I just said ‘yes, doesn’t everyone?’
She was my second worst guest ever, so it was sort of a foreboding.

I think most people are just trying, unlike my guest, to be friendly with you. They wonder about your life.

Or, try updating your listing description to include your profession. There are professional drag queens you know. :rofl::rofl::joy:


A mate of mine when asked that question used to reply that he was a sperm donor. Surprisingly nobody ever followed on from the initial enquiry…


Hehehe you said it. But only 5.5 millions? I didn’t know I had it THAT good!
And about pets it’s true. The family I stay with in a village has 2 dogs and 2 cats and 2 cows.
And all of them
For the purpose of protection, rats and milk respectively. The family is wonderful , kind and very happy people but the way the keep animals and don’t treat them when they are sick because they have no money, is very sad.
Last time when I came there in December every pet and cows were ill. Cows had such sad eyes and skin was horrible full
Of ticks. Dogs were so skinny and Lucy had blue in her eyes from some infection. She was so skinny and so weak. Cats were so aggressive from not enough food that everyone were afraid of them. I got so upset that ran to hotel and stayed there for 2 days in terrible mood. Then put myself together and called vet and went to pharmacy and bought the whole 45$ worth of meds for everyone and food and other treats for pets.
Couple weeks later everyone got healthy and fattened up with no ticks and flees . The family watches me with horror how I hug and pet dogs and cows all the time and how I hold kitten on my hands the whole day. :grinning:
Now I have a special
Budget for them and over whatsapp checking on them to see if they are fed enough and kept healthy.
Yes we definitely have it super good here


Never had that one asked, a few others…


I’ve never had a guest - EVER - who has had the temerity to ask me personal questions. And if they did, I’d tell them that they were pretty out of line. It is absolutely none of their business.


@K9KarmaCasa Thanks for your reply. I bet is because my rooms are 14-20 USD per night and i got a lot of that people with big bag-packs.


I think it also depends if you have a lot of contact with guests: We’ve had people stay for 5 nights, so there were at least 5 breakfasts that we needed to socialize. We in fact socialized a lot more than just breakfast. In these kinds of situation I think it’s normal to start talking about personal stuff: “So where did you and your hubby meet?”

I’m also one of those persons who thinks you can do little wrong with questions :blush:.


@Yana, @konacoconutz, @Como, @jaquo, @GutHend

What would be your polite line to answer this question? Like psychologically correct one. I dont think the guest are really interested in me - they are just polite or impolite in this way - so just need some line to use as default without loosing stars in their review.


I know what you are asking but I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer to what appears to be a rude question.

Add any profession at all to your profile so they won’t ask in the future.


O you can do a lot wrong with questions. "Is it your mom? Wife? Son? Etc. these are bad … bad questions. I had a guest who came with a woman at least twice his age . I almost said “your mom” butvthen remembered my golden to never ask this question and was so right … as it was his wife​:joy::joy:
Just one example.


No one has ever asked me this question. I would consider it a bit rude, to be honest. My profile does state what I do for a living, so maybe people actually read that? Or maybe they like to think I live to server them?


The worst one is…

When is the baby due?


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