What do you guys answer to guests who asks what is your full time job (and you actually doing airbnb full time)?

First of all I believe you have to analyze yourself a bit: Why does this question bother you this much?

  • Is it because you get the same question the whole time? Welcome to hosting, where you have to explain how to get to your favorite restaurant a zillion times a week.
  • Is it because some guests reacted judgmentally? Not all guests will ask you because they want to judge. Some are genuinely interested. Others are just chitchatting.
  • Is it because you are afraid guests will judge you?
  • Is it because you are judging yourself?

Personally I think there’s nothing like the truth. Answer: I’m a full-time manager of this guesthouse. This takes me about 12 to 14 hours a day all year round, so unfortunately I don’t have time to dedicate to other things.

Some frustration and passive aggressiveness shining through, which isn’t a good thing in host-guest relationships.


Super sexy:) Any pics? lol good answer

According to that at 200K income I am in the top 0.04% No way, I do not buy that for a second


Edited to add: Ok I read through the post and compared with india and the billions of poor in this world I guess it is true. Well at least before the ARSON fire that decimated the forest around me. I expect to lose 50-75K in income as a result. I guess I still have it pretty good my husband has a good job. Being self employed is a gamble, it can be feast or famine but I always feel I am ahead of people who go to a job every day. I have not worked for a paycheck in 25 years nobody would hire me now!


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Blimey! However did you get chatting to your partner on the first date!

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It was on the internet. Hidden behind the laptop, it’s easy to say ANYTHING :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thank you @RiverRock , @Barns & @jaquo for resurrecting a 4 month old thread. I truly needed to see @KKC ‘s posting.

I’ve been feeling failure-ish after an acquaintance (not a friend) made a disparaging comment about my home and because I can’t retire when I reach age 59 this month.

I am profoundly grateful for what I have and the people I love. I needed a reminder that compared to most of the world, I am rich.


OMG, that’s ridiculous. And there is nothing magic about that age or any particular level of income or net worth when considering if one can retire or not. Some people have obligations because their parents lived longer or they had kids later or they didn’t get a free college education or a dozen other things. I’m only “retired” (just from teaching, not work) because of a small inheritance that was saved in an IRA, a defined benefit pension plan, and good health to be able to continue in another line of work.

Shame on your acquaintaince.

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You can say to them that you’re a freelancer or a Jack of all trades.

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Freelancer is exactly what I say!
And it is the best way to describe it…I actually enjoy taking about my unconventional income sources - Aibnb, step-on tour guide (on call), estate sale staff (read - clean, set-up-sell for someone else’s business), occasional historical lecturer. Fortunately I have a spouse with a steady job!