What can I do with Airbnb API as a host?

Hey all,
What interesting things people do with Air API? Is it better to hosts somehow i?


Having a thick moment…whats an API?


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Sorry still no clearer :frowning:


But from that link , I’m not clear if they really have it.

AirBNB does have an API, of course. It is not publicly published, but some smart sleuths have been accessing it to give statistics, alerts, you name it. There is a whole industry working to use the API to sell hosts various tools to streamline their hosting. Our own @smartbnb.io is one of these people.


You spelt sloths wrong :wink:

Airbnb API is available at https://api.airbnb.com. The rest is restricted knowledge.

In the case of https://smartbnb.io/messaging, it does at this point auto-messaging and auto-reviews, some level of search placement hacking and daily market reports. Just the beginning :wink:

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I’ve been looking to see if there was any change in the situation in recent times, there doesn’t seem to be. Do we know of updates over the year since the last post?

Also, how does smartbnb.io interface with the Airbnb system then, have you hacked* the API or have they given you special access to the API info?

*Note for non-techies: ‘hack’ in the ethical sense, not malicious.

Smart is the man to ask about this! And he has many satisfied users so sign up for his service.

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Yep, mine was a Smart question indeed :slight_smile: