Weirdest Thing Guests Left Behind

Got to ask. What is the weirdest thing a guest has left behind. Today we were left with a 5 pound tub of wedding cake frosting, which was not the weirdest thing. The large chefs knife was stashed between the mattress and box spring like in Basic Instinct.


Crikey!!! A knife under the mattress!!!

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I got a pair of badly stained knickers hanging out of the window, thankfully it was over looking the back garden and not the front of the house.

A pen knife under the bed as well.

Lordy if those panties could talk! Well better on the panties than in the bed… ewww.

A box of junk bought from a charity shop (thrift store) that apparently wasn’t “quite what she was looking for”.
A gift bag left on the bed (ooh nice, I thought!) containing the packaging for a set of beginner butt plugs.
Religious literature carefully stashed amongst my tourist leaflets.
A long curly pube in the bedside cabinet drawer.
The biggest booger I have ever seen in my life wiped on the headboard.

Sorry, this will end in most disgusting things so I’ll stop now.


Pizza box under the bed. Prompted new rule: no food or drinks other than water in the bedroom!

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I have been hosting for two years now. 450 guests. Two apartments. I guess I have been lucky. I have only found a condom behind one of the night stands.

Used clear ear plugs, stuck on the top, back of headboard. If only the guests who marked me down for invisble dust had seen this!

Oh. Em. Gee. My weirdest - and most disgusting - was a used panty liner in my bedside table, but a KNIFE between the mattress and boxspring is 'effing terrifying!

@JohnAndErin - John, was it not even your knife?

Used but appeared clean tampon applicator under the couch. Yuck.
Naked Barbie style doll in bedroom; no children were part of the rental. Yuck.

This one:

A fellow host from my city recently told me that his cleaning service found a handgun in the apartment after that guest has left…

I’m imagining it all being from a slightly confused person

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2 canisters of “medical cannabis” and someone’s driver’s license (NOT the guest’s) were probably the most odd. But we have a laundry basket FULL of bras and underwear. Apparently our guests are not in the least concerned with going commando when they leave.


Part af a bong, it reeked and very unhappy that they indulged inside.

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It was our knife. Missing from the knife block.

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These are great. Keep them coming.

That is an entire cupboard of dried seaweed.


Wow. Some of those are the really good ones!

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I know someone with panic disorder who only felt safe if knives were out of sight.

Ha ha! Yes, if it had all been left by the same guest that would be hilarious! (They must have taken their self-help book with them)

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