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Weirdest Thing Guests Left Behind


A gross looking bong. A 3/4 tub of wedding cake icing, too! (what gives with the icing?). Used condoms thrown in the trash can (thank goodness). Multiple bottles of vitamins and supplements, that belonged to a retired physician. He asked me to mail them back to him. A address book that was years old, found under the bed frame. (yes, I looked thru it).


Haha… That is good. Let’s keep them coming. I have dealt with dogs in
heat (3 times), gallons of cheap vodka (no problem), and a gallon of baked
beans left in the fridge.


Once had a man and his daughter stay. He left the daughter behind and didn’t realise he’d done so.
It was a Mr David Cameron.

(Former British Prime Minister)


No way! Cameron stayed with you? Or are you taking the piss?

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Well, this is part of something that happened when (or shortly before) he was PM. He once left his daughter in a pub and went away without realising it. He was mocked for it all the time.

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That was before we all found out about pig-gate


Damn you’re right! I should’ve said a certain Mr Cameron left his pig behind :pig: :pig:


My first ever Icelandic guests just left me some weird and wonderful presents! 2 bottles of birch ‘Bijork’ liquor and a box of small orange chocolates :)! But that’s nice stuff - I can’t think of anything weird / gross just yet :wink:

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A large pair of earrings. Nothing weird about that except that they were in the bed, perfectly placed as a pair, about halfway down. Impossible for them to slip off in the night, impossible not to notice if you lay on them. I wonder if they were planted to test my honesty or to check if I truly do change the bed after every guest!

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Unused decor items for a wedding, tempur-pedic pillow, air mattress pump, box of chocolates, camp chair, trash bag full of MY refrigerated grocery items including my new box of butter that was made from milk from grass fed cows(basically they threw away everything I kept in the fridge including my stone ground grits - I cried about those), earrings, bullets, ginger beer, pizza on the top shelf in my kitchen cabinet, socks, hot sauce, …


I would cry about the stone ground grits too. Stone ground grits may require much longer cooking time than 5 minute quick grits but the flavor is incredible (you can really taste the corn). YUM.

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Omg what was pig gate? Off to google


Not airbnb but a rental property tenant. Their relationship needed and they moved out. When cleaning we found a box of sex toys. Had a giggle and put them in the bin because you wouldn’t use them with another partner. Hubby was renovating the next day when a mate dropped around so he said have a look at this…and they were gone. One of the girls came back for them. But hey they aren’t cheap.


or they weren’t actually earrings but ‘other rings’ …just saying


Two Haikus she wrote about my room and hospitality


I had an Iranian fella come without his wife (could see from his reviews that he was always traveling with her) and he told me he was coming solo.
He left the wrappings and hard case of a high end butt plug in the kitchen. The KITCHEN!
How nice to know he had some ass play in my house right?
I’m sure it was a mistake to leave that behind :grinning: but still.

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This is not “weird”, per se, but my husband has a growing collection of t-shirts that have been left behind by guests. The most recent one was left behind by a young lady. We are calling it the “walk of shame shirt”. She spent the evening downtown and got a ride home to our place at 6:00AM. I assume the t-shirt she was wearing, clearly a man’s, belonged to her hook-up, and she left it behind when she checked out the next morning.

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A hooka. Yep. In my no smoking home.


A credit card under the settee, must’ve been there a couple of weeks, so I assumed they had cancelled it. (not before I treated myself to new furniture). Half a bottle of gin…YES! A pair of boxers, which I gingerly put in the bin: then the next day they rung up for them.
Only joking about the furniture.


Just now reading this thread. I’m sorry to say that not one interesting thing has been left behind.

I did have an ethnically Chinese couple leave several items in the room’s micro fridge. They were odd and not recognized by me but it seems they were expensive or hard to find because they came back for them. I messaged them and I had to wait 40 minutes for their return. My thanks for alerting them then waiting were 4 stars in 3 categories and a complaint about how the room is smaller than the professionally taken picture shows. Ugh. I will not be informing people about leftover foods in a timely manner again.

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