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WARNING - Be careful with Airbnb Plus - you lose control over your listing!


I’ve tried that a couple of times, too. :frowning:


You reemphasize how so on topic it is to ‘Lose control over your listing!’.

As you wait, and for what its worth, (for me) seeing the outdoor space in your main photo, wouldn’t put me off about checking out your place. There are so few Exterior of the other PLUS properties that it does stand out. And despite the seasonal disparity it actually made me want to check out what is inside which I liked very much, especially since the modern aspects of the outside are very consistent with the interior.



And here’s what happens after we get the garden photos back into the listing for “Garden Retreat…”

Hey Patrick! So excited to be staying in your beautiful apartment! I am a botanical illustrator so the garden completely sold me - looks amazing! Will be staying with my very lovely boyfriend Peter for a little holiday before I go back home to Australia for a few months. It’s my first time to Seattle so would love any recommendations on activities! Really looking forward to meeting you! Thanks so much, Adriana.

Today at 11:18 AM


Still waiting . . . so, I just emailed Brian Chesky with a cc to the Plus team email address. Let’s see if this gets any action.


Noob question… once i accept the invite into Airbnb plus, do I have the option of delisting it? Or is there some clause that requires me to list it for the next 12 months or so?


Not sure if you mean opting out of Plus or Opting out of listing on ABNB. I did not encounter any commitment requirement to stay on ABNBplus. As for staying on PLUS, there is an opt out on the listing edit screen. I’ve not done it, but someone on another topic has (Cancelled our "Plus" status), and said all it required was a survey. A pic of the screen I’m referring to:

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