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WaPo (8.15.20) 9 uniquely remote Airbnbs for a socially distanced getaway

A travel article that describes 9 unique AirBNBs.

For those without access, I’ve cut and pasted the 9 properties.
Which one would you opt for? I’m all in for #9

  1. Underground hygge in a Hobbit house

  2. Stargazing in a converted sheep wagon

  3. An airstream escape near Texas’s Blue Hole Park

  4. 'Purty Yurty’ oasis in Joshua Tree

  5. A (surprisingly romantic) hollowed-out bus

  6. Cottagecore worthy of Taylor Swift

  7. Tiny house paradise in Oregon

  8. Park City’s prettiest treehouse

  9. Solar-only design in the desert

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No air conditioning? Ouch! It’s 105F-110F in Joshua Tree, CA every single day during July & August and it’ll be hotter inside the Yurt than outside when the sun is up.

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#8, treehouse for me

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Hobbit house but the hike might do me in.

I’ve looked at that Hobbit house one before- it was featured at one point not once but twice on Airbnb’s main home page. It actually had tons of bad reviews, saying the walk up from the parking space was treacherously icy in the winter, that it wasn’t well insulated, that the host only provided one threadbare towel per person, among other complaints.

I had a suspicion at the time that the host had some “in” with Airbnb, to make the main page twice. Now when I look at the listing, although I didn’t bother to read through all almost 700 reviews, it almost seems like the host was able to get them removed, as well as the ratings.

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