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Using a fogger is great

I love our new antistatic sprayer aka fogger. Using it makes me fill so much safer and the guests too. I don’t have to wear protection while cleaning and worry about wiping down every single surface. Saves hours of cleaning. We still let the air exchange three hours before going in.


If it sounds too good to be true…


I have no idea what this is? I googled it and just came up with StaticGuard and the like. I don’t think I’d want to fog my home or guest room in lieu of cleaning, however.

IT is not really fogging or getting anything wet. A very, very fine mist, if it could even be called that. Companies are using them everywhere. Airplanes, transport companies. Gyms and spas. There is commercial size installed in restaurant kitchens. Believe me, we did the research before I would trust my health.

Did you mean ANTISEPTIC instead of ANTISTATIC? Because there are a ton of antiseptic foggers out there, but the antistatic isn’t going to kill a virus. Just laundry clinging together. Brand name and info, please. We’re all curious as ozone machines are a big deal on this thread. Thanks.


Absolutely positive of what i meant, I wrote it down while watching the news about the newest Hotel room suggested cleaning procedures. The Brand is Bure. Keep looking and you will find that I am correct.

Bure makes foggers that can be used for many purposes. What is throwing people off is the word “antistatic”, which is not what you use to kill bacteria or virus. That would be antiseptic, antimicrobial, disinfectant, etc.



Thanks for having my back on this @Brian_R170. @Mpatb doesn’t seem to want to understand that stopping static cling isn’t the same as an ANTISEPCTIC fogger.

smh I’m going to find the wine bottle now .


Thank you, you are right they make many different types.

You are right I admitted, the electrostatic spray is different from our fogger. We use hypochlorous acid which would rendered ineffective if it was charged.
I do know what a dryer sheet is, no need to insinuate I am stupid.

I never insinuated you were stupid. You didn’t make yourself clear and then elaborate so the rest of us could understand what type of machine you’re using and searches for your OP didn’t clear it up.

Yes we use hypochlorous acid. A product called Anolyte.

We use them in my other job (dentistry) and I’ve just ordered one for my Airbnb cottage. Where do you buy your hypochlorous acid?

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