US democracy under threat

As you probably recall I taught US Government for decades and my head’s spinning as well. For over 4 years I’ve thought we reached bottom and now, I just don’t know when we will hit. But it will come and some will renounce Trumpism, some will just stay quiet. If Nazi Germany could go back to normal so can we. But there has to be accountability and justice, not just one sided forgiveness.


The House Sergeant-at-Arms has resigned, Schumer says he’ll fire the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms if he doesn’t resign, and Pelosi is officially calling for the Capitol Police chief to resign.

Meanwhile, it makes me want to vomit seeing Trump and all his lackeys who have been inciting exactly this for months now condemning the violence. Who do they think they are fooling? They wanted this. What unbelievably despicable people.
When Hilary referred to the “deplorables”, I thought that it wasn’t okay to call people names like that. But she was absolutely right.


I agree. I think the lack of security was intentional.


I wonder how many of the riotous mob were staying at Airbnbs.
It would be an interesting quandary if I were a DC area host. I think I think I’d block out the dates around this kind of event.


A hotel that has been favored in the past by those types cancelled all their reservations about a week before the riot.


You know, any hosts that recognize their guests in the riot videos should contact the FBI immediately.
The FBI needs help identifying these criminals.

I’ve discussed this with a DC area host concerning the inaugural. I would turn off instant book and have a discussion with anyone who wanted to come during that time. I would not host anyone who wasn’t willing to share personal info with me to a degree that I could verify they were not Trump insurrectionists. There are Biden/Harris supporters with legit reasons to come. There are people with family, still living their lives who might need accommodation. But it would be far easier to just shut down.


I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those rioters are the self same people who have thrown wild parties at Airbnbs and trashed people’s homes. Same yahoo mentality and behavior.

I read today that some of those rioters defecated in the Capitol building, then stepped in it and tracked it all over the place.

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“Hey, police officers,” a man yelled into a bullhorn. “You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history. Stop standing behind this communist bullshit!” Never mind the Blue Lives Matter paraphernalia, anti-police sentiment was commonplace. “The state troopers where I live are assholes,” I’d heard someone complain earlier. “They’re totally fucking our state.” :thinking:

“This is not America,” a woman said to a small group, her voice shaking. She was crying, hysterical. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots.” :man_facepalming:


That is truly terrifying.


Bigoted fools should be jailed.

This is not a forum to post your political views. Just sayin…Please keep on topic. There are other places to do that.

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Please point me to where it states that in the forum FAQs

Please refer to the topic title: US Democracy under threat

If you’re offended skip over topics that clearly are political.

PS I knew you’d be coming so I tried to predict what would be the typical statements.


It’s a forum where adults discuss whatever they choose to. We don’t need some self-appointed mommy to tell us what we can and can’t discuss.

“This forum is dedicated to connecting hosts with other hosts.”
That’s what it says on this forum’s heading. It doesn’t specify what hosts can talk about while they are connecting.


Right above your post there is a system-generated message that reads “It’s been a while since we’ve seen Waterforest — their last post was 8 months ago.” (I don’t know if this is just seen by mods).

Therefore I don’t really see why someone who isn’t a regular at this forum should believe that they have any right whatsoever to come here and tell regular members what they should and should not do.

What an appalling attitude.


As long as you say up front you’re embarrassed to be American, it wont worry us here in New Zealand. We do understand that there are many embarrassed Americans right now.


There is nothing appalling about my attitude, nor does it make a difference how often I visit this site. The POINT is this is not a political site and posts should be about airbnb, hosts or guests. Politics has no place here. If you feel such a strong need to voice your political opinion then go to a forum that is meant for it. There is enough political hatred in the world, please spare us from posting it here.

You don’t think politics affects travel??? Hosts??? Economies??
Over the last 4 years I had many opportunities to travel to the US and chose not to BECAUSE of the political situation. I did not feel safe. If you asked hosts about the change in international guests that slowed to a trickle!


Who has mandated that posts MUST be about Airbnb, hosts or guests? Certainly not you. It might be your opinion but you are in a minority, as shown by the number of members who have posted here.

I have not voiced any political opinion as you will see if you read this thread.

I must re-read this thread myself as I don’t see any “political hatred”. What I do see is a group of friends who communicate daily about a variety of subjects discussing current affairs.

As you object so strongly, I suggest that you simply ignore this thread.


You have most certainly voiced an opinion, but you are doing so in a forum that is not meant for it.