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TP - new rolls required w/ each guest?

I was at the house yesterday assisting w/ laundry when my cleaner said “What should I do w/ the partially used TP rolls?” WHAT?? It never occurred to me that a partially used roll could be seen as unsanitary or riddled w/ virus. Is anyone else ditching open rolls of TP? What about open tissue boxes? We are waiting at least 3 days in between guests.

I provide ample TP, one spare roll per day, per bathroom and the same as a back up in the linen closet. I’m inclined to leave it and if they don’t want to use it, they can replace it w/ a fresh roll. Thoughts?

You need to provide a new roll. Just take the partial roll home for your own personal use. I usually throw away the first few squares.


I bring them home and to my office. I buy wrapped rolls from amazon, so they know they are fresh.


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I put a fresh roll for each new stay and did so before the pandemic. I was mocked on this forum for doing so. I also buy the individually wrapped rolls to make clear to the guest their roll is untouched. I take the partially used rolls to use in my part of the house. I let them sit awhile first so anything on them can die.

As for why, it’s a subliminal message to the guest. The thought of someone sitting on the toilet and using their hands to touch the TP roll that I’m now touching is a little unsettling if you think about it.


This is what I do, too. I was mocked for my pre-Covid cleaning practices. And now look!! everyone is cleaning to my original standards. smdh.

A used roll for new guests? Ick. Fingers that have been places that no one wants to think about… you’re running a rental, not a public bathroom. Ick.


It wouldn’t have occurred to me before reading this forum (thanks @KKC!), but I do this, as well, and have for a long time. I just use the partially-used rolls myself. No waste, and guests feel like everything is clean.


@Ritz3 @KKC Thanks. Ordering new single wrapped rolls now.


Like @KKC, I also have always changed out the used roll; I too take it and use in my home.

However I don’t buy individually wrapped rolls. Each of the Charmin rolls in the bulk package I get at costco are attached / adhered (best way I can describe it) so one has to unseal the roll before using; this provides the confirmation that it is an used roll.

I realize with he pandemic that reducing extra packaging is secondary but we still have a planet to be concerned about after we get past Covid19.


I agree about the planet, and while there may not be a true post pandemic world, it’s worth keeping in mind. (it’s looking like a co-pandemic world right now but fingers crossed) Still, I like the look of the wrapped rolls and it is paper which is recyclable. I recycle some paper in my compost bin myself.

@KarenWV You asked about Kleenex which I meant to address. I wanted to get the smaller boxes and at least rotate them so that anything on that box would have time to die. Also since kleenex are in a box and tend to be pulled out one at a time they don’t seem as icky has toilet rolls that are touched while someone is sitting on the toilet.


I started with the new roll practice in early 2018 and went to individually wrapped rolls about a year ago. The upside to that was when covid hit I had a big box of TP in my garage already and didn’t have to go panic buy any. LOL.

Hopefully when the virus is under control or banished we will have less sickness and death due to improved hygiene.

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Me too. Like everyone else I take the used for personal use. I fold the corners into a triangle on the first roll for new guests. I don’t buy the paper wrapped for environmental concerns, but also, I think it looks a bit institutional.

Kleenex? Hadn’t thought to replace these. They are folded in a box and dispensed through a slit of plastic. I suppose I could rotate boxes though. Mine are relatively expensive, so I’m not willing to throw these out or take for personal use (that would be way too much Kleenex).

Love your bathroom set up @HH_AZ! Looks great and very CLEAN!


Then there’s this. Saw this the other night on the PBS news hour. Covid-19 side effect of secondary antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Scary.

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There is plenty to be worried about.

George Carlin, late comic-prophet said this:

We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks. We’re going away. And we won’t leave much of a trace, either. Maybe a little Styrofoam … The planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet’ll shake us off like a bad case of fleas.


Love George Carlin!

And a lot of plastic.

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I’ve always put out fresh TP rolls for my guests and take the leftovers myself, as it appears almost everyone here does.
I’ve never provided Kleenex, nor have I ever used it myself. It’s just one more thing to buy that takes up space. I’m a minimalist. I don’t see what’s wrong with using tp to blow your nose.

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True! I was so stocked up thanks to my rental unit that I didn’t need to buy TP for months and missed all the panic buying.

Douglas Adams wrote something similar and I’m paraphrasing:: “Mankind is like a psoriosis on the planet. And the planet has forgotten to scratch. Be afraid when she does.”

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It’s time to start stocking up for winter (although I know you don’t have winter you have hurricanes so you are probably stocked). It doesn’t look like anything is going to be done and with so many angrily defying science to insist on kids going back to in person classes and high school sports carrying on, it looks like we will have yet another surge, even worse than the first two since it’s coming from such an elevated level. I was at Costco today and obviously there are still supply chain issues. Pepcid AC (famotidine) is limited to 1 per customer and the Kirkland generic is gone due to anecdotal evidence of it being beneficial to covid patients, particularly compared to omeprezole.

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This is graphic, but…given that people are lazy, if you want boogers on your floor or bedside table, don’t provide Kleenex. If it’s handy by the bed, maybe they’ll think twice and use it and throw it away. Ditto with sperm. Yes, it will also be in the sheets, but maybe less of it.


Oh gross! Never considered that, but mine are in their bathroom.

We have tissue boxes in both places, bedside table and bathroom. Also a trash can not too far away from the bed for the same reason…lazy people won’t walk 10 steps into the bathroom and I’d rather find a used condom in the can than in/on the bedside table. And yes, I open every drawer every time just to be sure nothing is there, clean or used.

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