Top ranked Airbnb's across the US

Ok, no need to be shy, if you’re one of these just hold your hand up :rofl: as i’m sure I recognise one of them, from the listing being posted on here for some reason.



I know we have hosts who have all 5 star reviews but I don’t know that they have over 100 reviews. I don’t think any of our regular posters are on this list, but maybe a lurker is. I’m always reminded of the many lurkers we have when someone posts a link and you see how many people click on it. 40 will look at it but only 4 will comment.

I checked out the NM one because I will be in New Mexico and Colorado in Sept and it’s 4.99 not a perfect 5. I’d like to go back and look at more of them. Edit: the NV one is 4.94.

I found it interesting how modest many of them looked, meaning not slick, not fancy. Some had lead pictures that people here would criticize. I also note that many don’t seem to be entire places or if they are, they are quite small. The bigger the place, the harder to have everything perfect I imagine.


I think it’s interesting that the criteria they used only required 5* in cleanliness, communication and checkin. This tells me even they know the location and value categories are bs.


Ah, so that explains the 4.9 something averages. I missed that.

Of course they know. I wonder how many calls their field from new hosts about that?

I think that they’re really worth browsing for ideas. This Murphy bed from St. Louis MO started my mental wheels turning for remodeling ideas.

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i think u bring up some good points

its also cultural - not sure if all of these would work in Europe or other countries.

also is the aim to have 5 stars or to have a good business - i.e. higher price point and more bookings - some are lovely but some i wouldnt stay in …even if 5 stars…

as we say - ‘in taste and colours there are no friends’ )

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Here’s one. Genius. The desk is the center bed support

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The one in South Carolina is on a large barrier island / Tidal swamp area close to Charleston. I like that area.

Close enough to Charleston to go to & enjoy.

Gloriously touristy things like amusement parks, go cart tracks, mini-golf, & Restaurants like Margaritaville, Dinoland & LulusFar are only 90 minutes away.

However far enough from both it is enough out to be calmer.

Interesting it is not directly in the middle of everything but made the cut.

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The aim of the article is clickbait. The aim of Airbnb making up the list is free publicity.

My aim is to provide the best service I can while also getting the kind of bookings that work with my lifestyle. For me, as an example, that means I love one night bookings. Most hosts do not. I have 4.98 star average and I don’t find it to be difficult. I also don’t cater to the tourist trade. People are not coming here and having their anniversary trip “ruined” by a clogged toilet. No one will book my place for a party. I just don’t have the problems that vacation rental hosts do.


Great thread.

This is a good way to get ideas for your airbnb… and see the sorts of things that work.

It’s always interesting reading the house rules of different hosts

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What really hit me about the one I posted is that you can leave stuff on the desk top and it will stay there since the support swivels so the desk top stays level.

One of my rooms would be much nicer with a Murphy bed, especially since remodeling to add bathrooms would change door locations that now work for a queen bed, but would be a problem unless a bed that size can fold up.

But I loved the eye candy. Let’s face it, all of us are trying to make our bookings into clickbait. Clicks on instant bookings.

I just applied for a job where a good percentage of my time will be spent trying to clickbait an online shopping site.

Shopify, here I come…

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I don’t think it is. It may or may not need to be folded down to use the bed though.

I’ve seen a few wall beds with that feature. They aren’t cheap though. Also, if you get a wall bed, keep an eye on type of mattress and thickness. A Purple mattress, for example, isn’t recommended for a wall bed. Some mattresses are too thick as well.

I honestly don’t like the idea of a Murphy bed or wall bed. To me it’s as impractical as a sofa bed or a futon. I realize it’s useful for small spaces. Just not for me.

I greatly prefer a room that’s big enough for a permanent bed and whatever else it needs to contain.

As a guest, I wouldn’t book a location that didn’t have a permanent bed.

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Here ya go………………….


Sadly I didn’t make that cut - I guess…. Lol


WHAT??? Where is Tiny Tiki on THAT LIST


Yeah and the host who did get the spotlight doesn’t have as many reviews as you do. It’s funny that they say only 310 hosts are on the list but it has to be far more than that. One would think they would want to highlight that they have MANY hosts who meet this high standard instead of it being .5%. Maybe this is the brainchild of an unpaid intern.

I also have perfect 5s in the three categories mentioned and I have 622 reviews for an average of 4.98. The TX winner has 4.98 across 366.

I’m used to Airbnb bull :poop:ing in their promo materials and this article is no exception.

I see you’ve had trouble with guests bringing unpaid guests onto your property and then eating all of your breakfast food. Has this happened again since you added the rules?


I agree that there are probably many more that should’ve made the cut but didn’t. Regarding the questions on extra guests and food consumption. I really have very few that bring extra guests without paying, but it happens…. and I added the note about the food supplies after I had someone completely wipe it out. I leave a LOT so there are choices, and once in a while someone would take quite a lot for road trip snacks and such. Most of the time I felt it evened out because some guests don’t use any at all, but after the total wipeout by 2 guests staying one night I felt I needed to make it clear that just because I leave it available for choice- doesn’t mean it’s ALL for just them. I want my guests to leave feeling well cared for- eat well! but not to take more than they can eat for breakfast. All in all, my hosting experience has been very positive and I am thankful. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Here is my Murphy bed…love it as do my guests