Too many Rules? Your rental will be a TikTok

I interesting story about too many rules. The video is on TikTok.

Let’s try this one


That’s pretty funny and awful at the same time. I think I’d do things backwards just because… Some things are nice to know, but seriously… OTT.

Have to download an app to read that article.

I understand about her detailed instructions about the remote. My cable remote is tough to use if the TV & cable box get out of sync.

Best thing ever—Netflix on channel 2001 Spectrum. I have smart TVs but the only streaming service I pay for the condos is Netflix. No more figuring out two remotes.

If they want Amazon prime or Disneyplus or Spotify the Vizio remote is there. Because they are experienced streamers, rarely do they call for guidance

Opps NewsBreak is my Apple newsfeed. I didn’t think of it being a separate app. For now the summary is pretty good. I’ll see if I can post a no -app story link

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I wonder if the listing photos showed all of those ugly signs. If not, 1-star for accuracy.

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See if this works

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It worked for me without an app. I think you may have unleashed the wrath of the app gods :rofl:


All the positive comments were left by Airbnb hosts with too many rules.


Alternate titles that didn’t make it to press:

  • Watch an Airbnb Host Lose Their Feckin Mind
  • Why Some People Shouldn’t Share Their Spaces
  • Short Term Rentals for Control Freaks
  • When Opening a Shower Curtain Really Matters

Maybe because my IP address is in Mexico.

@Brian_R170 Thanks. That worked.

Well, I would say this host has likely had guests misuse or be clueless about a lot of this stuff, but she’s likely also OCD and a bit nuts (why would you have glasses in an Airbnb you didn’t want someone to drink water out of? Why does the shower curtain need to be pushed back only to one side?) and also hasn’t considered, or doesn’t care, how these notes everywhere are off-putting.

Of course the young tiktoker would find the details of how to use the remote to be ridiculous and unnecessary- she’d probably be shocked to find out there was a time when people actually had to get up and change the channel or adjust the volume manually, and that there are still people alive who remember those days quite clearly, but personally, I would appreciate those particular instructions.

I wonder what that host would think about the fact that I have no rules and only one note in the bathroom re flushing stuff and not wasting water, as I am on a private septic and have a limited water supply. And that I couldn’t care less whether a guest uses the cup I put in their bathroom for their toothbrush to drink water out of.

Or how it negatively affects Airbnb as a brand and the Community as a whole. I’m a little surprised that Airbnb doesn’t set limits on house rules.

There’s a host near me with a huge diatribe of house rules (and fines) that gets reviews that mentions them and then…she responds defensively and threatens to add more (!) :grimacing:

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Maybe there should be a section of the Airbnb platform that matches OCD guests (you know, the ones who pull the fridge out within 3 minutes of arrival to check whether anyone cleaned behind it) with OCD hosts.


I do like the fact that the guest responded to a lot of the negative comments, "Tiffany later told people to “lighten up,” adding: “This is intended to be funny, I am not upset, I am not talking badly about her and do not harm her! Please!”


This is making me laugh so hard if only because of the guest I had who checked out today. I have had one or two people who can’t figure out how the smart lock works so I put labels on it and walk people through it with photos on the Airbnb check in guide. Press here, then enter your code … two stickers on the actual door. But what I didn’t put on my door is a third sign that says ‘now to open the door, push down on the latch and push the door open’ because, well, that’s akin to saying ‘turn the knob to unlatch the door before pushing it open’ and this girl could NOT figure it out. I got notifications that the deadbolt was opening then closing then opening then closing … I have never seen anything like it. She came in and out a few times yesterday and today and could never figure it out (her girlfriend opened it for her every time) You just can’t make this stuff up ! So yes I have more signs everywhere than most people would need, because there is one in every crowd !


I’m thinking
“Home of 1001 unenforceable rules”:rofl::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There’s something psychological that happens with people like this. Once they can’t figure out how to do it the first time, it’s like their brain tells them “This is really difficult and confusing” and that thought gets stuck there.

I encountered this with a dear friend of mine who came to stay with her partner. My door locks are admittedly different from what she is used to in Canada, but the door lock to their room (an outside door), is actually quite simple- you just turn the key to the right, hold it in that position and push the door open.

She could never manage it, and one day we were all sitting at the dining table when she said with a sigh, “Okay, I’m going to go up to the room to have a little nap. I know I won’t be able to open the door and will have to call you or Henry to do it, I feel so stupid.”

I said, “I don’t consider you stupid and it doesn’t bother me at all to come open it for you. How about you, Henry?”
“No, I don’t mind or think you’re stupid, of course not.”

Then I asked her, “So when you walk up the outside staircase to go to the room, are you usually thinking about how you’re not going to be able to open it and will have to ask for help?”

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking!”

“Okay, well how about this time, as you are going up, look around at the garden and the birds, all those nature things you love, and just enjoy that, and think pleasant thoughts, and put the door lock out of your mind, because now you know that neither I nor Henry mind opening it for you nor think you’re stupid because you find it difficult.”

So she proceeded up the stairs, doing what I had suggested, and the next thing we heard was, " I did it! It wasn’t hard at all!"


I love that story, as I am that woman. And, yes, once I have done something “wrong”, that is super-easy or obvious to others, I behave like someone whose tires get stuck in the mud - keep spinning and sinking deeper!

Family history &psychology explain it, but the best remedy is exactly what you describe here: take my foot off the gas & breathe.

Re: the “house of 1001 instructions”, however, I wouldn’t sleep until I had turned or covered every placard.


I do the remote diagram and also one about the space heater. One person’s balanced communication is another person’s overload. This one is pretty funny.


When I started and found out how stupid people were I left signs and labels what were in the closets and drawers. I got feedback that folks didn’t like that nor all of my rules. (The rules grew as guests did stupid or illegal things).

Eventually, I listed my rules in my listing but put in a disclaimer that most of these rules are common sense.

I regards to instructions, I just have the how to use the remotes and switch from over the air and Roku and how to use the shower (but discreetly behind the clock peaking up).

I took off all the drawer and closet labels. IMHO guests want to relax in our STR not feel like they are being schooled.

I have a much better outcome now but I still can’t seem to get folks to hand up their wet towels on the hooks in the bathroom. (I leave it in the checkout message). How are these folks raised?

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