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To the many readers - the petty princess wants to stay again!


But they have now disabled the blocking feature. It’s no longer possible to block other users.


I blocked someone as recently as a month ago but when I’ve tried to find the menu to direct someone else to it, it wasn’t there. It will be irritating as hell to have to cancel on someone who I could have blocked from booking


Gosh, I hope I never have to worry about this. Sounds like it’s rare.


I have canceled two reservations and blocked both of those people afterwords. I’ve blocked another one or two people whose bookings were completed but I don’t want them to stay again. There are a couple more I blocked after their inquiry. I think that’s it out of 500+/4 years however, I also didn’t learn how to block until a year or so ago. @Como pointed out it was an option under the report function. I can only guess that now that so many hosts are using it Airbnb got complaints from guests so now they’ve removed it? I’m not sure if it’s completely gone or only there in certain circumstances.


It’s gone. I can only report a user and the reasons are very limited. If it’s something other than the Airbnb choices you have to send a detailed message. Makes it harder on hosts.


Does the “report a user” on the profile and the teal “report” on a message thread give the same options? A month ago when I blocked someone the block option wasn’t there and then I messaged airbnb about it and they replied and then the option appeared. I don’t know if they went in and changed something to give me the option or it didn’t appear until I cancelled the reservation.

I haven’t had another cause to use it and I don’t want to accidentally report someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. I think I already did that once…eeeee.


If it were me, I would not take the chance of getting a less than 5 star review from her again as it might affect future bookings. I would definitely deny her.


Is that like the Do Not Resuscitate list? :wink:


Thank you, but as a direct booking she can’t review me.


What a wonderful situation to be in! I would be very wary but in the end would make a financial not an emotional decision (I think…) Like that she can’t review you if you book direct but as you met her thru Airbnb I would only do the booking thru Airbnb. BUT… I would ping her on the price…


Had blocked her on Airbnb, when blocking was available :slightly_frowning_face:, I have the largest houses in town and she then tried to book on another platform that was simple to cancel as the dates were all ready taken. I will keep everyone updated when we have a conversation at the end of the month.
She will have to pay my best price in full and in advance and as this is a direct booking I really don’t care what she says because the only other place in town is a trailer park and Miss Petty Princess wouldn’t be seen dead there! And she knows I will have no problem renting them out as this is the biggest weekend of the year.


@Mary - Why would you only do the booking through AirBnB? People have rented out their homes for years and years without the help of “Big Brother AirBnB”.

I suggest to repeat guests that they book directly with us - I raise my price a bit compared to my AirBnB rates, but they still save money. I make more but they pay less. It’s a good old-fashioned win-win!


And no review! Wooo hoooo


Up the price to recoup your loss from last booking.


Hell to the no, to the no-no-nohhhh!


Hell No…sooo sad!,


My view is if we meet a guest through Airbnb it’s not ethical to then book them outside the system. I am not opposed to outside bookings but I do respect sources…


I think most hosts and guests would feel it perfectly ethical to book directly after an initial booking with Airbnb.

Airbnb is paid a commission for the booking it introduces to the host.

If the guest decides to stay again it is because of the service the hosts provides and the quality of the accommodation provided.


@Mary -
I’m with Helsi. AirBnB is a service provider, not a friend whose feelings I want to protect. This is business - if I get value from the services they provide, I pay for them. If not, I don’t.

AirBnB provides me advertising - to make the introduction. For the initial booking, it provides the guest protection in case my listing is not as advertised - and free cancellation if they have (or claim) an extenuating circumstance. It also provides both parties a little leverage on making the other behave with the threat (or reward) of the review system.

After the first stay, I don’t need the advertising, and I probably don’t need the leverage of the review to have them behave (or I would not want them back). The guest is the one that gets the most value out of the AirBnB booking for the repeat - they still get the trip cancellation insurance that they would otherwise have to go out and buy. But most of them won’t even think about that - they’ll just look at the price and see it is lower.


be polite but short - say
thankyou for your enquiry - as we established on your first guest stay here - we are not the right place for you - can I recommend x y hotel in the area that are better suited to accommodate your requirements - good luck with your search and have a lovely trip

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