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To the many readers - the petty princess wants to stay again!


So you could rent to your Asian following instead of the petty princess? And also for high prime rates? Then go with the former if that is the case. Forget one large group…easiest to rent to separate parties.


It I decide to rent to her group she will pay up front for the entire stay at the end of this month. Otherwise she can try elsewhere.
I am waiting to see how she responds to my remembering her review.
Not on trip advisor yet…or google business


I’d still take the Asian followers if they are willing to pay the same price you charge Ms. Princess. All of my guests pay 100% upfront. The only site they don’t is on Booking. com…but I book so last minute anyway…they basically do to. I don’t mess around with split payments etc. Once my dates are taken off the market, they are taken off the market. Guests pay 100%. If they don’t purchase trip insurance, then I will refund only if I can re-rent to another set of guests.


If you were to book her and her associates, my concern would be that she would be the points person between you and them.

Therefore it’s potentially Miss Nit Pick x 3, with her dumping every real or imagined threat directly in your lap.

Life is short.



The Jacaranda Festival?


Yes - the Jacaranda festival. The Asian tourists who visit have absolutely no interest in the festival- they come just for the trees and last years that I have been hosting I was busy from the first flowering towhen the blossoms dropped


My only concern is that this PITA guest thinks that by making a direct booking she will be getting a discount and that if you put price up then she will report you to Airbnb. Why don’t you put your Air prices up now and then explain to her that’s the automatic increase due to high demand in the area and she will also incur a 10% fee for contract prep and additional insurance as she requested a direct booking.

I would also state that you are pleased but surprised to her from her after you generously extended yourself last time with child, early checkin etc and she left you your only ever 4 star review and complained about a leaf. There is nothing wrong with direct and respectful feedback. Better now than after she checks in and starts complaining. If she can’t accept your feedback, she won’t book.


Edited: Would you mind reviewing how you blocked her – was it the thumbs down before you hit submit a review, or did you do it afterwards? I recently had a couple and while they were really fine, their personality just got on my nerves and I thought I’d really not like to have them again. I edited this because I found where I can block them afterwards but think I read they’ll know that I did. Is that correct? I’d rather them just not see the property and not be informed as they weren’t awful, just not my cup of tea. Talked waaaaaay to much. I use instant book so I can’t prevent them from booking again.


How do you block? I need to block a nasty Canadian Superho who trashed me right left front and center after being nice to my face and proclaiming she was easy going.


There you go @konacoconutz



Wow that is amazing. Never knew it was on the international map


Usually with direct bookings I take off the AirBnB fee. And if they are regulars a bit more. Money is money and it is not like she trashed your home, except in the review. And she can’t leave a review. If I needed the money, and I always do, I’d accept her booking at the AirBnB price less 5% discount. But if you think you can easily get an alternate booking then give her the flick. If she asks why then say politely “based on your previous review I feel my place is not right for you.”


There will be no discount! Why would I short myself when I know this will be booked no matter what.


Why would she report her to AirBnB? AirBnB has nothing to do with this, the initial contact for this booking was not trough AirBnB but trough another website.


Because you are not supposed to do bookings outside of Airbnb for Airbnb clients is my understanding. Calm down @Chris I’m just trying to help


That is not true.
There is no such thing as an “AirBnB client”.

If a guests sends an inquiry or booking requests, AirBnB does not like it when you lead the guest outside to a direct booking. But for a returning guest, AirBnB cannot force you to use their platform again. They do not own you or the guest.

Even for the initial booking, the guests is allowed to do what they want. If they send their initial inquiry through AirBnB but finds that you have better rates on bookingdotcom. AirBnB cannot force you or your guest to still book trough AirBnB.

Do you always go to the same grocery store? What would you think of when the owner of the store told you that once you buy milk in their store, you are not to buy milk anywhere else for your whole life…


The inquiry was from another site. No Air contact at all for this trip


Perhaps bollocks is what you mean :grin:


Perhaps. Where is auto-correct when I need it? :flushed:


I’m with Joan ! Love it

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