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To the many readers - the petty princess wants to stay again!


What would you do?
I had a petty princess stay via Airbnb, she dinged me on cleanliness - a leaf under a door
Price - she got a discount
She had a young child that I allowed to stay
She got early check in
She moaned about the age of a Heritage listed home and said it needed complete refurbishment.
She ruined complete 5 stars reviews.
Well guess who has a wedding in town on the biggest weekend of the year!
Guess who can’t fibd anywhere to stay?
She wants to make a direct booking for 2 of my other properties…
What would you do…? :grin:


Not a tough choice, not in my humble opinion. What a b**ch. Deny!


PS. WOW. The “bullocks” on this one! :sunglasses:
Did I use it right? Bullocks?


I would charge such an outrageous price that even if she stays you’ll be happy :smiley:


And you even have to ask @Debthecat :slight_smile:

I would take great pleasure in letting her know that as her feedback back for her previous stay outlined the many ways in which my 5 star properties didn’t meet her needs, that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate her request as my places are obviously not be a good fit for her.

Personally I wouldn’t have her stay at any price. I’m sure you’ll soon be booked with much nicer, appreciative guests.


I would be very tempted to run her lousy, nit picking, ignorant review back past her and then ask what she would do in these circumstances. If she misses the point, I would then send her a Special Offer of a stratospheric nature.

I would also enjoy doing so very much!


Since she is booking directly, she can’t leave a review on AirBnB. If you aren’t listed anywhere else, then she can’t leave a review anywhere.

I’d raise the price to the point I’d put up with her pettiness, then point out that you still can’t control a leaf blowing under the door, etc. Oh, and charge a high security deposit. All that will probably scare her off. If not, you’ll have a bundle of cash to compensate for putting up with her.


I would accept her, at a good rate.
She complained, but now she knows what to expect.

And now you know what to expect, the other guest guest could better, but also be worse.

She cannot leave a review on AirBnB if it is a direct booking, so you do not have to worry about that.
And since it is not trough AirBnB you can ask for an downpayment and a deposit, get 10% more income and no AirBnB policies if she decides to cancel last minute.


I’m not into tit for tat game playing so I would offer her the chance to book but no discount or early check in or any other special treatment or concessions. She would have to sign a contract and provide a non-refundable deposit before I would hold the space for her. The only benefit for her booking direct would be the savings of Airbnb (or other booking site) fees.


Plus the benefit to the host that she will not leave a review.



Hilarious, she has reminded me how great her stay was during her last visit.
My response- ahhh yes, you were here for your grandmother, I remember your review.

The places she wants to rent are new to the market, which is why they have available dates. There is nowhere else in town for a group of her size.
Everything is booked out.


@Debthecat - “ahhh yes, you were here for your grandmother, I remember your review.” [I would have added: “It was the first and only 4 star review I received among all 5 stars.”]

So what’re you going to do?


Haven’t decided what to charge yet…doing sums. The other side of the coin is that this is my best income with Asian guests…


The power is in your hands!
When you decide on your final figure…add another 10%. Oh, and take a security deposit as well, just to cover any possible disrespecting of your property. :laughing:

[Sorry…it’s my evil twin talking cuz’ I’ve got a miserable cold.]


I’m with @Helsi. I have a personal policy that if I couldn’t give the guest an overall 5* stay the first time, then I won’t be able to in future times since our hosting practices are fairly consistent. I’ve only gotten 2 reviews that weren’t 5* and those folks are now on my Do Not Accept list.


Confused. Do you not have any rates listed yet?

I would let her know that you feel you cannot meet her expectations…due to the last review about the leaf under the door and whatever other things you want to mention. And it concerns you to accommodate her entire group, as you may also not be able to live up to their expectations. If she says all was really great and does a half way apology or something, then I’d accept it…unless I felt like I could easily book all properties with others. Sometimes you can turn a petty guest into a grateful guest who is now on their best behavior.


I had blocked her in n Airbnb. She came thru a booking site I rarely hear from wanting a particular property that was all ready booked, told her unavailable, asked if i had anything else… took a bit, but her name rang a bell.
She hasn’t seen the prices as I had the dates blocked as I don’t release them until late


OK…rethinking this then. If you actually blocked her on Airbnb…then maybe not. Or was that just due to the review?

If you decide to go for it, then yes…jack the rates up high. Let her know that you were disappointed with the 4 star review after allowing her early check in, making an exception for the kid, etc. And you do not feel you can meet her expectations…especially with a large group. Then let her come back to say something. If she doesn’t reply back then good riddens. If she does reply back, then she knows you are calling the shots. Although of course she can leave a review on TA or your Google business listing…if you have either.

My concern would be dealing with her alone. I would want each group to book directly with me for each home.


What does this mean above? Does that mean that a lot of the group can turn into repeats??


We have a huge floral festival at this time and I am solidly booked for a month everywhere. I have a Asian following for my properties and I make a good income at this time. I will have no problem letting for prime rates.

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