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Thoughts on Trundle Beds?

Hi all,

I have a five-bedroom beach house I’m just starting to rent out. We inherited the home furnished but are making some changes. We assume we will be renting to families who travel with one another (2-3 adult couples and their kids), so are trying to maximize bed space without making it ridiculous.

The two upstairs bedrooms will both have queen-sized beds. We have those beds already.

The three downstairs bedrooms have a total of five twin beds (2, 2, and 1 per room). Two of those twin beds are just camp cots, so we are getting rid of those and getting a full, which can fit a couple OR two kids.

In the smallest room, we are thinking of taking one of the camp cot mattresses and putting it on a trundle (under the existing twin bed, which does have space underneath). The room could handle two twin beds if one tucked away on a trundle but would be too tight with two permanent full beds.

Since we already have frames and mattresses, we are wondering about just getting something like this. https://www.roomandboard.com/m/catalog/kids/randb-kids-mattresses/randb-trundle-mattress/782802?articleNumber=782802&productGroup=19753&Camp=gshop_kids_randbkidsmattresses&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_c2pqsea5QIVhaDsCh1-BQq7EAQYASABEgIvYvD_BwE

It’s hardly high end, but we assume the trundle would just be for those who would love the place… if it just had one more bed.

We also have a convertible sofa in the den that turns into a queen. So we are talking about the difference between sleeping 11 or 12 in beds.

Is it worth it, or does this look cheap/crappy, like we are just cramming in beds to up the number of people? I don’t want to be one of those listings that’s like “One bedroom apartment, sleeps 8”


Since you already have the mattresses I think buying a trundle would be a good investment and offers another option to guests. I know I’d prefer a trundle bed to most pull-out couches.


I’ve read guest reviews with complaints about trundle beds. One problem is that many trundles aren’t really for adults but there isn’t a way to specify that except in the listing text, which guests will miss. Also, make sure whatever you buy is both sturdy and intuitive to use. If bunk beds are an option, they are also something to consider, but of course, they come with their own set of problems.

I’ve read complaints about double (full) beds as well, so if you can reasonably fit a queen bed instead of a full, do it.

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Just be careful because with all those beds you might be attracting party people and not families.


Hi Mallory - I have a day bed with a trundle and a twin bed with a trundle - both in my personal homes, not my STR. They are a PITA. We have rarely used them, but each time we pull them out the mattress gets hung up on the bed frame. Both of mine are on carpet, if yours aren’t, I would be concerned with scratching your floors with the wheels. Also check the dimensions, a trundle doesn’t fit under all twin beds. Both of our beds were marketed as trundle beds.

Another issue - Although the corners appear smooth, I have scratched my ankles because the metal edges are exposed.

Is it possible to buy a nice twin air mattress? I have an Aerobed that is a raised height equivalent to a standard bed. I’m not sure if that could be advertised as a bed, but may get you to your “sleeps12” goal. Good luck!


Thanks for this tip, Karen. Part of the reason I’m looking at a trundle is because I already have the thin-ish twin mattresses I’m planning to swap for a full bed, so it’s a way to get creative with what I have while also upgrading the space. I think we may add an air mattress down the line, just so folks have it as an option, but right now we are really just trying to figure out the permanent furniture.

Your advice on trundles being a PITA is also useful. I had looked at a few that involved stacking two mattresses when it’s a single and then sliding one onto the trundle, and I knew nobody was going to want to hassle with that. I’m hoping a simple slide trundle won’t be that hard to manage, but I’ll definitely keep your thoughts about floor scratching and if it’ll even fit in mind as we move forward.

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We have a bunk room with 2 sets of bunk beds, and a trundle that pulls out from under one of them (but does not pop up like some trundles). In 2 years, zero complaints. The sofa bed has caused us FAR more headaches- people cannot put it back correctly and it was a PITA to replace.
For the record, our trundle is rarely used by kids. More often used by adults cramming a bunch of people in during ski season.

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If you add a trundle, I suggest this: Take a picture of the room with the trundle set up. And add a label in the picture—not just in the caption—that points to it and says “Trundle Bed.”

I know that too many guests don’t read. I sincerely hope they look at pictures. And read up to two words.

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Thanks for the advice! Our pull-out couch is a model from IKEA that kind of hybridizes sofa bed and futon, so it is pretty easy to pull out and put back… not sure if you’re in the market but this is the one I have: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/friheten-sleeper-sectional-3-seat-w-storage-skiftebo-dark-gray-s69216757/

This is great advice. Thanks!


Unfortunately folks don’t seem to read all the details or even look at pictures! I have a daybed with trundle pullout that I have explained in detail in my description and still have guests that claim they did not know. It’s a second room so generally does not get used…thankfully.

No, I do not think it is worth it. It may seem like a good idea to maximize the space but in the end you will make as much with a max of 6 or 8 people. I would not want to make 12 beds either, and I really hope you have 3 or 4 bathrooms if you plan on having so many people in the house.

More people, more mess, more wear and tear, more laundry and I doubt more money because charging by the person is off putting to many.


This is an interesting point. I’ve been told that based on the size/location of the property, if I rent weekly during the rental season I can command $5,000 a week ($715/night). I’m emotionally uncomfortable charging that much to be honest, even if it is what I can get, so I think I’m trying to imaging people filling this house with multiple families together or large groups of friends so that I don’t only feel like I’m renting to the super wealthy… but for one more bed, this might be kind of ridiculous reasoning, as it’s not definite I’ll ever fill all those beds.

The house has five bedrooms, two bathrooms. It has a huge living room, separate den/rec room, and significant yard space/outdoor furniture. It also has an outdoor shower which is good for after the beach or lagoon. The place can easily handle 10-12 people without feeling over crowded, but you’re right about cost going up regarding replacing items that get used more heavily.

If I’m uncomfortable charging what I’ve been told I should ask, I guess I can just drop the price and hope to get smaller (8-10) groups of people.

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