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They snuck an extra guest in late at night...the jerks!


It’s impossible to police language unless you’re in a dictatorship. Franco did a pretty good job of standardising Spanish spelling. No point in expecting English to be in any way standard as it’s a product of so many invasions. For the rest of us it’s an organic process of which forms people like to USE. So if you like sneaked then sneak it into the conversation regularly, and before you know it that version will have snuck into general use.


Yikes. Mind you, I’ve had guests from New York who have told me that our laundry is cheaper than the ones they have in their apartment building so they see ours as being a bargain.


well that’s why they are called irregular verbs. “I done at his place several times. Done what? Done, dined, you fool!”


Hello from beautiful Montana, Your review sounds just fine. I think that they cannot see what you have written until they have submitted their review, or is it the other way around?

For some young people, they idea of “pulling one over on the host” is kind of a fun thing to do. They probably had the extra $30 but thought it would be fun to try to get away with it.

You did an excellent job on the review.

Thanks for being you! Fondly, Judy Helm Wright—Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman


Thank you for drilling down into what really matters on this issue, @Allison_H : upholding some baseline standards of trust/honesty. In any community of people or business marketplace, ethical standards that aren’t upheld will deteriorate into a “Wild West” environment. I very much appreciate when other hosts take leadership in upholding the expectation of honesty (and other standards) in the Airbnb Community. So, thank you, @Allison_H and the other hosts who shared that they directly address the dishonesty when it happens. I do, too, and for the same reasons. There is also some ineffable, but powerful and cumulative, impact on my personal well-being when I let people get away with deceiving or otherwise dehumanizing me and I don’t address it. I don’t say that last part to guests who try to sneak in extra guests. I keep it straightforward, like you did. But here in Host Land, I’ll say there is a cumulative cost of repeatedly absorbing disrespect. It’s part of my self-care to grow my skills in being proactive, timely, direct, and non-judgmental in setting boundaries with guests who try to exploit me. I used to say in my listing “The extra person fee is $25 when arranged in advance. Last minute or secret additions are $50/person.” Haha. I can’t remember why I deleted that, but I haven’t had the problem in a very long time. I do ask each person who books how many people will join them, even though they’ve already said so in the guest count, and I’ve twice recently had someone reply “2” when they registered “1.” So I issued a change request and they paid the difference without complaint.


@RootsEatery. Dear Guest, In the Airbnb community, we are inviting strangers into our homes. This makes mutual trust and honesty a key part of our ethical standards. When guests misrepresent the number in their party or the presence of pets, as you did, it erodes that community of trust. That is why I have disclosed this to other hosts in your review and issued a resolution request for the cost of the extra guest and an impact fee for the dogs. Extra Guest Fee $25; Dog Fees $25 each; Total $100. Please help us preserve the mutual trust and dignity between Airbnb hosts and guests by being honest about your planned use of our homes. Thank you, Host


Thanks @AmyB! This is it exactly.


Perfectly stated @AmyB! I wish every host remembered this! :slight_smile:


Exactly, Amy. Guest tried to sneak in THREE children(I don’t allow children) and FIVE ADULTS (I only allow four, one extra is 25.00 per night) and didn’t want to pay the extra per person overage. She tried to get EIGHT people into a place with only two queen beds!


Hey Allison
Where is your listing?
I’m coming for a piss up :slight_smile:


So first off: I think you have to take the emotion and subjectivity out of the messages. I mean as a host you must expect 80% of people are honest and the remaining 20% - don’t take it personally.

No guest will ever understand that an extra guest costs more to the host. You have 4 walls what does it matter? Well
I’ll tell you we encourage retired couples for a reason: less electricity water damage annoyance to neighbors noise problems etc etc I could go on for hours.

So thirdly: stand by your extra guest fee, force Airbnb to claim it if you catch the people i. The act, advert Airbnb to thro them out of over your capacity during their stay. Neutrally non emotionally and objectively.


As another host of people entering the place I live, thank you for calling out someone who was dishonest. In pre-arrival contact, you were very clear about who was coming, a simple numeric concept. If they lied about that, they may be slippery about other issues. Please let future hosts know of this.


There are different ways to let other hosts know. I totally understand not wanting the hassle of a direct conflict with a negative review. Stay super objective and try to alert others with detailed comments. Explain what happened in neutral terms so that the next host can at least see the history of the person and use it with Airbnb support.


I don’t understand how there is any direct conflict when leaving a negative review. The Guests are long gone.


Sorry, Bunny, but this host has an obligation to herself and other hosts.

If, for example, a guest smokes, I run the risk of an asthma attack. And a major cleaning. I really don’t need them claiming that rules are negotiable.


What’s a piss up? I don’t know this turn of phrase :joy: Not sure if I should warn the pubs or invest in waterproof sheets.

My listing is in beautiful Traverse City. You definitely don’t want to come before late May, when things finally thaw out!


Hmm - still can’t help thinking that hosts have the absolute right to know who is coming into their home ahead of time. There’s lotys of single and vulnerable people hosting.


An Aussie term for a group of mates getting drunk, raucous, and maudlin together!


Aussies borrowed that from the Canadians.


There are also tons of hosts who aren’t in or at the listing at all, they are miles or continents away. And even if they are on the property that doesn’t make them vulnerable, per se. I don’t disagree with you about the absolute right of the host regarding their home. Since Airbnb is pursuing a booking model that is like that of hotels I expect hosts will have to adapt.

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