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They snuck an extra guest in late at night...the jerks!


So true.

Extra guests do not use more loo paper, paper towels etc. because I simply supply only enough for two people. Our apartments have only one TV too and I only supply a limited amount of toiletries. And no dishwasher! :wink:

Also the laundry facilities are coin-operated. So I’m still trying to work out how additional guest truly cost us more. Maybe they do though?


For a place that only “holds” two it’s a bit different calculation.

Though you say you only “supply” enough for two, I don’t get that. Loo paper for example. If they run out you just say “well, it’s that extra?” You leave three rolls for a week and normally two are used but with the extra three are used. They all use the same towel and sleep on the sofa with no sheets. Ok.

You’re probably right, a third or fourth person probably doesn’t cost you more. And watching 4 or 5 people go into the rental with their airbed wouldn’t happen because you’d be out there asking them what’s up.


The one that’s already there (maybe a 75% full roll) plus two extras in the bathroom closet - regardless of the length of stay.

Me too. Exactly the same.

Guests are renting self-catering accommodation - they are lucky to get multiple loo rolls, cleaning materials etc. Self catering to me means that you go to the grocery store and stock up!


I wonder if this expectation will change with the new Airbnb standards. TP has to be supplied, will a limit on the amount be accepted?

You and I seem to be largely immune from the problems others have had with nit-picky guests but I do sense a change in the guest. So far, working in my favor but for how long?


True and my answer might be an unpopular one. I believe that the host has to be very strong and in charge. (The phrase ‘takes no shit’ comes to mind!)

I think that you are like that @KKC - you are strong and have your own beliefs and routines. I’d love to think that I’m the same. It’s all about taking control and being in charge - in a nice way, of course :slight_smile:


Whoa! Am I reading the same thread about guests sneaking in an extra person…unauthorized, unregistered and non-paying…because the focus seems to be more about the cost of consumables used by extra guests rather than the true matter of intentional deceit by the parties.

Let’s put this in perspective. Guests in our AirBnb’s are paying for the opportunity and privilege of staying in our accommodation. It is with the understanding and agreement that certain conditions and rules apply.

Turning a blind eye on guests who blatantly or sneakily defy the rules only serves to give them the wrong message. It lets the guests know they have pulled the wool over the host’s eyes and can likely do it again with other hosts.

Why in the world would a host promote the practice of a “relaxed eye” to fellow hosts?

Obviously, every host runs their AirBnb differently and has their own tolerances as far as infractions. It’s one thing if a host chooses to overlook and allow unregistered additional guests to stay “on the sly” but it’s an affront to suggest and promote such an off-the-grid practice to other hosts here when most hosts are trying to get guests to abide by the rules.

Sorry, I just don’t get it.


to “Casey was not honest”.

It literally means the same thing but avoids sounding libellous.


For me it is the dishonesty. I just don’t like it when people try to pull one over on me. That “I’ve got mine the hell with the rest of you” kind of attitude.


Also whenever it comes up, which as you say is quite frequently, it causes me a lot of grief as to whether one should use the regular form of the verb: “sneaked” or the irregular form: “snuck”. Neither sound quite correct. :japanese_goblin:


For me it’s about dishonesty, and the legal issues. I’m not allowed to host above a certain number of people, and they all have to be registered through the central system. I do not feel like paying a fine because of someone being cheap and dishonest.

My mom had an issue with our relative coming from outside of EU, who never registered himself with the authorities and was asked about the proof of his temporary residence in the country. In order to get himself out of the situation, he stated that he was staying with us. My mom got a fine directly on our home address, they didn’t even ask her whether it was true that he was staying with us! And mind you, this was only a matter of residency in someone’s home, fines are even higher for the registered hosts not registering their guests. We complained about the fine and we are still waiting for the decision.

Some guests really do not take into account that they DO NOT know the regulations in a particular country and therefore cannot know what sort of costs they are incuring on their hosts.


There is a new host on another thread complaining that a girl booked for one and then had three friends stay. She also got a discount for a week but now wants to cancel the remaining days. If someone sneaks guests it shows what kind of person they are. If they violate that, what else will they violate?

Just say no to free extra guests is what I would urge every host. Jaquo has a model that’s working for her but I think the majority of hosts would be better served charging for additional guests over 2.


I personally would leave emotion and commentary out of it. “Casey booked for four, but had five in her party, so I cannot recommend her to future hosts” should be sufficient.

I don’t think the private feedback is necessary; I read it as telling Casey you were personally hurt by her dishonesty.

What is your end goal? Mine would be to collect the extra guest fee. I have had two parties sneak in extra guests lately. I was friendly in the AirBnB messenger, got them to admit the extra guests, then sent them the fee through the resolution center. When they didn’t pay, I escalated to AirBnB and AirBnB collected or comped me my extra guest fee. Both parties left me 5-star reviews because I was friendly when confronting them.


I’ve already left her review and can’t change it at this point, but thank you for your input, @Xena. I used Dusty’s suggestion of removing a couple phrases that could have appeared controversial.

I don’t care about the extra person fee and I wasn’t personally hurt by her actions. I was peeved that she was such a :poop:heel. Sometimes people skirt the rules, telling themselves they won’t get caught or that “everyone does it”. I wanted her to know I noticed and that her dishonesty isn’t common - she’s the bad apple among the rest of the great guests I’ve hosted. I feel my private feedback did that, so I’m letting the whole thing go now. :slight_smile:


You bet your behind it’s “okay”! I’ve had this happened to me quite often from a particular group of people, After giving it much thoughts, I’d rather overlook an extra guest and provide for 3/4 than have them book at someone else’s and lose the 3 of 4 altogether. As long as it is for a short stay (not more than 2 nights), I accept it as being an acceptable risk.


I just had a group of two guests check in and showed up with 3 guests and TWO DOGS. This was an instant book for 2 guests and a one night stay. No mention of pets and my house rules state no pets. I have an extra guest fee after 2 guests.
I just hate the stress it causes having to police my guests. The ‘entitled’ just do not belong in Airbnb, IMHO. This is all caught on disclosed video surveillance. So sure, I can charge her the extra guest fee and maybe an extra cleaning fee for the dogs. I could call Airbnb and have them kicked out for breaking house rules. None of these things feel welcoming or host like. I just wish that Air would permanently remove any guest caught (with evidence) breaking host house rules.
I am not sure yet what I will do. But it pains me when I am put in this position through no fault of my own.
Thanks for listening.


More than happy to listen; that’s why we are here!

When you say “none of these things feel welcoming or host like”, reflect that these guests have not treated your place in a trusted guest fashion or with respect for you, the host. Deal confidently with this situation as you have described you could. Definitely charge the extra fees. Air is not going to permanently remove any guests who behave with such entitlement, unless we the hosts, call them out.

Go for it. Pardon brevity bit have been summoned for supper.


Since you don’t allow pets you don’t have pet fees but I’d still try to charge them. Pets cause extra cleanup. Also leave an appropriate, thumbs down review. Those of us can cancel the instant book guests that have poor reviews penalty free so you are doing us a favor.


I agree

(and I am happy to add a load of words here, to make 20 characters)


Oh ‘sneaked’. Every time. Snuck to me is like using ‘drug’ instead of ‘dragged’. Mind you, I hate ‘dove’ when its used in place of ‘dived’.


That’s very reasonable. My local launderette charges £4 for the wash and £1 to £2 or more for the dryer!

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