The worst of being a Host (new to airbnb)

I have found a used condom on the kitchen table
There was so much hair left in the tub, I could have knit a fur coat
There were sex stains on the fitted sheet, top sheet and pillows, dozens and they were only there two nights.

Nothing that won’t wash up, the condom on table is more of a personal affront but the trick is to not take it personally.

Here is my review suggestion:

Guests had a really good time here. Really.

3 stars for cleanliness




I like the review suggestion. I have to work really hard at not being sarcastic.


Wear disposable gloves!


And they didn’t leave the apartment for two days (ordering in food) and then gave me three stars for location!


None of these are unusual.

Condoms admittedly are usually in the trash can or in the bedroom somewhere but you never know where one will turn up next. Hair is one of the major problems for most hosts - the hair that collects in the shower drain often being the grossest.

But hair on the sofa, hair in the bed, hair on the sheets, hair on the towels, hair sticking to the shower curtain or tiles…

As for stains on the sheets, welcome to STR! You’ll soon become an expert in the removal of all bedding and towel marks. Some will be from sex, some from blood and some from other things you don’t really want to think about.

The length of time the guests stay has nothing to do with it - you can find condoms, hair and stains with one -nighters.

You need latex gloves, a lint roller and a black light then you’re good to go.


Welcome to the new world of STR!
You think guests will be respectful and responsible- they aren’t!
You will learn things about people that will really surprise you.
Get an imaginary set of blinkers and focus forward :smile:

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Welcome to our world! At least the condom was where you would find it rather than tucked under the mattress, in a bedside drawer, or down in a seat cushion! Hair and stains are certainly not uncommon!


This is one of the reasons I always check undeneath all of the furniture and in every drawer when I do a turnover. I don’t want the next guest to get any nasty surprises!


I started checking every drawer after a host posted that a guest had texted her a photo of a used feminine napkin found in a nightstand drawer.


People are so nasty. I have a new respect for chamber maids.

I would say only very few people are nasty. In our experience with guests, maybe two or three guests have been exceptionally messy but no one was downright nasty. Most of our guests have been stellar.

Always check drawers, wardrobes etc immediately after check out.

Had a good save recently after a daughter and her elderly parents left. Found the fathers medication and messaged them before they got too far away.

It was a Sunday afternoon during a holiday weekend, not easy to replace what I could see were pretty essential prescription.

So far no condoms or other yuckies though!!!


I feel your pain! I had guests stain brand new sheets with blue sex gel. I had to donate them to the animal shelter because the stains would not come out. They also stained the fabric runner on the dresser with oils. That’s another reason I now rather have families. Young couples have been the ones to stain sheets, party, leave messes in every room and sticky floors. Hope your next guests are more considerate.

Always always always always.

Even if there’s nothing gross, if the guest has unpacked their bags, then there will probably be some of the dreaded hairs in drawers.

It’s the same if the guest has used the closet. If a guest has made the error of using those velvetty hangers, they’ll probably have hairs. Whichever way, the floor of the closet needs vacuuming thoroughly.

Underneath furniture needs cleaning every time too.

Once a couple of years ago I had a completely unexpected 2 month stay in hospital. Then about the same time amount of time at home when I couldn’t get the apartments ready myself. We had a good back up and the cleaning manual was online (so the the cleaner could refer to it on her phone when doing the job.

Even though I wasn’t up to cleaning, I still used to go and check the apartments when she’d left. Yes the cleaning was done - the basics.

But there were hairs not cleaned up, stuff under the beds (some broken glass once) and stuff in the drawers (one time, a pair of dirty underpants). Lots more unsatisfactory work too.

So hosts who do the job themselves have to be really thorough and if they employ cleaners, train them very carefully indeed.

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This is one ofvthe reasons I don’t rent to couples - or baboons!

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It’s NewYears and I have 3 rooms ripped apart. I fell in love with a Dyson clone earlier this year, and was at the industrial supply house earlier today. I constantly learn new ways to fix messes here.

The messes I specialize in are garbage, food, recklessness, and smellies. I start top to bottom and swear in English and Quebec French. Works like a charm.

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I have a Dyson, a Shark hand held and not one, not two, but three floor robots. However, I still swear a lot - only in English though. :slight_smile:

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I love my Roombas, they can vacuum while I do other things and they fit underneath the beds and couches.


I also use the robot to sweep while I’m turning over the room. Then I do a quick swiffer and wet mop. It is indeed great for keeping the spaces under things dust free.

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