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The serial one star giver stayed and I got my review

does that mean that your ‘will not host again’ can still be viewed by other hosts? i certainly hope so !

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I think it does, I also disputed a review (irrelevant and retaliatory) and my review and rating for him still shows up…


Yes I can confirm my review of her is still on her profile.


I’m curious as to why you would even accept her booking. I personally have so many reviews that one wouldn’t bring me down but you modified your behavior and sort of kissed her A$$. Was it really worth the negativity?


Dear Guest:
To set the record straight:

  • The induction cooktop works just fine if you follow the written instructions provided.
  • Our tap water here is so good we do not normally provide filtered water; when we offered to get you some, you declined.
  • We do not “provide breakfast” for our guests, but do leave a courtesy packet or two for people who forget to buy their own, along with some milk and bottled water.
  • We only communicate with our guests in response to their questions.

I would tend toward no response, but if you feel so moved share only corrective facts, not opinions of the guest. You might even begin with: “If you are considering this rental, please note…”. I think most people will recognize that she is a bit ridiculous. Many guests just look at ratings. It’s a challenge to get them to read past the picture heading.

Well you saw it coming at least?

Glad to see you got it removed.

I’m happy for the outcome for you. Thank you for taking the time to share the before, after and resolution.


I just read yesterday of another host who easily had a similar off-the-wall irrelevant review removed, except in her case, the review was one of those really long ones, every detail of the guest’s “miserable” stay described in minute detail.

Don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, or whether they’ve decided to hire some more helpful and clued-in reps or instruct them to stop automatically taking the guest’s side. The message John sent you sounds like it was written by a native English speaker, rather than their questionably fluent outsourced robots.

@patti Maybe check on her profile for awhile. It would be interesting to know if Airbnb will close her account.


Wow, that’s awesome!

I’m sorry you got this review and I am happy that you got it removed, but I am completely baffled at why Airbnb removed it. Maybe it’s just Airbnb’s inconsistent customer service, maybe you just presented a great case, or maybe there’s something else. If you remember, can you give the details of your call to Airbnb so that it might help future hosts in this situation?

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My thought was that is was that the guest always gives low star reviews.

I noted this line in the email from John in support:

This is what Patti posted a few weeks ago once she got the reservation:

If Airbnb could see that she is giving 1 star reviews to hosts who usually get 5 stars and there was no problem reported during the stay it seems like an easy call to take the host’s side. Even as guest friendly as Airbnb is, this unstable guest isn’t doing anyone any favors.


Is it possible that Air is now contracting with some CS reps back in the US?
Someone can trash your house to the tune of a couple thousand and they give you a couple hundred. They don’t reply to hosts for days.
This just doesn’t seem like the norm.

It’s possible. I’ve never seen any evidence of this in the past, so if it is the real reason, it’s rare.
Plus, given that Airbnb has let a lot of reviews stand even though they were obviously retaliatory or contained blatant lies, it just doesn’t fit Airbnb’s policy enforcement behavior.

Additionally, if they removed @patti 's review because of this guest’s “hobby” of leaving negative reviews, then they’re basically invalidating all of the guest’s reviews; therefore, they should take down every review the guest has ever written, not just this one.


With U2 playing in the background:

“But I still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for”


:rofl::rofl::rofl: @Brian_R170 I can picture/hear it now!!

Oh that is SO SWEET! I bet she is positively seething that you got her money and her worthless review got yanked and sent to electron heaven where it belongs!
It is not often that we see Air dispense appropriate justice and good to see that it sometimes happens!


I bet she has no idea.


Could be. I have no idea if Air sends a msg to a guest or host when they remove a review.

She might not see it if she doesn’t have an upcoming trip. She seems so self absorbed.

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