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The serial one star giver stayed and I got my review

Continuing the discussion from Help! Cancel a guest because she posts terrible reviews?:view

Well I did everything and more to ensure a perfect stay and she gave me 3 stars overall (at least I did better than 1!!) and 2’s and 3’s in all the categories. So her game is to be very polite, nice and seemingly very happy during her stay, so she gets a good review, and then bashes the unsuspecting host with a bad review full of lies. Hopefully my screen shot shows below.

Obviously she was really reaching for something to complain about because she can’t even put her finger on it!! :rofl: :rofl:

Notes on her comments:

  1. It’s an induction cooktop, instructions are there but evidently unread.
  2. The listing doesn’t offer filtered water (our water is good here) or breakfast, though I do leave some cereal, milk, 2 bottles still and 1 sparkling water AS A COURTESY. She even messaged me and asked if the water was filtered- “No, but if you prefer I’ll get you a large container of filtered water, its not a problem.” Her reply “No thank you, I’m fine.” :rage:
  3. And all of my communication to her, aside from the first morning “Is everything good” message, was replying to her questions. GRRRRR

This review won’t hurt me much, we have 92 5 star reviews, and one has already posted after hers. But for a newer host she could really cost them. I feel this guest is disingenuous and is going to leave a bad review no matter what, for whatever sick reason. This is 5 in a row now for her. 3 on Airbnb and 2 on Trip Advisor. All within a month or so.
Do you think Airbnb would look at her account for this?
Should I respond or just let it her review speak for itself?


That’s ridiculous. You mighttttt be able to get the review taken down based on the “review is irrelevant” when it comes to her not being able to sleep for unknown reasons. Plus you don’t say you provide breakfast or filtered water do you?

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Preferred a bit less communication with the host!? That’s only because you were worried about getting a one star review. Bottom line is we should cancel this guest. Unbelievable. She makes me want to support a blacklist for guests (which I don’t support, lol).


I wouldn’t because I don’t think those who need to see it would. There is something wrong with her and that’s fine. People with problems deserve a place to stay. What they don’t deserve is the opportunity to inflict pain on others. The phrase “better suited to a hotel” finally fits.


Did you click - I would not host again?
With all the fore warnings, that would be my first response.
This guest appears to be manipulative and very unkind!


No, the in the listing Breakfast is unchecked and nowhere do I say I provide filtered water.


Yes clicked would not host again. I just wish there was a way to get her off the platform… report this profile??


I cannot lie. I would lose my mind over this Anton Ego. Like beyond “race car in the red”. I’d be a mushroom cloud laying “you know what”. I don’t suggest a response but mine would be something like:” Thank you for this generous 3 star review, as I see in your history 1 star is your usual evaluation, even for the most reputable of hosts. I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for someday (hint: it’s not in an AirBnB)”

Seriously, I’m having to censor my thoughts so much right now I can only hear one long continuous “bleeeeeeeeeep” in my head!


I’m really not sure why you thought that this guest would behave any differently at your listing, or in her review, than you already were aware she had a history of.

I do remember you saying you were tempted to risk it because of the money involved, so that was the choice you made.

When someone makes it evident who they are and how they behave when you do some research, it’s sort of naive to assume they are going to suddenly going to change their MO.

This woman sounds nutso. She had sleepless nights and couldn’t figure out why? She thinks that belongs in a review? Would she also mention that she had an itchy crotch and should probably go get tested to see if she has a yeast infection? Jeez, Louise.

You might be able to get her review removed on “irrelevancy” for the sleepless nights comment and complaining about things you don’t offer. You should also point out to Airbnb that she has tanked every host’s rating she has stayed with.


I actually think this is a perfect response to this woman’s review. No one will ever accept a booking from her again, as she deserves. Which is as good as a blacklist.

I normally cringe when a host mentions the star rating given in a response, berating a guest for leaving less than a 5* review, but in this case, I would find it appropriate, especially in your suggested response, as it is bitingly sarcastic, rather than a host coming across as defensive or arrogant.

I have an admiration for on-point sarcastic responses, when the guest review so obviously invites it.


Well thank goodness that you have so many reviews that her 3 does not hurt your average. She clearly is “one of those people”, as we all expected. Good on you to “take a chance” regardless. We would not have done so, but it is your choice to make.
And for next time, trust the red flags and pass on any such guest.


I LOVE your idea for a response, aelilya, but does anyone know if responses can be deleted for referring to past behaviour, as I believe a review can?

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I knew we were taking a risk, but a part of me (evidently not the brightest part of me ) thought maybe if I talked to her about it, which I did at check in, and bent over backwards (early luggage drop off, early check in, late check out, offers to pick up groceries for her because she had a really bad cold and had no car) that I could turn her around!!! Silly me, leopards don’t change their spots. My mistake was I thought it was about ME when it’s all about HER.


That sleeplessness comment was so passive-aggressive. Written so as to imply there was something about the listing that led to that, she just couldn’t figure out what.


Who cares if it can be deleted? No response is the same as a deleted one. If even one host sees it it would be worth it.


Oh, but you did. Bending over backwards earned you a whopping 3* instead of 1* :rofl:

She might even deign to leave a 4* review for a host who let her stay for free, as long as she got a bunch of extra perks thrown in.

Life lesson learned. When a person reveals who they are…believe them.


I’m a fervent believer in hosts-shouldn’t-reply-to-reviews-because-they-always-look-worse-when-they-do, but there is one exception. And that is when you need to correct relevant information for future guests. Don’t be tempted to talk about what an asshole this person is or that you disagree with her (stupid and corrupt) POV, but respond simply about not providing breakfast and not needing filtered water because the local water is so good. Or at least respond about the breakfast so that guests know that you don’t provide breakfast and don’t expect one (and will also realize that you didn’t give this guest a sad breakfast either, just bonus cereal). Don’t say a bunch of other stuff that is unrelated, like, “guest was a scummy jerk…”, people will figure that out on their own.

You should ask @KenH to help you with your response about the non-breakfast.


@JJD I generally concur with you on that. Use the review response option if you need to clarify or counter misleading or false statements, or to indicate that a legitimate issue has been corrected, all for the benefit of future guests. Don’t address a complainer or liar directly, don’t use the response to give a run-down of the guest’s bad behavior- future guests reading it don’t care how your past guests behaved.

And an off-the-wall outlier ranting review doesn’t really require a response-
the review will look just as crazy to prospective guests as it is. If it’s long, they likely won’t even bother to read it- they just want to know if the place was clean and comfortable, if everything was in working order, if the host was easy to deal with.

But there are hosts who are adept at giving brief, pithy, sarcastic responses- it’s an art most hosts couldn’t pull off, but when they can, I enjoy them.

I once posted a link to a listing where the host had this down to an art. If the guest review said “Forget this place. Worst experience ever”, the host’s response would read, “Ah, let’s not ‘forget’ that you snuck in 6 extra people and threw a party and were told to leave. One thing we can agree on- it was also my worst experience ever”.

That host manages to put the guest in their place, clarify what the situation really was, and warn future guests that bad behavior won’t be tolerated. I quite enjoyed reading that host’s responses.


Well knock me over with a feather!! I rang Airbnb, calmly explained the situation and that I’d like to dispute the review because it was not relevant, gave my reasons, and within 5 minutes I get this message:

Airbnb Support1:51 PM

"Hi Patti.

Good day.

This is John.
One of the Support here at Airbnb.

Thank you for contacting us about your concern today.
I have spoken with you earlier regarding the Review left by your Guest, XXXXX, for her reservation (XXXXXXX).

I understand that you have done your research about your Guest, and appears that it has been a “hobby” for XXXXXXX to leave negative Reviews for Hosts.

Not to worry.
Allow us some time to go through our Review Dispute process and will update you soonest.

In the meantime.
Should you have other inquiries in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us via Messaging, email, or phone.
Our lines are open 24-7.

Airbnb Support1:58 PM"

"Hi Patti / Marty.

Good day.

We wanted to let you know the review written by XXXXXXX goes against our Review Policy, so we’ve removed it.

The review didn’t have enough relevant information to help the Airbnb community make informed booking decisions.

We understand how important a trustworthy, reliable review system is, that’s why our Review Policy is designed to ensure that Hosts and guests receive fair, relevant, and accurate reviews.

You can find plenty of information about our policy in our Help Center.

I hope this message is of help."

So there you go. It’s over. I got her $1000 and she did not get to leave me with a bad review. Yay!!!

Thanks everyone for sharing this experience and your wisdom with me. :hugs:

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