The most disgusting thing you encountered as a host

We’ve been doing AirBnb for awhile now and I think I’ve had my fair share of gross things while cleaning. Here’s mine:

When you have to clean boogers off a wall after a guest picked their nose and flinged it on the wall and the booger has dried and you have use your fingernails to take it off.


Ewwwwwwww… I had similar. I could hear the guest blowing his snout in the shower, snorting obnoxiously. Later upon check out I had to clean the dried detritus off the walls. Euuuuuuuughh.

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Nothing so far. Only been doing it a month.

Me too with back-to-back guests since December last year. (And many years before that without Airbnb). But I hate cleaning toilets!

Just the vomited red wine all over my linens, pillows, beige carpet from bedroom through hallway to bathroom.
Although I once rented the whole house to three people who did not believe in putting plates in dishwasher or sink. Instead, left 2 days of plates right on table with half eaten food.


I could just NOT cope with that!


I’m a nurse, there are no bodily fluids that scare me or gross me out.


I can cope with every bodily fluid except the V word! Blood, semen, even urine and shit - all in a day’s work. But the V word would be impossible for me to deal with!

One day, I know…


Hopefully will never happen at your place!
Everyone has a limit of what they can’t take.
Belly buttons gross me out. Go figure.


I so admire nurses!

…unfortunately, everything grosses me out so that’s why I have a housecleaner…I don’t want to see it and I don’t want to hear about it. Trouble is, she gets a kick out of telling me about “Hershey” marks on the toilet seat or guess-what-was-on-the-sheets just to hear me ‘urp’ over the phone. I have to start every phone call with I-don’t-want-to-hear-any-details.

She’s evil.


Maybe she’s trying to get you to pay her more…you know…hush money lol :slight_smile:


I found an empty package which read ‘BD Insulin Syringes’ after one guest stay. I’ve never figured out if they were genuine medical syringes or … ?

Probably were real. Its diabetes loads of people have it. My mum has a yellow hazardous box that she puts the used needles into which she hands into the pharmacy for disposal.

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Thank you @Paul_Janaway - good to know :slight_smile:

26 months and 130 guests the grossest, disgusting thing was…a wet washcloth left in the shower that was dingy. I cannot figure out why. I found a condom still in the wrapper but that isn’t gross, just the only evidence I’ve ever found of any sexual activity in my listing. So boring!

I made it through 28 years in a classroom with no vomit. That was something I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with and I never had to!

Lucky I guess.


I’ve had some as a sub at the el level. One day the K classes were all going out to recess and I had yard duty. A little girl from the other class starting puking but luckily it was on the grass. I couldn’t leave all the classes unattended, so I sent the girl with a little friend to accompany her, up to the nurse. I felt a little guilty for asking for a friend to take her and wonder if that little friend also came down with the bug at a later date. I worried I’d get it because this same little girl needed help going down the slide, and I held her hand. Eeeek. . I’ve often wondered what I would do if I started losing my cookies in front of a class. :frowning:

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My grossest finding is the exact same with the booger thing dried and having to use your fingernails to take it off. Only difference is yours was on the wall, and mine was in the upholstered couch. I gagged so badly.

I also had to use an ice cube to take gum out of the dining room rug. And just last time I cleaned I touched a piece of gum that was in the bottom of the bathroom trash can and I didn’t look before I went to feel if I got everything. I cannot stand gum! Why can’t people put it in a kleenex and wrap it up. I hated those kids in school who put gum underneath their desk or at restaurants. Or people you dine with who lay their gum on the side of their plate. Ok…maybe that was just in Jr. high school. I hope adults don’t still do that.


I knew an adult who put her gum into her glass of water. If it’s any consolation she always took it out and put it back in her mouth at the end of the meal. Do you put trash bags in your trash cans?

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I can’t deal with gross stuff either, and my housekeeper loves to send photos!! He is paid very well for the record, he clearly thinks its funny.

Grossest thing I have personally found, used condoms and wrappers from a famous tv/movie star. It was more funny than gross.

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No way I could eat with the person with gum in the water…yuck!

My bathroom trashcans are the small ones with the foot pedal that opens the closed lid. The outside is stainless steel looking, and you can pull the plastic bin out to empty and wash it. So there are no bags in it. Usually everything falls out when I just empty it in the big trash. But I saw something out of the corner of my eye and was in a hurry to empty it, and that’s when I realized I had reached for gum :scream:

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