The Collateral Damage of Airbnb’s COVID Refund Policy

Didn’t see this posted yet and wanted to share:

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Sorry, I have little sympathy for hosts who have bought up 4 entire homes to rent out on Airbnb. “I banked on this” is a first world problem of those who don’t have a Plan B.


She didn’t say what her cancellation policy was…and Airbnb rode over all the hosts on that!

I do have to say that, after reading the article, my sympathy meter was pinging so loudly that I assumed it was our latest brood of young geckos farting (they’re all really cute by the way).

Over the past few months we’ve all seen these “look at x, she ploughed her pension fund into STR and now she’s fucked” articles. Sorry, it’s now boring and smacks of lazy journalism.

Meh dos céntimos…


Which, given the overly generous EC policy Airbnb have, essentially means if one of my daughters guinea pigs suffers a sudden onset of alopecia or guinea piggy diarrhea, I could turn over a host.



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The Tucson real estate market has been really hot. Unless she spent stupid amounts of money on furnishings and used high-interest loans (credit cards and such) to finance it, she could’ve easily sold properties for more than she paid, or she could’ve went back to long-term rentals (as it says she did before). Either way she could come out of the whole situation with hardly a scratch. She’s really just whining because she didn’t make the tons of extra money she thought she would by gouging renters for the gem show.


I think if you are an investor who chooses to rely on STR as your income stream you are taking a major risk @MassHost.


Since we’re back on this subject AGAIN, I’ll restate that have little sympathy for “business people” who have no contingency / back up plans and for hosts who have no empathy for the severity of a global pandemic.

As a backup plan for myself, I seriously considered shifting from STR to LTR but when things started to change I abandoned that idea.

The new normal has brought WFH nomads looking for places to escape their NYC and SF apartments and other guests seeking alternatives to hotels. And now Oct and Nov bring 3 different couples for what is being coined “mini-moons”; a not quite honeymoon, for the weekends they had planned to get married but because of COVID have elected to postpone for a year.

So despite the Covid Cancellation fallout in March and April, my AirBNB business rebounded

Despite record setting AZ summer heat, buffer days between guests, increased rates, my current revenue has surpassed 2019. while creating a more consistent flow of guests. So much so, that I now I need a vacation.

Attached is my current year to year comparison with additional upside potential for Nov and Dec.

  • red horizontal is a comparable revenue line for both years.
  • blue lines indicate rev from direct billing guests