Superhost Warning!

The next super host assessment in on July 1st. Quite by chance, I happened to look at my progress this morning and was horrified to find that I had “something to work on” which was that I had apparently only received 29% reviews in the last year when I needed to have 50%.
WELL, I have actually had approximately 90%, probably even more, all 5 star reviews so I called Airbnb.
It is apparently another Bug, and I was told my super host status won’t be affected, and someone will be calling me in a few days! I noticed that two of my properties also no longer qualify for “family collection”, again because of there only being one out of two family reviews. As I have had several families stay at all three of my properties, all of whom have given 5 star reviews, I have queried this also.
This is mainly a warning to everyone that you should check your progress, and not assume that Airbnb have everything correct :frowning:


Just got the following message from Airbnb support:

This is Antonio, from the Airbnb support team.
I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with miscalculated review rate. We’ve been investigating the cause of the issue, and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Mine is bugged too. It says I have 21% reviews.

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Yup, me as well. 15%.

Hey ho, the Airbnb code imbeciles strike again.


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Noticed the same thing this morning, they have us at 12% when we are over 80. Sent Air a message when I saw it, haven’t heard back yet.

Same here, 14% according to Air… Ugh


Same here, it’s suddenly dropped from about 80% to 6%

From Air just now:

Upon checking here in my end, this might be a system glitch and needs to escalate this issue with one of the Account Specialist to make sure that it will get fix. I do apologize for this experience.

I’m forwarding you to a team that can better assist you. While response times may vary, we do our best to respond within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.


Ditto here

ABNB CS knew of the problem and “have had several calls this morning; it’s been escalated to Technical Support and your SH standing should not be affected. Thankyou for calling and alerting us.


Me too.

My Superhost “Trips Reviewed” shows 19% when it’s actually 86%.

My Family Collection “Trips Reviewed” shows 4/5 when it’s actually 19/5.

I have a 30-year career in software engineering and I just face-palm every time I see stuff like this.


Same here - 14 %, and family collection is no longer visible.

Phew not just me then. I noticed it earlier and thought it may have been accurate as I had a couple of contractors stay Mon-Fri for about 6 weeks in this period and they only bothered to review me for their first/second stays they had so ended up with 4 reviews out of a possible 12 which will drag me down. (I didn’t realise the 50% requirement so didn’t chase them for reviews). Should be fine though with the glitch fixed. :slight_smile:

Since this seems to have happened to, well, almost everyone (#metoo!) we might have expected a general mailout from Airbnb apologising for this glitch, perhaps? Rather than individual hosts having to find it out for themselves?

Or is that a fantasy world I’m living in?


Same here - down from 80+ to 21%. Just called and was “added to the list” of Superhosts with the problem. I asked if there was going to be a notification when the issue is resolved and she didn’t know but said she would message me when she hears that it is fixed.

I think it’s been fixed now? I was at something stupid like 17% but I just checked and it seems back to normal. Can’t actually see the stat on number of reviews, though. But there’s no “Things to improve” message any more.

Another thing I noticed: the overall rating target is now 4.7. Didn’t it used to be 4.8?

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Not for me … I’m still at 29% Boo!

Still is for me…


Came on here to say the same thing about the low % of reviews! I’ve just looked a bit closer and it looks like it’s messed up quite a few of our stats- so we are no longer work or family collection eligible as our overall rating is too low (4.7), when in actual fact it’s over 4.9…

how does this even happen!?

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For some time now I have had trouble with overall review rating. Then last night one room slid into the basement.

It seems, to me at least, that every time they do a major change like this it takes a day or two to work out the kinks. Given the massive number of hosts in the world, and the fact that it doesn’t all roll out at the exact same time, I really try not to worry about these little glitches. In hindsight, they have always returned to normal. Now, if my payments were processing at 15% instead of 100%, I would be stressed.