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So long 400s, 500s here I come


I posted a couple of weeks ago about reaching a goal I set for myself and I reached the goal today. About 2 years ago I set a goal of 500 reviews in 5 years. My first booking was accepted on May 24, 2014, the stay was May 30th, 2014 and my first guest submitted his review right away, by the 1st or 2nd of June. Today review 500 rolled in so I met my silly goal, perhaps to the day.

I lurked on the forum occasionally my first year but joined in Sept, 2015. I have to thank the members of this forum for their help. Yes, I put in the work but I was able to avoid so many problems due to the collective wisdom of the contributors here. Many valued advisors have moved on from hosting or from this forum. @konacoconutz, @smtucker, @SandyToes, @J_Wang, @Zandra, @brook2adks, @jackulas, @Sarah_Warren, and several others whose forum names I can’t recall.

To all the active members, even the ones who challenge, provoke, criticize or insult (from whom I also learn), I thank you all.


Congratulations! That’s a fabulous goal to have achieved :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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EXTRAORDINARY! you must teach me how to deal with nitwits who don’t read. You are inspiring.


That just described most of my problems as a career teacher. The key is choose your battles and don’t sweat what you can’t control.

I have very little control over others, some over myself so I work on my reactions to what the guest is doing/not doing. For example, guests wouldn’t park where I wanted them to in the driveway. So, I got security cameras so I could see the areas where they park. It bothers me so much less. I had pictures, changed the wording, made it a rule, blah de blah…but ultimately I changed what I was doing.


KKC I have appreciated your wisdom and generosity of spirit so much. It’s true we only have control over our own reactions. Period.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your near PERFECT RECORD!! It is impressive.:dog::dog::beers::clinking_glasses::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink:

My 17th guest left me 4* on all but check in with 5* over-all, I am still sore at her the little b#@$%@$$, she took only one night out of a 3 day weekend, made Air’n me wait for her to pay, she thinks she can come BACK??? Good Luck!!..

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Good on you for sticking in there, and on here. I remember thinking 200 reviews and about 500 guests was alot and it proved that I was really in this hospitality game and then I realised that’s probably the same amount of people as stay in a big city hotel in one night or even a decent sized motel in a week. I can’t imagine what it is like to run one of those places and the things they must contend with. I’ll stick with my bijou billet.


Off topic - sorry @KKC - but I remember the first time I had guests who were staying with us prior to going on a cruise. In those days (probably now too) cruise ships arrived here and disgorged the departing passengers at breakfast time and new passengers embarked just after noon.

That’s one hell of a turnover job!

It made me count my blessings that I had only one small apartment to turn over, no staff to worry about and zero likelihood that it would break down or sink :slight_smile:


I love an off topic post.



Gypsy … the very important that KKC wrote in this thread really is: [quote=“KKC, post:5, topic:32495”]
I changed what I was doing

In your case you blame the guest for making a reservation for one night of a three night weekend, but it is ultimately you who configured your setting to allow that. Not Airbnb, not the guest, but you.

So change what you are doing and learn to set the correct parameters.

You might or might not get a three night reservation and later might come to think think that one night is better none, but …


It’s impressive that you personally hosted those 500 stays (and probably many more that weren’t reviewed), but keeping your overall rating that high is inspiring. #UltraHost


I’ve always had a good review rate. Currently I’m at 84% and I think the lowest I’ve been is 79%. I’ve had about 600 reservations from different parties, some repeats and some direct bookings.

Thanks for your kind words.


I know! I am just venting about that guest, and her review that knocked me off of 5* perfection…

I have not figured out the way to have some nights be 1 night available and others only available for 2 or more, such as on 4th of July weekend. If anyone knows the metric for this, please clue me in!


You’re supposed to be able to do it with the Calendar rules, but they don’t work reliably.

Or at least right now they work like “Guess I have to call CS and point out their stupidly programmed system allowed a booking it shouldn’t have so they’ll cancel this reservation.”


I am very proud of you and you’re one of the best gifts the forum has given me. :kissing_heart:

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It’s no wonder your chicken’s crap given how much time you’ve put into hosting.




I would love to have a “Dear Abby” problem solver like you while a booking is on progress. For example, I have had guests who think I am a servant or personal concierge. I can’t change them, but I can see how this won’t end well.


Very impressive! Well done on all those stars!

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Are you using a pc or are mainly working of your phone?


Alexsj, I use my laptop 100%

Allison, I tried your suggestion to no avail; but I did just find it and changed it! thanks!! Availability, trip length, customize…

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