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So long 400s, 500s here I come


I was gonne post you the screenshots for it …

…do test out your new settings to make sure they are nicely safed.


I’m not on much anymore since my neighbors got me shut down, but glad that I had a part!

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Such a shame - but good to hear from you again :slight_smile:

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I’m so sorry to hear this. Is it anything you would be willing to share, lessons learned or the like, either publicly or privately? Or can you direct me to the thread from the past if I have missed it? If not I understand. I wish you luck in your current endeavors.


Absolutely outstanding! Congratulations!

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Haven’t a clue what prompted me to check this forum after sooo many moons but I enjoyed the brief nostalgic trip down memory lane in seeing some familiar names. Ah, the fun we all had! (“Where have all the flowers gone ~ long time passing”).

Glad to see you are carrying on with the dedicated mission of giving great advice and service. You go girl!


Wow, KKC what a Stirling effort. I hope trust bank balance has progressed in line with your review rate. Maybe we should suggest a super super host status and nominate you!


The money has been nice. Not that much since my price it low but it’s all bonus money.

Thanks for your kind words but there are hosts who are even more spectacular. I’ve seen listings with over 1000 5 star reviews for a single listing.

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