Smoking/vaping vs pets

Hi there,
Next week a few friends are going to visit me. Not so close friends. Both of them are vapers (they use electronic cigarettes if someone doesn’t know what’s that). So the problem is that I have a dog. Worrying about her health now as I know that people vape inside the house, they usually do not need to go outside as the smell is not as awful as cigarettes smoke. But still. I started googling. Found the article on Vapingdaily about pets. It shows some controversial studies. Some says it’s better than smoking near pets, but still dangerous. I can’t say to them not vape inside, as they would consider me not friendly… Don’t know what to do. Have no one to give my dog for these days…

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It’s your home @Margaret1and I presuming your listing (as you are posting on a host forum) . Just ask them to vape outside.

It’s absolutely acceptable for you to do so and doesn’t make you unfriendly in any way. If they are friends they will completely understand.

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I don’t know anything about you or your friends but for me, my home and pets the “not friendly” would be vaping in my home. That’s not acceptable at all. People should not expose other non vapers to their addictions.

Whether it be smoking, vaping, chew or eating peanuts in your home, the choice is up to you what you allow. Just kindly tell them that they are not allowed to do XYZ in the home, no reason to go into explanations. I would let your guests know in advance, how they handle it is up to them. If they do not come, well they have made that decision of their vaping is more important than visiting your home.

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My listing says no smoking or vaping anywhere on our property. The couple with two twins staying here now said they chose my listing because of that.

I haven’t seen any evidence presented that vaping is less harmful than smoking. You can assume its just as harmful however less dirty and smelly. Thats why its treated like smoking most of the time as far as where its allowed.

There are plenty of reports here. One here for example:

I allow vaping in my house - the smell and residue is acceptable to me

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Well, actually yes you can - it’s your house, and it’s not an unreasonable request. If they take the hump, then maybe you have to ask if they are in fact friends…



I vape, I work part time for a vape company. I own a dog and vape in my own house but I have an air purifier and am not blowing it at my dog.
With that, I never expect people to just allow me to do it inside. Be honest and tell them your concerns and if you want to be cool try to find them a room to do it in if it is cold out.

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This thread was closed because it got heated. Hopefully this thread can stay open. I’m posting this here so folks can see the variety of opinions.

Thanks for the info and posting that. I hadn’t seen that before.

I would fib and make up some type of allergy to the oil, “I’m so sorry! I break out in hives around vaping, can you go outside?” But I’m passive aggressive like that…

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You have to be sometimes because people don’t have the decency to accept no as an answer without getting confrontational sometimes. I’m not saying on this particular topic but other topics

First off, welcome to the community Margaret1. It’s a great place to share ideas and get useful information.
Re: your situation with the impending visit, I’m sure your friends would not think you are being unfriendly by requesting they vape outside, it’s your (and your dog’s) home after all! Maybe have a word with them about it before they arrive so you feel less awkward?

If you are gong to be renting out rooms/ your place regularly it would be worth putting some house rules in place. I know your visitors are your friends this time, but for other guests you can request they read the house rules prior to booking. It’s best they are clear and concise and certainly include one stating “Please do not smoke or vape inside the property.” You could consider popping a sheltered bench outside for smokers and vapers?

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@Margaret1, you posted this because you are worried about your dog, but I presume you are also going to be in your home with your friends while they are vaping. Because vaping is new compared to smoking, studies on humans and vaping are just as controversial and error-prone as those on pets, and if you are concerned at all, then shouldn’t you be more concerned about your own health than you are about your dog?

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I can’t speak for Margaret but as a dog owner and caregiver, I “care more” about the dog. It’s not because the dog is more valued than I am, it’s because the dog is usually completely dependent on my choices. I have the choice to be around vapers or not, the dog doesn’t. So a conscientious owner should always err on the side of caution if they care about their dog.

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yeah, if they were friends i’d do something like that as well.