Vaping guests in non smoking house?


I am new to this site and also new to hosting. My first two guests were A++, no problem, business travelers, no issues whatsoever.

My third guests were guests from China, family with a toddler plus another adult.
The first thing they did upon checking in is to claim that there is strange smell in one of the bedrooms, and asked permission to spray some of their air fresheners. To which I said OK. Upon checking out, I found an empty pack of IQOS (vaping smokeless cigarettes), although no smelling of cigarettes.
I suspect they used these cigarettes and their claim of strange smell was to disguise that fact.
What are your views on vaping in non smoking houses? I am very anti smoking of any kind, this is the house I live in with my 9 yo child, so concerned on what impact it might have. But also dismayed at the guests sneaky behavior. On top of this they left a burn stain on my expensive tablecloth and also left a lot of large toys without asking me if I need them (I do not). I requested some compensation for the burn stain, but wondering if vaping is acceptable in non smoking Airbnb dwellings and whether I should mention it in my review?

Thank you in advance!

Vaping is smoking.

Your guests are a**hats who smoked in your house. This “it’s not smoking” excuse is freaking hogwash.

It still stinks and it will still damage your textiles and walls and anything else that smoking does, albeit not as severely.

Vape pens are also full of harmful chemicals. Pets and children can die if they accidentally ingest a cartridge (that can smell like something to eat).

Many cities that have banned smoking altogether, have also banned vaping in public places due to its proven harmful effects. In fact, because vaping is so new, the long-term harm caused by them is still widely unknown.

I just had this happen from some degenerate guests who left my draperies smelling like tobacco strawberries. Gag

Vaping is smoking and they most certainly broke your house rule, damaged your property and then tried to deceive you and (of course!) claim that YOUR place smells, instead of them causing the odor. We had the EXACT same thing happen recently and it is an extremely repugnant tactic that bad guests use: to deny their bad behavior and blame it on you or your hosting or property.

They are degenerate bad guests who should not be using Airbnb. You are owed compensation for the damage they caused to your property, including extra cleaning efforts to remove the stench of the vaping.

Photograph all (including the discarded e-cigs) and make an immediate claim.

Sorry this happened to you and good luck!


Vaping is NOT smoking! Vape liquid contains glycerine or PG (used for asthma inhalers), food grade flavours and nicotine (not a load of weird chemicals!). If they are really cloud chasing the biggest problem would be nicotine residue, smell from flavours or clouding of the windows from glycerine. This is unlikely with a tiny pen style vape.
It’s your listing and your decision. By all means put no vaping in your rules. They could do it outside if you wish.
Smoking really is smelly. I can smell it in the house even when they smoke outside.


Dangers to pets/deaths:

Dangers to children:

Dangers to humans, health/death/fires:

Regulations where vape is banned alongside/considered a form of, smoking:

But yeah, whatever, vape pens are “not smoking,” are comparable to asthma inhalers and problems are “unlikely with a tiny vape pen.” lol smdh


Wow that really is quite a hoard of anti vaping articles. I wonder what makes you so obsessed with the issue? Quite a sneery arrogant attitude too, for one not particularly well informed.
Obviously you keep vaping equipment away from pets and children just like anything else of potential harm.
Obviously inhaling anything other than alpine air is not good for us, and food grade flavourings are not designed to be inhaled. However the point is it’s a load less. toxic than smoking. A lot of the factual information in the articles is incorrect, for example the alleged chemicals mentioned are banned by the TPD law in the UK.
At the end of the day humans are imperfect beings and have addictions. Would you ban sugar too, which causes far more of a burden on healthcare than smoking or vaping. Obesity is the number 1 health crisis. What about banning alcohol for all the health risks, anti social behaviour and loss to the economy? Prohibition didn’t work did it?
Bottom line is, if a host wants to ban vaping in their listing they can put it in their house rules. It’s not smoking though.


@NNN - - the real bottom line is that it’s “your house - your rules”. Put NO SMOKING OR VAPING in the first screen of your listing description so that potential guests will see it.

I agree that vaping is as bad for your home as tobacco smoking. We tend to get an older crowd that does not think vaping is ‘cool’ or ‘beating the system’. They see our NO SMOKING and respectfully ask if they can smoke outside. We point them to an area off the property under a nice shade tree.


I would probably mention it especially if you were clear that there is no smoking allowed in your house. The toys aren’t such a big deal, throw them away or donate them if you don’t want them.

I would consider it smoking and review would reflect that they lied bout the smell to cover up their vaping.


All studies and articles graciously sponsored by your friendly William Morris company! :slight_smile:

But no, smoke is smoke and vapour is vapour. Some people may not like the smell but the nicotine and flavour is just suspended in glycerine. And some don’t even have nicotine in them. There aren’t 4000 carcinogens in them as cigarettes do.

Not quite sure how they made a burn hole (to the OP property…not with the vape as they dont even get hot…they don’t burn?)


So looks like opinion is divided over vaping. I have no direct evidence except the request to spray the room and an empty pack of vape cigs. Should i mention it in the review at all?

The burn is from placing hot pot on my acrylic designer tablecloth without using the wooden pads that i have placed by the stove. I am lucky it did not leave any stain on the table, as it is pretty expensive.

They promised to pay for the stain but have not paid yet.

I’m not obsessed, I just don’t understand why anyone would say that this is not smoking, when it is a form of smoking. It stinks and can damage a host’s property, just as regular cigarettes can. You seemed to be advocating for them, even going as far as to insinuate that they are completely innocuous and like asthma inhaler, which is preposterous, as they are dangerous and can start fires and cause injury or death to people and animals. I actually couldn’t give a rip about e-cigs, so long as no more guests damage my home, draperies and listings with them. Just don’t like keyboard warriors. especially when they’re wrong. In fact, I was trying to help the OP, because we just had this situation in our house a couple of weeks ago…and it caused a huge hassle. It is not a benign habit, and that is why many cities have banned vaping, right along with smoking.

E-cigarettes can damage textiles, which we found out two weeks ago when a guest vaped in one of our listings. That was the crux of this post, yes? Do/can they cause damage the same way smoking tobacco does…and the answer is: Yes, they can.

As when a guest has smoked cigarettes or marijuana inside our listings (we’ve had both), the vaping required extra cleaning and laundering of everything it had permeated-all textiles, (which is a huge amount of work), as well as a HEPA air filter. After a day, it still smelled like tobacco-y strawberries, which is a nauseating smell.

I was angry and disgusted, and still am. By all the lowlifes who seemed to think smoking in or on my non-smoking property was acceptable.

Just letting other hosts know that these are not just a “cloud of vapor” with a smell that you just “may not like.” They stink and can cause damage-just like smoking. But if you haven’t experienced a guest using one in your listing, then you may not know that fact.


I said the propellant pg was the same as used in asthma inhalers. There’s no way vaping is as bad as smoking. Before the smoking ban pubs had to wash their ceilings before decorating, nowhere near like that with vaping and nowhere near as toxic. I would compare vaping to excessive use of aerosols (banned in most schools) or oir fresheners, also bad for listings. I recommended the host put no vaping in their house rules. That way things are clear and issues with smell and air quality are reduced.
Warrior? Not really. I am happy for people to express their opinion but not in a sneery arrogant way. That’s your responsibility. Do I advocate vaping? Yes, I advocate all forms of harm reduction such as methadone prescribing and needle exchanges. That doesn’t mean I think opiate use is a good thing either.


Sigh. Please don’t call names. You do not know my intent.

The OP asked for feedback on vaping in a non-smoking house and I responded in kind, as we just had damage in our listing caused from vaping. Never claimed it was “as bad as smoking” (in fact I said the opposite), but it is a form of smoking, and take issue with a claim that it is akin to a can of air freshener. Have never had an air freshener damage my property.

Answering a Host asking a question about a difficult guest situation was my priority here. I commend your wanting to find alternatives to addictions, but please do not steer other hosts wrong: vaping can be harmful and cause damage. That’s it.

I have stated that guests vaping did cause odor damage in our house, and so did the OP: NNN said it did it left a smell in their listing as well. Why you are so attached to telling hosts on this forum and thread that it doesn’t or won’t, is what I take issue with. ??? Vape away and rock on…but vaping can cause damage to a hosts home. Next!

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There you go again sneering ‘vape away and rock on’. Where’s your attitude coming from? We’re not talking about me. You have been reminded a couple of times I recommended the host put no vaping in the house rules. I am not sure why this has not got through to you. Hosts can and do get damage to their listings from aerosols and air fresheners. There are several threads on here about removing such smells if you care to look. Go through my posts again and you will find I have never called you any names, merely described arrogant and sneery communication. It seems to me you underestimate your own venom and overestimate that of others. Please stick to debating the issues and refrain from getting personal. Thank you. Remember you don’t know me.

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It depends on what the non-smoking policy is based on.

We have a non-smoking policy based on the fire regulations we have to follow.
Based on these regulations, vaping is not smoking. Because it is not a fire hazard.

I would include in your house rules that your non-smoking policy includes vaping.

The review parts is a bit difficult, because the lack in clarity. You are against smoking, and for you smoking and vaping is the same. Others have a different opinion on this.

I would mention it in the review as information for future hosts, but not as breaking house rules. Also I would not deduct stars for breaking house rules, because they “no-smoking” leaves room for interpretation.


Likewise. Except just notice that I didn’t call names, you did. My intent was to help the host posting their question on this thread.

Not really sure what you’re trying to accomplish here Jess1, but know that I don’t have time for arguing with strangers on the internet.

Vaping IS NOT smoking. There is no combustion, therefore no smoke. It leaves neither residue nor smells behind. It is not NEW and it has been shown repeatedly to be safe. If YOU don’t want people vaping in your property, thats your choice, but just about everything you stated about it, has been debunked, thoroughly.


After my first guest vaped in my suite, I added no vaping to my house rule. I provide an outdoor space for my guests if they want to smoke.


So the original poster and I are what? Liars? Imagining these smells?

Excuse me?? Are you in my home and smelling my silk draperies that now stink of that crap?

Okay okay, vaping is not smoking. It is a form of smoking and contains nicotine and synthetic strawberry crap.

But don’t say that it doesn’t leave a residue or smell. because it most certainly DOES.

In fact, I can still smell that stink in the air conditioner, and it’s been ten days since those guests left!

This conversation is just getting weird. I care about other hosts and don’t want others to WRONGLY think that vape pens won’t cause any damage, or bother anyone. What is your motivation here? To allow hosts to deal with even more hassles than we already do?

So there are obviously people who are quite adamant about vape pens being a benign habit, despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary… even two people/other hosts right here stating evidence to the contrary. Good grief.

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