Smokers who lie and say they non smokers

I’ve been stung twice now in the last two bookings by lying guests about there smoking habits. My ad clearly says no smokers are allowed to book, yet smoker guests have booked despite the ad saying no smokers are allowed to book. It’s a total breach of trust… Why do some smokers breath hosts trust like this? They are not wanted by me yet still book?

Why do guests breach the rules and do as they want? Because they can. It is you, the host, who must always be in control and know what’s going on. Are you doing everything possible to monitor your guests?

Today’s guests are a different breed and you need to do what you can to keep one step ahead of them…if possible.


If your house rules state No Smokers, and guests are found to be smoking on your property, I understand you can call airbnb and ask for them to be removed.

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No smokers or no smoking?


Good point, they are not smoking in my apartment but they are smoking on public road Eg leave my apartment and go outside on public road to smoke or when they out at the beach etc. But my ad and house rule clearly stated no smokers are allowed to book and twice now smoker guests have booked clearly breaking the host agreement of no smokers allowed…

Are you talking about those who smoke in your place or those who just smell like smokers but don’t smoke in your place?

I just allowed a person who vapes to stay. Perfectly lovely guests. Wonderful and clean. Not a trace of anything that might have revealed he was a smoker.

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No smokers my ad has clearly said

It’s my home I don’t want tobacco smokers or people who vale staying… Main reason is noise complaints from neighbours eg smokers leaving apartment late at night “in/out/in/out to go have a smoke and making door noise. Plus cigarette butts that they may leave on apartment complex grass if they don’t go on the road…

So what did Airbnb say when you asked them to cancel these bookings?

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Without seeing your listing it is difficult to comment, did you make it clear that not only is there no smoking but people who have smoked/vape etc are not allowed on your property.

So you are discriminating people based on their habits, even when they are not practicing them in and on your property?

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This is NOT discrimination! Smokers are not a protected class. I also have a no smokers allowed policy. The second hand smoke carries into the house, gets in the furniture, drapes, etc. We, as hosts, have a right to dictate who we allow in our homes. I clearly state it in my listing and when people send an inquiry, I have them confirm they have read my house rules and again outline my no smokers policy.

I have seen people on this forum criticize hosts who say no smokers allowed and I figure they must be from or live in an area where it is normal to see people smoking, even in bars. Where I live, I think less than 15% of people smoke. You just rarely see people smoke in my city and when you do, they are usually standing outside of a bar. When I was visiting Florida a few months ago, I was shocked at how many people smoke!

People who smoke have plenty of other options to stay with hosts who allow smoking outside. I am not one of those options.


I am an asthmatic Host. My rules include no smoking.

However, I do allow smoking on the property. Here’s how I manage it.

I have an outdoor table and chairs, plus a firepit, for everyone to enjoy.
It’s at least 30 feet away from the house, and people can smoke and socialize. Some smokers like to chat and be closer, but they dimp their butts and throw it in the pit.

It is, maybe you should inform yourself about what discrimination actually is.
According to you it can only be discrimination if it is against a protected class?

What is next? Not allowing people that eat garlic, curry or drink alcohol?

And what if the person is not a smoker but hangs around with a lot of smokers?

Reminds me of my younger days when you would find in the morning after a night out your clothes were covered with the smell.

I did smoke one night many decades ago and was violently ill afterwards, wonder if that would exclude me.

It is MY house and I can choose to exclude smokers as no one can sue me for it as they are not a protected class. MY choice and you are welcome to yours. Why are you so concerned about what I allow and don’t allow in my house, Chris?? Please just respect that not everyone runs their home rental the same way. I also LIVE in my house part time and I am highly allergic to smoke so again, my choice to not have smokers stay in my home.

And there is almost no way that a person who would be staying with me would happen to “hang around a lot of smokers” because there are not a lot of smokers in my city.


cabinhost, I am very specific and also have guests confirm they are non smokers before I book them. And as I said, there is no such thing as a place filled with smoke in my city. It is very much a non-smoker city with fewer than 15% of the population being smokers.

I really don’t understand why hosts get so riled up when other hosts have a rule saying no smokers allowed. It doesn’t affect you so why is it such an issue? If a host has allergies to smoke, we have every right to dictate that no smokers are allowed in our homes. I don’t have a single friend who smokes either.

I completely agree that it needs to be made clear. I rent a whole home but it is my home and I stay in it when I don’t have guests in it. We all know that guests don’t read the entire descriptions so when they email me to inquire, I ask if they have read my house rules and especially that I only book non-smokers. All my non-smoking guests are very happy to not have to deal with the smell of second hand smoke, too.

I don’t know who you are asking but mine is max of 5 people. I usually have 4 since I have a home with two master suites.

@pdxwindjammer do you have much in the way of cannabis tourism there?