Slam my listing

great! I’ll do a closeup and say “10x magnifying mirror”?

Good plan. 202020202020

We got my daughter a lighted mirror like this from Ikea and she uses it daily. It was very inexpensive - $10(?)

I like it. My $0.02 for improvements

  • If you frequently get 2 guests in the room, then nightstands/tables for both sides of the bed would be better.
  • Have a coaster on the nightstand for guests that want a glass of water by their bedside.
  • Put a power outlet with USB charger on at least one of the nightstands. This was by far the most appreciated feature in my listing.

Different prices based upon location or store vs. online?

It looks nice though

Whew! Yeah, we got a better price, but we bought in-store and it was up front by check-out so might have been a last chance item like your picture shows. It’s a shame the discontinue stuff - it has held up very well and I love the soft diffused light it gives.

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First impression - L0VELY! Very good lighting in the photos. I grew up very close to there. I miss Manero’s steak house (long since closed). And the Cos Cob clam place that had buckets of steamers (NE type).
I would suggest providing a high amp USB charger with multi cord to accept all modern types: micro-usb, usb-c, and lightning (iphone).
You may wish to take a few more pics that show more angles in the room.
I’m not crazy about the interior camera. But perhaps it is needed? Some guests may get weirded out by it - and you may need to provide a view of what it sees.
Can your phone take anything wider angle?
On the Internet, it could work against you providing the image of such high speeds. It is out of your control during peak times and might possibly set expectations very high that have some potential to backfire.
Maybe a photo of what I assume is some type of k-cup coffee maker with supplies? I am assuming that is included???
Granted - this is all pretty minor feedback. The overall impression is “wow that looks really nice”.

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Many on this forum advise against wide angle photos since they can backfire when guests come and that ‘big’ room is not what it appeared in the photos on air.


Really nice, thoughtful place! Description is perfect - and I really love the photo of the speed test! I might just steal this idea @Rolf. Well done!

Edit to add: No decorative pillows needed but I personally like to have a couple pillows per person. I always have extras sent up if staying in a hotel that just provides a single pillow. That’s just my preference…

Bedside tables with reading lamps are definitely needed. As someone who always reads in bed at night before going to sleep, I would be annoyed not to have that. The overhead light over the bed is not suitable for reading. It’s a nice lamp and all, but I don’t understand the purpose of a lamp over the bed.

Otherwise, I think it all looks quite nice.


I didn’t read the comments before I studied the link. I would like to see a non slip throw rug on the floor next to the bed. I’d also like to soften the look of the “1800’s” iron bed. Can I reach the on off switch of the over the bed light? Or do I have to jump up, walk to the door and turn on/off a switch there? Can I have a matching nightstand on the other side of the bed for when my partner comes with me?

Now to comments made by others: I keep my home at 68 during the day, and off at night. So 69 would be nice! Other that that, I like the listing alot!

it is controlled by a small remote that you can have by the bed if you want - the remote also dims and changes light color.

FYI to all - the temp on the thermostat is adjustable by the guests…


Bedside tables revisit—any guest traveling with a cpap (continuous positive air pressure/ use while sleeping) machine needs a space large enough for a notebook bedside (yes most CPAP machines are smaller now but some people still tote around the oldies)

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Nightlight? Is there enough light so the guest can see to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night? If not a plug in wall nightlight possible (dollar store)? I find the ones in my rental unplugged but they are available if someone needs/wants it. They disappear too but only $1 each

Yes, lights in every room, additionally ‘flashlights’ constantly charging that start lighting up if the power goes off. Can’t put pictures of EVERYTHING in the listing lol

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Excellent. We middle aged women NEEEED to see the path to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Time is of the essence (getting older sucks).:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I whole heartedly agree with this, each guest should have a night stand and a coaster. I have stayed in several Airbnb’s without this and it’s actually quite common not to have this, but i appreciate it.

One or two pictures on the bedroom wall maybe?

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Seemed like a LOT of photos of your security cameras and that desk set-up. And your prices seem super low, but I don’t know the market. I’d book it.


airbnb requires showing all cameras. The area is actually super safe, tho.