Slam my listing

Here is a link to one of my 3 rooms - I just reopened up (starting May 20th). Please comment and slam - critiques are what I am looking for; what does not work, what could be improved, etc etc.

Thanks everyone!!!


It’s perfect! I couldn’t find a thing that should be changed. I love the vintage items mixed in with a clean contemporary look. It looks very inviting.


Nothing needs to be improved
All three rooms are inviting. Great job!!


Dodgy décor, strange looking host and a misandristic toilet.


Only joking mate, looks good. Reading as a potential guest would, it all looks good, excellent in fact.



lol had to look up "misandristic "!


Lovely listing. But temp set at 69? I couldn’t deal with that… :snowman_with_snow:


It looks slightly utilitarian, do you attract uninteresting business budget travels looking for a bed, or couples sightseeing/ price seems incredibly low, but wfdik/ does the bed have to be on the diagonal with that lamp right there/ add a colorful rug near the bed one can go under the bed and stick out both sides, softens look and is nice on your feet when you get up/ I’d put the red blanket down over the end of the bed outside the frame, also 4 pillows are more inviting/ can you put any artwork up in that corner/ I like the screenshot of the up_download speed/ I also like the bathroom soap dispensers, where are they from?/ is 1 Greenwich your address? / Maybe a catchier name title? Your reviews are Great!

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Nice listing.

To improve, I’d make the bed more appealing with two additional pillows and some decorative (colored) mini cushions on top


Yes, I am in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I used the name because my proximity to the train (express to NYC in 35 mins) makes my location desirable. Also, I have 3 rooms,1,2,3 - so I made them similar so that folks who like to stay with me can find me, even tho the rooms are quite different. Finally, yes, prices ARE low but let’s see what the market is like…

good point on the pillows. I USED to have decorative pillows as well but found that they were simply put on the floor by the guests, so no utility and they jusy got thrown around.

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Rolf, me too! I learned a new word today : )

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Good for you. I think we have a thread (or three) here about them and almost every host said the same. :slight_smile:

I don’t like them when I’m a guest either.


Ditto. Like others, the pillows were on the floor, if lucky in the closet during guest stays. I’m updating my bedroom so when I do pics, I will include a couple of decorative pillows to soften the room, then remove them.

I don’t think the guests will notice the pillows aren’t there or miss them.


Me too. I’m going to pull up my account & see if I can screenshot it

This is a minor thing but could be important to some guests—
So a shared bathroom— I need a mirror to do my hair & put on my makeup. Mirror over dresser looks too high & small for me. While there is a nice mirror in the bathroom, You don’t want me hogging the other guests’ bathroom time.

How about adding a lighted with magnification make up mirror that can be moved around. Costco has a nice one that goes on sale at least once a year.

I have one. No one ever comments on it but I can tell it gets used.

I purchased one at Costco while on Sale for $14.99. The regular price is around $20. I don’t know why this one is so expensive.


Good idea! There is a full length mirror in the room, too btw.

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Oopps-my mistake, I thought it was on/in bathroom. Women need a magnifying mirror sometimes…

there is a magnifying mirror in the bathroom hanging on the wall. Should I mention it in the captions? Do a close up?

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Yes indeed. I saw it as an extendable mirror for ease of face shaving or makeup application. I didn’t realize it magnifies

Items online are usually more. The best bargains are in the warehouse.

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