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Show off your Airbnb listing!


Thanks. I’ve fixed the link.
For some reason the link generated by the IOS mobile app didn’t work.


We are Erika, Raúl and our kittens, Sawyer and Desmond :heart:. We’ve been Airbnb hosts for two months and the experience has been exceptional so far. We would appreciate any feedback and are really grateful for this initiative.

We are renting a room from our apartment in Alicante, a beautiful and sunny city, in the southeast of Spain.

This is our listing:

And these our kids:

Best regards,

Erika and Raúl


Very nice listing. Much nicer than so many I reviewed when we went to Spain two years ago. You have one minor thing that I would fix:
"Currently we have to kittens in our home. "

This should be:
“Currently we have two kittens in our home.”


Thank you so much! I just corrected it :slight_smile:


I liked your listing a lot. One can tell that you are attentive, caring hosts. And I love cats!
Quality of photos should be improved. The interior shots are too dark (living room?) and some are grainy. I’d like to see more and wider angle photos of the room. We only see part of the desk in the first photo.
One more thing : would love to see a shot of the bedroom with the balcony door open and a view to outside.


This is my listing. I have done a few tweaks to the interior - ie boxing up the pipes, actually have sheets of the bed - photographer came before the linens - and changed the positions of the sofas plus added books etc…


I think your house looks fine but if you invested a bit in staging with candles, cushions, accessories etc - it would make a huge difference and you could get a much higher price. Take a look at our place - it’s basically all IKEA furniture, but no one seems to notice that because of the little bits and pieces we added. It’s a small investment that pays off. We get lots of booking because of the styling. Tge ones who are not attracted by that, tend to want a discount - and they are always tge worst guests.


Candles? Shutter. Candles are bad news in an Airbnb space. People are stupid, people drink too much, people burn things.


I second that. I used to have candles all over my suite for ambiance, until a guest left them going all night and fell asleep like that and then she burned a small hole in the tablecloth.

Then I went on a ride along with the local fired dept. and one of the firefighters told me that the leading cause of house fires besides kitchen or grease fires, was unattended candles.

Get rid of them.


I just came across this thread and want to say WOW, your place is beautiful.


I buy the LED candles from Costco when they go on sale. Fire problem solved!


Maybe I’ve been lucky, people only ever seem to light the candles that are on the outside table. Anyway I agree that is important to have them in proper holders - so even if left to burn down - they don’t do any harm. Anyway my point remains - that you need more small decorative items to make the place more homely and attractive. there are plenty of things other than candles you can use.



We host volunteers through Workaway, HelpX, POOSH.


Thank you a lot for your suggestions! We’ll try to improve our photos :slight_smile:


Just got my new listing off the ground. Still needs a few tweaks but it’s basically finished: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20948220?s=51``


Looks terrific!!

On the next go-around, I suggest re-doing the picture of the bed after you smooth the coverlet and make it look as perfect as the rest of the apartment. It would also be helpful if you worked on the captions so it doesn’t read the same thing throughout (at least of the environs).


Fantastic listing. Only thing I noticed from a quick viewing is some of your photos aren’t straight (eg kitchen)


Thanks and I agree with your note on the bed and appreciate the reminder about captions! I got this listing together 30 minutes after putting together the last furniture from IKEA.


I think I need a shirt that says “Autocorrect Happens”! :smiley:


Just started renting our downstairs suite to help us with the mortgage while my wife is on maternity leave. Hopefully it will pay off. https://abnb.me/EVmg/69GxpWLmNG

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