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Check you listing for “URL: HIDDEN”. It’s at the very end when you’re talking about ordering food.


Hi there,

I grew up with tourists and people from all around the world coming every year to our place, some of them returning every year for even 10 years in a row now, so I decided to continue the family business and improve it little by little every year.

Explore Our Listings in Dubrovnik, Croatia, here and add it to your wish list please:


We are in Savannah, GA, and our vacation rental is just down the street from where we live full-time. I rent the cottages separately, or combine them:


Our of curiosity. Why is it cheaper to rent the two units separately than as one unit?


I wasn’t getting as many requests for the whole property at $350 a night, so decided to offer the cottages separately and drum up more business. So far it’s worked. The front cottage is 1 BR/1.5 BA and rents for $150 (2 guests). The back is 2 BR/2 BA and base rent is $150 for 2 guests, then 50/per person, per night up to 4 (total $200).


Ah, I didn’t notice the extra person charges… thanks for explaining.


https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16883923? I finally got the nerve to list my cottage on Airbnb last week, I have 2 bookings it’s pretty exiting. Hoping my listing is good one.


In the heart of Budapest, you can find my 2 room flat for rent in Airbnb! Between the nicest street (Andrássy), and pub street (Király):


This is beyond weird, I just clicked on your link and lo and behold MY listing came up!! How strange is that!!


I think that’s got to do with your internet history and cookies


Happy Hello from Riga :slight_smile:

Please check out my new Airbnb listing and I would be super happy if you would add it on your wishlist :slight_smile: You can message me on Airbnb(Contact Host) and I will be happy to add your beautiful Airbnb listing to my wishlist. Thank you so much and I wish all wonderful Airbnb hosts many great guests :slight_smile:


Hi guys! @SandyToes was kind enough to ask about our listing, so I thought I’d post it here. It’s a simple guesthouse over our garage, but we’re having great fun with it. Thanks so much to all the hosts here who provide an endless gusher of advice, support, and humor. You’ve been my constant companions–whether you knew it or not! :wink:



Just added our vacation home in Palm Springs. Boyfriend and I were inspired to bring the magic of Georgia O’Keefe’s large adobe to the California desert.


It certainly is a fine villa – it’s gorgeous!


Long time reader, first time poster. I am so thankful for all the resources and advice on this site. I finally have my mother-in-law suite up and running, and have my first two bookings! We are in the path of totality for the eclipse in August, and we are also a major college town so football/move-in/graduation weekends bring huge crowds! All that plus a major film festival, and a blues/bbq festival in the fall means there are great opportunities to host visitors.


Only two months on Airbnb but so far so good!


The Ocean House - Moclips WA. Feel free to share any thoughts on how my listing could be improved - thanks!


Just opened a new listing near Shibuya, Tokyo!
One of the most fashionable parts of town.
Decorations are still to be improved - need to put in more color.
Let us know what you think.


@hypertokyo. This link just takes me to the AirBNB home page.

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