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Hi @Zlata!

You are welcome. It is really a lovely listing, and I would want to stay there.

Keep in mind that I’m just a 54 year old mom with three kids - hardly an expert on marketing and decor, like many other hosts are. Also you have to be sure it fits your style. But I do shop a lot of listings, and I know what works for me.

I like the first photo very much. It is very inviting. It made me want to sit in that chair with a nice glass of wine and a book.

There are to many photos. Many are redundant and not telling the guest anything new, so they will lose interest. I would also organize them so the guest is getting a ‘tour’ through the place. The photos are fine quality but need to be cropped to take out all that ceiling - If you have a change to reshoot the balcony photo I would put a little vase with a flower, or a glass of wine, on the table.

Photo #2, I would crop if possible, get rid of the ceiling and some of the depth. Bring it up close and cozy
3, delete
4 ok
5 delete
6, 7, 8 good
9, 10, 11 delete
13 crop if possible.
14, 15, ok
16 delete
18, 19, 20, 21 are great
22,23 delete
26, 27 delete
28 good
29 delete
30 good
31, 32 delete

must dash to pick up my daughter


Hi @dcmooney
You are absolutely right, and I will make these changes.

Thank you very much for the effort and kindness :)) :bouquet:


Always happy to help a fellow host. I’ve been well cared-for on this forum, and that’s a fact!!


Hi Zlata – nice place! I am one of those “interior design” people (graduate of Parsons School of Design in NYC and Paris). Very nice apartment and I would stay there. But, since you are asking – the flowered chair looks comfortable but doesn’t really go with the rest of the place. I am very frugal so I often wait to replace something until I can find a great bargain (or a friend needs to get rid of something). So, keep an eye out for a more modern comfy chair. Artwork – you have none. Art is easy to buy but hard to get rid of so shop the second hand stores or an estate auction for some art. I purchased this HUGE painting at an estate auction for under $100 to use for staging one of my flipper houses (it’s taller than I).

Sometimes I will buy a really bad very large painting and paint over it – easy enough to create your own Jackson Pollock or Robert Motherwell. If you don’t feel confident doing your own artwork, get a piece of fabric with a fabulous print and wrap and staple it (on the back) of the canvas – huge effect for every little money. You can also do this to an old hollow-core door and then get a cleat to hang it on the wall (https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?lsf=seller:1135568,store:2879603504315643073&prds=pid:17054494691060364406,oid:11507383199561978584&q=wall+cleat&hl=en&ei=mir1V-3vGeHCjwSqrJrgCQ&lsft=gclid:CPDl4ZKLxM8CFQ6taQodvRME_Q)


Hi @sandy2 :blush:

Thank you for a very useful input! I totally agree about an artwork, I thought about it, but I wasn’t inspired enough to put anything :))) But I would like to find a piece of fabric with a print, to staple it on the back of the canvas, that is an amazing idea, thank you!
As for the flowered chair, well, I like it so much, that I am taking a risk here…I know it might look a bit odd and not in a tune with the rest of the apartment,but still :slight_smile: I must get rid of that rug though, very soon, I haven’t found anything that I like here, so I’m gonna order it online… I think it is ugly and now when I look at these photos, I dislike it even more :))))

I took a look at your rental, I like it very much! So bright, modern, beautiful… I love coloring, especially wall color in the bedroom, something between mint and robin egg blue?



Hi @dcmooney, I have just updated photos, following your kind advice. Thanks again :blush:


Apologise here. I got this post hidden as it was over promoting perhaps. Apologise, I just joined and very excited about this community.

Anyway, my wife and I are renting out our Yurt we live in, quite unique in Israel. It’s in the country side , in a small town and 10 minutes drive from the beach.

would love to get your feedback of how to make it better.



Wow! I would love to stay there. You have an amazing spot.

I am a little confused by “we will be glad giving you all the things you need for your cooking.” Do that include the vegetarian or dairy products? Or are you just providing cooking instruments?


Seabird, glad you like it ! :slight_smile:

We are providing the cooking instruments. You think it’s not clear enough?


I don’t think you need all the construction pictures. I only want to see photos of how it looks now and of the surrounding area. Maybe some nearby towns… or more of the beach.


This is super cool. I slept in a yurt once and loved it.

I think “Brad’s” review would be a better description. I personally am not interested in reading how much you like your place - I want to know if I’m going to like it. And I need to know what it is to know if I’m going to like it.

Spacious, comfortable yurt with (number of beds), a full kitchen and spacious bathroom are ready for you. The Air conditioner quickly and quietly maintained the whole house temperature. You will be close to (local spots of interest).

Something along those lines.

The construction photos? I think it’s kind of cool to see how it went up. But, of more interest to a guest is where are they going to eat, the beach, etc. You mentioned you are not a tourist location but see how close you can get to making it one.


Toronto, Canada, 94% 5 star ratings. We love meeting people from all over the world.


Happy to host you in Geneva :smile:

Beautiful Flat at the Heart of it All (Geneva, Switzerland)

The True Old Town Experience in a Tasteful Studio (Geneva, Switzerland)


Jill’s Southern Retreat … Charleston area


What a beautiful listing.


Here’s our little 1BR in-law suite in Washington, D.C.

Just a nice quiet, low-key place if you’re looking to visit our town!


Jill’s Southern Retreat in the low country South Carolina … embracing at hello

Check out this listing on Airbnb! https://airbnb.com/rooms/11911772?s=38&user_id=63552360&ref_device_id=e0d0aefb73e5d37b174e06058da2c21bdb194e85


Don’t hesitate to look for advice for booking.com

Many advices that was posted to avoid double booking and no show clients (you can also contact me in private)


This is a lovely listing. You have the key photos up front - where the guest will sleep, and where they will pee. That’s what they want to see first. The other photos of the home are nice and you made it clear that you don’t allow shoes in the home. I think there are a few to many photos of the house and surrounds. People get tired shifting through photos. At least you show the important things up front.

I like how you’ve decorated the room. The green-and-white is very nice.


I’m thrilled to have another DC host on board!!

You have a lovely listing. Everything looks clean and bright. I like that fact that you mention the license, as well as the issue of some hosts operating against condo/apartment building rules. I also mention the license, insurance, and taxes in my listing. Few people will make note, but it’s part of educating the public, which will help make airbnb successful.

Edited to add: I would remove the ‘in-law’ from your description. That may confuse people who don’t know the term. Search this site for the post on ‘suite or apartment’ and you’ll see that even the word ‘suite’ means different things to different people. I never did get a consensus on what I should call my place.

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