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Thank you!

We’ve just started and have had a good experience so far.

We’ve really been fortunate to find a home that has the space that allows us to rent out our extra space and is new construction, to boot.

I get what you’re saying regarding calling it at an “apartment” versus an “in-law” suite and part of it is my concern that advertising it as an “apartment” might get me in trouble with the zoning folks. My “in-law” suite is part of our house and covered by our Certificate of Occupancy. If I were to rent the downstairs as an “apartment” I’d have to arrange for a full inspection and possibly have to install a full stove (I have a kitchenette right now). That’s the reason for now we’re pushing it as a private in-law suite with its own entrance. I’m certainly open to tweaking the text as we get more visitors and their feedback.


Yeah, I totally get it - I would just remove the ‘in-law’ part. Suite is a safer way to describe it. Personally I’m using both words - suite in the heading ‘2 bedroom suite in our home’ and ‘apartment in our home’ in other places.

Either way, your photos and information give a good idea of what someone is renting. Good Luck!

Have you seen this? http://travel.usnews.com/Washington_DC/When_To_Visit/ I was using a pricing service (Beyond Pricing) but I realized that I NEVER got the inflated prices they would calculate if there was a special event in town. What happened is the rooms would go unbooked, then they would drop my price dramatically since it was coming up soon. I decided to set a ‘shoulder’ ‘high’ and ‘low’ season price and use this chart as a guide. For some dates like the inauguration and the fourth I did, of course, bump up the price.


I just helped my mother set up her house in Bristol, England on AirBnB as she’ll be traveling for a few months this winter.

Any feedback or advice would be hugely appreciated as i’m struggling to figure out what sorts of people are looking for short term rentals in a city like Bristol that isn’t exactly a tourism hot spot.


What a lovely place. Lots of people go to Bristol :slight_smile:

Could I write an article about it on my website?


Absolutely, that would be very much appreciated, thanks!


I’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

One question - will your mother have a manager locally to look after guests when she’s away or will it be text/ Airbnb platform communication?


A neighbor will be handling the housekeeping and any emergencies, but the guests won’t be greeted by a human, just a lock box and nice handmade guidebook.


Perfect! I’ll write an article in the next few days. Honestly, Bristol is terrific :slight_smile:


Hi There,
I’m brand new to this and finding this forum really helps!
Here is my listing:https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/15699728?preview


Making it a link for you: AniaMS Listing


This is my first Airbnb listing, and also where I live with my wife :slight_smile:

These are other listings near my area ( Tokyo! )

This one’s in Okinawa.


Thanks smtucker!:slight_smile:


Charming place. I’d love to visit. It’s just my style.


Here is my listing https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2220660


Here’s my Zen Garden Courtyard apt. Be honest, folks.


What a fine place. Only $79 a night? Is that at the upper end in price in your particular area?


How do I get a shorter my link to my Airbnb when I copy link it’s so long ???


You can go to Tinyurl.com and get a custom tiny url!


Or bit.ly. But everything after and including the ? is not necessary so your listing URL shouldn’t be too long. It will be something like airbnb.com/rooms/[then the number]


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