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What a beautiful place you have!


Here’s ours. It’s called Room 1 because we initially offered two rooms (guess what the other was called :wink:) but the second is now snoozed for a few months.


Transplanted Scottish folk living on the small island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

Here’s our yacht listing -


Northwest coast, Norway.


Here is our apartments in Rovinj, the most beutiful little town in Croatia…

Dont forget to add us to your wishlist if you like it :slight_smile:


That’s a beautiful place! With your reviews you are doing great! One small suggestion is to make photo #2 or #3 the first photo. The first photo showing the building and the entrance is very ‘hot’ - the light is very harsh, and you’re losing the charm. It’'s very glaring.

But everything else is so gorgeous!


Great place! I have wish-listed it!


Great place, @BBUK! Congrats on the wonderful reviews - an I love your profile pic!


Nice place - but I wonder if airbnb could remove your response to Eleanor’s review. Her review was a bit nasty, but we all get those now and then - but your response just makes it worse. I honestly wouldn’t stay with a host that would respond that way, which I’m sure you’re ok with that - this is just a suggestion.


Very nice!!
must be 20


Thank you very much. :smile:


Hope that works :slight_smile:


Hi Nancy,
I like your flat very much, especially the bathroom :slight_smile:
Also, a beautiful surroundings…


Hello dear hosts! :slight_smile:

I am a newbie, started hosting on airbnb in July…August was ok, but September 0 guests. I have realised that most guest coming to my city-Sarajevo, are using booking.com, so I will probably list there also.

I don’t live in this apartment, just renting it.

So if you could take a look, and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


I didn’t think it was possible to remove responses, so I wonder how she did it! And you are right. Potential guests are looking to see how you handle a complaint. They are neutral in the matter and for all we know the guest has grounds to make those points.

Best practic is to not respond at all unless it is to correct something factual.


Oh - no - the response is still there.


I think it’s very nice - and your wording is great. I’m just a bit confused if it is two bedrooms - and one bedroom has a couch? Or is the sleeper-couch in the living area?

Some of the photos of the living room look a little stark - but I think it’s just the photo. I like the up-close photos of the furniture. Some of the longer views are unnecessary.

Also maybe a view from the balcony?

It looks very nice - I would be interested in staying there. Oh, and the kitchen is especially nice - I really love the floor.

Cheers - and happy hosting!


Oh my word… I’m speechless. The response is worse than the review.


Great places…


Thank you dcmooney for commenting :blush:

Living room- there is a sofa bed, with roll-out mechanism, so it becomes a double bed with a mattress.
I kinda agree that some photos of a living room make it look a bit stark :)) and that was taken by professional photographer :sigh:

The kitchen is my favorite part of the apartment, and those tiles are very old, I left them after the remodelling because I like that vintage touch.

As for a balcony, there is a view, of an old and almost ruined buildings :)))

I would like to change a cover photo, any suggestions?

I would really appreciate your response.

p.s English is not my native language, so thanks for mentioning wording :bouquet:

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