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Oh yeah, it looks so good! I love the relax pillow too. When I revamp the bedroom I want to switch to bold red bedding!


My personal favorite times of year here are May and September. June, July, August are the peak times you get lots of midges then though (small bity insects). Winter’s are beautiful but too dark.
Perhaps your daughter should look into being WWOFER - have you heard of woofing? look up wwoof.org.uk. Its a scheme where people go and work on farms/small holdings/permacultures in exchange for board/lofging and experience. There are woofer hosts too, I’ve not tried it out yet. My limitations are accomodation, if I host a woofer, I can’t then sell the room, but I think there is a good possibility I won’t do hosting next year as we are undertaking some major renovations to the house (mostly on a DIY basis). So I might then become a woofer host.


That is an amazing tip, thanks @imo!!! She would be well suited for that. Most ‘gap year’ (are you familiar with that term? I don’t know if that’s just a US thing) projects have to do with teaching and interacting with kids. She’s great with kids, of course, but very much an introvert. If she had to teach kids all day she’d not be successful! But working on a farm would be cool. I’ll look into it! Since she’s graduating at 16 I don’t think she’s ready for a 4 year University so we need something for her to do while she figures out what she wants to do…

Yes, like you, I have ‘no room at the inn!’. Otherwise I would seriously chat with @Jepjep about us exchanging teens for a few months!

Good luck with your diy project…


In sweden gap year it’s very very very common. People are almost all travelling after high school.


It’s so smart, isn’t it? It is certainly spoken of here in the US but I don’t know what percentage of the kids take one. When speaking to various University recruiters they spoke of it very favorably. It’s a mistake to rush kids into the future. My daughter worried that it would be perceived as failure to take a year off, but I told her, never again in her life will she be able to take a year for an adventure of some kind.


Erasmus (studying one year abroad) is very good too




Hej @sylvainbg from your neighbor in Finland. Erasmus exchange program was one the best part my studies. I learned a lot. But i I did take the year off in Paris before the University and I would recommend those experiences to everyone. Isn’t the Erasmus program from Eu citizens only?


Yes it s for EU citizens but USA or others countries can also do exchange, it’s call an other name for the program


@dcmooney, @Sarah_Warren, ladies, thank you for your feedback, I’m glad I could count on you to provide me with your candid input!


There’s also something called workaway.com I would be sure to vet the places carefully, as some seem to take advantage. For instance, some ones here put kids to work in the coffeelands for 10-12 hours a day… Grueling and difficult.


Many universities around the world particpate in study abroad exchanges, where you pay your own university’s tuition but you study at your choice of hundreds of universities. My sons did Japan and Korea. They found it was cheaper to live in these places than their home university as these countries subsidize college. There are grants and scholarships available for study abroad too. At the advanced level, you can get scholarships from that nation’s government. My son just received this to study high level Japanese language this upcoming academic year, all totally paid for.


…like next to the toilet I hope? At least they’ll be heading in the right direction. :confounded:

Yep, unfortunately the young boozing Aussie is very much ingrained in our ‘culture’ (especially when travelling sad to say!) Yobbos! :wine_glass: :beers:


Here I am in the South of France https://www.airbnb.com/rooms


Here is mine: I’m located 2 miles from the Canadian border in Lynden, Washington. 2 hours from Seattle and a hour from Vancouverer, BC


I think your url is missing a number.


Thanks Mearns
This should work; https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12074712


Here is the other one : https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14330228


My Southern Retreat in Charleston Area


https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12882426?checkin=01%2F05%2F2017&checkout=01%2F09%2F2017&guests=2&s=AnCism-x&sug=51 Thank you for the kind thread! Visiting Philadelphia or surrounding areas? We are located in Conshohocken, PA - a convenient location to Philly and surroundings. Full privacy as we live off site, and everything at the house is designed for our guests to function on their own. I am your host and always available for anything you need. We’ve had a great time hosting our Airbnb community and plan to continue to do so!

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