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Come stay in America’s Home Town, Bryson City, North Carolina. Some of the best trails in the USA for all level hikers. White water rafting, tubing, ziplines, trout fishing year round, many shops and restaurants within walking distance of the room, even a brewery and a steam locomotive train to ride!

The three room suite has a bedroom, bathroom and livingroom. There is a full-size murphy bed, jackknife couch, 52" Plasma TV, Microwave, Refrigerator, K-Cup Coffee maker and Toaster. The shower has endless hot water and seating for two. Free WIFI comes with your stay. The suite has a private entrance at the rear of my store and you can come and go as you please. Free assigned parking just steps from your room.

Read our reviews, local guide and description. Fall is just weeks away with the worlds best fall color viewing. We are priced lower than the local motels and our little hide-away is not only in town, its bigger than the hotel rooms. Book now, we are an hour West of Asheville, 10 minutes from Harrah’s Casino and the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

This will be the most fun you’ve had since you were a kid.


I strongly recommend you remove the line about not puking in the litter box. That is not a mental picture you want to give people when they are reading your listing. It’s not a mental picture I want to have right at this moment, but I do. Does this happen so often you have to mention it? These weird things are usually one-offs and need not be mentioned.


It has happened often enough, and it’s quite expensive so I’m definitely not removing it. Plus it takes about 4 hours to completely clean it when it does happen.


You can edit everything out in that url from the question mark, including the question mark. You don’t need it.

Often enough? I’m flabbergasted it’s happened even once. To be clear, we are talking about a human being throwing up in a cat litter box? Wowza.


@Jan_J Your central station apartment is beautiful and I’d stay there like a shot if I could afford Norwegian prices!

So I have one question: with such a gorgeous light-filled space and such amazing views, why use for the FIRST picture, which is the thumbnail that appears when people are searching listings, such a boring, though admittedly artistic, photo? It doesn’t do justice to your place and I would skip over it if I was browsing a lot of listings.

Sorry to be blunt, but it’s such a beautiful space that I hate to see it not shown at its best in the first photo you see!


Thanks! I just copied the whole link and I wasn’t sure where I could start deleting.

I’ve been short term hosting on and off for 5 years (just started on Airbnb though). And it’s happened at least once a year. Trust me, it’s a rule I would’ve never even considered had it not happened more than once.


@Malagachica I’m really glad you like my apartment. You might have a point as I haven’t received too many bookings from Airbnb this season (I’ve had a lot of bookings from other vacation rental sites such as Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Wimdu and Roomorama though). I will try to change the main picture for a while and see if it helps :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:


My listings:

The room:https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/6154244?guests=1&s=8lAsXKOq

The budget option: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/13725275?guests=1&s=8lAsXKOq


hey thanks for the information…


That’s so crazy. I mentioned this to my husband. He says he understands Canadians drink A LOT! Is that why this is happening?


holy macaroni - the first listing - you had me at the first photo. Stunning. I want to go to there.

Well written, very clear. I would book with you immediately. And that says a lot. I always have questions when looking at listings.

I’ve saved you to my wish list but I don’t see Scotland on my horizon, sadly.


OK, now you’re killing me - the tent? I’m retiring here. Block off your calendar for, ummm, 2026, lol!!!


Awww thanks!! I’m in my second year now, and both listings are fully booked for the season, I’m taking a lot less room bookings this year and prioritising those groups I like which are basically either families, or multiple night bookings. As we are a family house, its easier to have people with kids that understand that the kitchen is “lived in”!

The Tent this year was a new addition and its perfect low impact (from a house point of view) way of providing accomodation to people. Budget options in the Highlands are very few and far between, so bookings are good. My only problem with this experiment this year is the arrival time, and I plan to narrow that because its really disruptive to the bedtime routine I’m waiting around from 4pm. Its been interesting that the tent is mostly booked by 2xfemale travellers together. Usually the 18-25 age group.


I thought crofts were things of myth and legend, found in the novels of John Buchan. But apparently people actually live in them. And rent them out too!


We do drink a lot but it’s not the Canadians who do it. Lol it has been Aussies, but I cater to a younger crowd mostly so can’t be too mad about it. I did take your advice and removed it, but I also moved the litter to a more discreet location.


@Carmen, @Sarah_Warren , @K9KarmaCasa, @jaquo
Dear Fellow Hosts,
I’d love your insight on my listing and your helpful advice on how I can improve it. What’s a little unique is that my unit is in a condo-hotel, that is, I own a unit at a hotel and I have the choice of living in my apartment, adding my apartment to the “hotel management program” (with the hotel keeping 50%+), or managing the rentals myself. My challenge is that in order to pay the mortgage, building maintenance fee, insurance, etc, I have to meet a monthly rental goal and right now my unit is not occupied 100% of the time. Your valuable input is much appreciated, thank you.


First thoughts: I had to scroll through a dozen photos before I saw any interior shots. You have almost 20 pictures of outdoor things, and many are very repetitive. I would have your first picture as the bed. Make it inviting. Then I would remove over half of your non-apartment pictures. Half of them are low quality and look like a screen-shot. Makes me think of something out of tourist literature. People are booking to stay in your room, so focus on that. One shot of the lobby, the pool, the gym, but the rest is overkill.

Otherwise your listing looks great. I good middle ground for people used to hotel stays, but wanting something a little different. The pictures are the main thing people look through, so get them down to half of what you currently have and focus on the highest quality, applicable shots and you’ll be golden there. You truly have some good pictures, they’re just lost in the shuffle.

And you could maybe trim your rules a bit, the bullet points are great for easy reading, but you can abbreviate them a bit and still convey the same info.

With your price point and what you offer, it’s kinda surprising you’re not more booked. My main thought is again pictures too cumbersome to get through so they move on, and maybe restructure your pricing a bit. Raise your nightly rate a little and lower your cleaning fee, and then your deposit seems high. Especially with how much you mention charging your deposit, I would be worried about that. I would remove all talk about charging the deposit from your rules to the very bottom and just say something like “any costs resulting from a violation of the rules will get charged against the deposit”. Seeing the wording “the cost will be deducted from your security deposit” so often and then the $425 deposit makes me think that I can count on that money being gone.

I hope that all makes sense, I realize I basically wrote a book…


I notice you don’t charge for extra people. So a single business person has to pay the same as a couple with children? I’d say lower the rate slightly, maybe to $99 in the off season and put a charge for extra people. That would depend on your competition I suppose. It’s a long listing and somewhat repetitive. For example you say it has a washer/drier (it should be dryer) twice in addition to it being listed as an amenity and having a picture of it. You mention walkability more than once. There’s a cut and paste section on the hotel that needs to be cleaned up. There’s a lot of space and I think it’s repetitive. I really dislike the pixelated/blurry pictures from the hotel website. I don’t know if you have an option to replace them with something better. The pictures are also somewhat repetitive. Keep in mind some people use an app to find listings and they would have to do a lot of scrolling down on your listing.

As for your place, it looks very nice and the offseason price is good. I’d put some artwork on the walls or some decor on the shelves in the bedroom.

Good luck!


One must never underestimate the power of a wide angle lens in marketing photos! Your place looks amazing! Is it really that white? I love Noosa!


What is the prime time to visit your area? I have been to Scotland briefly and thought it one of the most wonderful places in the world.

I just showed your listing to my 16 yo and she was screaming her head off - in a good way - she graduates high school this next year. Perhaps she could come and live with you as an ‘intern’. She’s very good and cleaning bathrooms and is an experienced host-assistant!! ; )