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What is the prime time to visit your area? I have been to Scotland briefly and thought it one of the most wonderful places in the world.

I just showed your listing to my 16 yo and she was screaming her head off - in a good way - she graduates high school this next year. Perhaps she could come and live with you as an ‘intern’. She’s very good and cleaning bathrooms and is an experienced host-assistant!! ; )


How about right beside the toilet…:joy: Curious, did these episodes coincide with Stampede (you’re from Calgary right?). I’ve never seen that many drunk people in one city all at the same time. Wild wild west!


Ha ha ha, Yes, the good ol’ stampede, the only time of year it’s socially acceptable to start drinking at work in the morning. But actually the worst time (or the most consistent) for litter box “eruptions” is Halloween. 3 years in a row!!!


Ahhh, you’ve been to Noosa! And you’re Scottish? I’m 25% Scot hence my name - after grandfather. I’m about to host a Scottish couple for 8 days, first visit to Aus. So funny, it’s our winter (though we’re sub tropics as you’d know) and they’ve asked for just top sheet and blanket, removing eiderdown. I sleep currently with a 72/28 down/feather quilt LOL.


That’s a good one: I would also like to send my teens to clean as interns at DC’s or some other reliable host’s place and learn some English at the same time.


What a fabulous place you have. It’s larger than ours and cheaper! I do agree with what Sarah wrote above though about the photographs. I think we have 16 or so. I think you’ve given the selling points of the place well in your listing.


swap? though the language my daughter has been studying is Chinese.

Actually, if I had the space, I would love to do something like this. My daughters (16 & 11) share a bedroom.


The guy right next door to our rental is also a host. I think there are about ten listings on our street and it’s only just over half a mile long. That’s the trouble with being in South Florida :wink:


A suggestion:

“Come and relax, Miami beach style! You can enjoy a water view from your own private balcony, stroll to shops, cafes, restaurants, parks, and nature trails, or, enjoy the hotel’s pool, gym & sauna. It can all be had when you stay in this clean, spacious, one bedroom apartment with a queen bed. You’ll also have a sofa bed in the living room, with TV, Wifi, and free parking.”

And I agree with the others about the photos. Fuzzy pictures = careless hosts. Delete them. Keep it simple or guests will get bogged down and frustrated. Shopping listings is exhausting - keep it light.


@dcmooney, Nancy, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and for your great description! I’m going to steal it! However, my place is not on the beach but on the bay so potential guests always ask about it.


Don’t steal it - it’s a gift. Happy Hosting!!

Yeah, I wasn’t clear on what water they were seeing - I knew you could fix that.


@dcmooney, @jaquo, @K9KarmaCasa, @Sarah_Warren and other hosts:
Thank you for taking the time and sharing your feedback. I have (a) reduced the number of photos (deleting all of the fuzzy ones and the repeated stuff), (b) made the listing descriptions shorter and less repetitive, and © even changed the title of the listing to a lighter tone (thanks Nancy!). If you still can spare a few minutes, please let me know if my new-and-improved version has improved, thank you!!!


@jaquo, despite being “competitors”, I had to reach out to my neighbor-hosts and unite to push back on the condo association against some proposed new “rules” that would make our ability to host more difficult…


I’m threatened by the same thing. No fun.


@jaquo, I hate this situation; I specifically purchased a property in a no-rental-restriction building to avoid any aggravation and yet I have to deal with nonsense…ugggghhhhh


Wow! That lightened and jazzed it up nicely! I love the first photo with the ‘relax’ pillow!

I also like the color of the bedroom, a lot.

If we were looking to stay in Miami, I would strongly consider this listing.

Good luck!


Our daughters (14 and 10) share their room also. The smaller one was doing some arts and crafts and a guest went chatting with her asking what she was doing and I heard her saying “I’m jus decorating my notebooks” - I congratulated her afterwards having spoken English so bravely. She was very proud because she’s studied English only one year at school. Like I’ve said here before I like this aspect of hosting when our children see people from all over the world. I like to see them greet the guests nicely. (They see closely that people have some different manners too: this same guest said when he entered to the house: “Oh, you’re so old in your picture, but you are young!” My elder daughter laughed: “OMG! Was that supposed to be a compliment, that was kind of rude!” Heheh…)


Oh, how fun! What a great job your daughter did!!

Yes, that is a great aspect of hosting, isn’t it? Recently my family sat around with a family from the Netherlands having a wonderful discussion about all kinds of things. It was so interesting. The kids have learned so much, not just about languages and culture, but about people in general. So many different personalities!!!


Sounds lovely! We all know the coin’s other half too, but this is the best part.


SO beautiful! What a lovely listing @imo!

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